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OG’s Summer 2018 Anime Pics
OG’s Spring 2018 Anime Picks
OG’s Winter 2018 Anime Picks
OG’s Top 15 Fav Anime of 2017
OG’s Fall 2017 Anime Picks
OG’s Summer 2017 Anime Picks
OG’s Spring 2017 Anime Picks
OG’s Top 8 Favorite Yuri Visual/Kinetic Novels of 2016
OG’s Happy New Yuri Year Celebration 2017 + Blog Updates
OG’s Winter 2017 Anime Picks
OG’s Fall 2016 Anime Picks
OG’s Summer 2016 Anime Picks
5 Years of Spreading Yuri Passion
OG’s Spring 2016 Anime Picks
OG’s 10 reasons Mirei and Kan-U are similar
OG’s Winter 2016 Anime Picks
OG’s Favorite Anime of 2015
OG’s Fall 2015 Anime Picks
OG’s Top Anime Endings That Made Him Cry
OG’s NEW Top Yuri Manga He’d like to see get animated
OG’s 2015 Winter Anime Picks
OG’s New Top 10 Fav Yuri Manga
OG’s Top 16 anime that need a sequel
OG’s top 10 Yuri manga that should be animated
OG’s Top 10 factors that influence which anime are keepers
OG’s top 10 fav anime beauties pre-2011
OG’s Winter 2011/2012 watchlist
OG’s top 10 fav Yuri manga he’s read
OG-Man’s Fall Picks 2011 Update
5 reasons to watch Yuru Yuri season 1
Omega Kawaii girls that make the world go round.
OverlordG’s Top 12 favorite Anime of 2010
Overlord-G’s Summer 2011 picks; Version C
OG’s Fav anime of 2011: Better late than never.
OG’s Summer 2012 Anime Picks
OG’s Fall 2012 Anime Season picks
OG’s top 18 fighting game ladies
OG’s favorite yuri kiss scenes
OG’s Winter 2012-2013 Reservations
OG’s Fav Anime of 2012
OG’s Fav Anime Mothers
OG’s Favorite Video Game Moms
OG’s Spring 2013 Anime Picks
OG’s Summer Anime 2013 Picks
OG’s Fav Anime Theme Songs from the top of his head
OG’s Fall Anime 2013 Picks
OG’s Fav anime of 2013
Reasons why I like Milla Maxwell
Getting Ready for the Third Age of Yuri
OG’s Unpopular Anime and Gaming Opinions

2 Responses to OG’s Lists

  1. Hue says:

    I don’t know where to put this. But have you done a list about something like this; http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/the-list/2014-03-01? Though I’m not familiar with the anime featured there except the Kill a Kill, Noir and the damn YUA (I hate the het romance part! Hope they just focused on the friendship bet. the two female lead)
    Sometimes too much watching fuwa-fuwa anime makes me wanna watch anime with girls lead who kick ass. As long as it passed the Bechdel Test or with goggles suit the yuri taste.


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