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483rd G-View: OniMai! I’m Now Your Sister!

Admittedly this is one of those shows a fan of mine recommended I check out as I had no idea what to expect nor if it was worth my time. I imagine readers are here to find out after finishing … Continue reading

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481st G-View: BOCCHI THE ROCK!

Not the first Girls’ Club/Band anime starring a socially awkward girl but one that took the world by storm. Not since K-ON! has a show in this genre received this much adulation from open-minded animeniacs. Question is whether it is … Continue reading

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479th G-View: Do It Yourself!!

Cute girls building cool stuff along with an adorable blossoming romance. If this has your attention read on to find out more as we take a look at Do It Yourself!!

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477th G-View: Love Live! Superstar!! S2

It is time to check out the second season of the interesting new group in the Love Live! franchise. Their first season was impressive. Let us find out how they followed it up in their second adventure. WARNING! Contains spoilers … Continue reading

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470th G-View: Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club S2

I stated in my review of the first season that the 3rd generation of the Love Live! franchise is my favorite so while I am always excited for every anime installment since the 1st generation I was especially hyped for … Continue reading

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