Yuri Hall of Fame

As the page’s title suggests this is my version of a yuri hall of fame honoring the best of the best in all yuridom. Every single girl and woman who had made an impact, big or small, and had been the topic of discussion in the history of animated, digital and drawn yuri media are worthy of being inducted. Of course this is a subjective list and there are possibly other HoFs out there that have inducted other girls/women. This one happens to be mine, simple as that. Agree or disagree with all the inductees, are there any ladies you feel should be inducted as well, leave your comments below and I’ll take all suggestions into consideration. Like my yuri anime list the HoF will be continuously updated as long as animated, digital and drawn lesbian media continue existing.

Some notes:

-I won’t induct live-action ladies because that is not my forte.

-The debut dates in the anime section refer to their television debuts not their manga ones as those are usually earlier dates.

Let’s begin:

Anime section


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Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt and Izetta

Anime: Izetta: The Last Witch. Debut: 2016

The tale of two young ladies, a charismatic princess and a powerful witch who often flew on shotguns, who led a rebellion against an evil empire while rekindling childhood bonds and slowly fell in love with one another.


Cocona and Papika

Anime: Flip Flappers. Debut: 2016

One is an adventurous free spirit who wants to go on wild and crazy adventures across dimensions spreading joy everywhere she goes and the other used to be an average Jill who was content with living a mundane life until the adventurer dragged her along in her adventures. What both girls did not realize is that not only was their meeting not a coincidence but that there was a deeper meaning behind it, a complex and very intrapersonal one.


Mio Kusakai.

Anime: KEIJO!!!!!!!! Debut: 2016

A prodigy in the world of keijo (professional bikini butt sumo wrestling) and a proud hunter of beautiful women. Inside and outside of battle Mio will happily make a move on any and as many beautiful women who catch her eye. She will not go too far with her advances should her prey violently resist…but in combat she will show no mercy no matter how much her prey beg.

Buffoon Sisters snuggling

The Buffoon Sisters.

Anime: Ange Vierge. Debut: 2016

Sisters who spent most of their time training for a big battle but during their spare time…something dormant within the siblings slowly awoke.

Teko and Pikari holding hands

Hikari Kohinata (Pikari) and Futaba Ooki (Teko).

Anime: Amanchu! Debut: 2016

It is one of those couples whose friendship all of a sudden became a romantic one over time. No perils or supernatural horrors getting in their way, just a natural relationship that slowly blossomed into something more.

Rin and Ko trying to hide from Aoba

Rin Tōyama and Kō Yagami.

Anime: New Game! Debut: 2016

Two ladies who went to college together and went to work for the same game developing company. While Rin shows more passionate for Kō there are instances where the latter reciprocates the former’s advances though said former’s heart is not ready whenever that happens. Simply put they are a work in progress but the puzzle pieces are all there. It is up to them to piece them together.

Archer Hibiki

Hibiki Hagyū

Anime: Anne Happy Debut: 2016

A distant relative of fellow Hall of Fame inductees Syaro and Sakurako Hibiki is also a tsundere who has the misfortune of being terrible with directions. However, that never stopped her on heading in the right direction when it comes to her love for one Ren Ekoda.

Nene kicked butt

Nene Nanakorobi.

Anime: Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn. Debut: 2016.

A human/machine hybrid full of spunk and optimism, Nene may look like she is not an airhead but is actually very perceptive of what is going on around her and will do all she can to keep her friends and loved ones safe, especially her dearest partner Clarion who one day will allow her to touch those precious ears…In the meantime Nene becomes nearly unstoppable when she gets…”powered up” with Clarion or she sees Clarion in danger.

Mikan and Aroma

Mikan Shiratama and Aroma Kurosu

Anime: PriPara. Debut: Season 2, Episode 39, 2015.

The idol group known as Aromageddon initially consisting of the angel and devil duo   of Mikan and Aroma respectively. Mikan is an angel who pretty much lives for Aroma while Aroma is a troublemaking tsundere who deep down cares just as much about Mikan but unsurprisingly doesn’t like showing it very often. The bond the two share grows stronger with each episode they get the spotlight to the point that when they induct a third member into the group, the little Garuuru…let’s just say she is very special to the two. Readers can guess what I mean based on this induction.


Tuan Kirie.

Anime: Harmony. Debut: 2015

A woman whose journey involved protesting against what she and a few others believed was a false utopia where people seemed to live in a terror and disease free world they were being controlled by the higher ops to live a life without freedom of choice./independence. In this journey there was one other thing she struggled with besides a war, her feelings for a woman she thought she would not see again.

Mirei Shikishima, Lady Lady (Rain Hasumi and Lady J), Charlotte Scherzen and Momoka Sagara.

Anime: Valkyrie Drive Mermaid. Debut: 2015

Mirei’s a bodacious no nonsense badass who speaks little, has an intimidating voice and presence but is also bashful, especially when it comes to her polarizing love interest, Mamori Tokonome. Basically she is similar to fellow hall of famer, Ikkitousen’s Kan-U Unchou.

Lady Lady are a team who excel at being mondo cool and never wasting an opportunity to steal the spotlight by either being cool without trying or showing off their unrivaled trust and love for one another.

Charlotte is a meanie with a yuri harem who has an interesting character arc. Momoka is a seductive manipulator similar to Yurizono but more blunt and crueler.

Shino Sasaki, Urara Takachiho, Raika Hino and Kirin Shima.

Anime: Hidan no Aria AA. Debut: 2015

Shino and Urara are both rich lesbians who stand apart from most by the methods they use to get closer to and the lust they showcase for the same girl, Akari. Raika and Kirin’s relationship is a one of give and take as both have attributes that turns the other on, thus leading to their powerful romantic bond. Kirin is seductive but not a manipulative meanie while Raika enjoys Kirin’s affections but is too shy to admit them as openly as Kirin does her own. Raika not only has a girlfriend but also a separate yuri harem from Akari’s.

Cocoa's impression of her older sister

Mocha Hoto, Cocoa Hoto and Sharo/Syaro Kirima.

Anime: Is The Order a Rabbit?? Debut: 2014-2015

Technically Sharo debuted earlier but it is during the second season where her yuri power was truly unleashed. the only thing holding Sharo back from pouncing on her dearest Rize is social stigma. Otherwise get her drunk on caffeine and Rize will be putty in her hands.

As for Mocha-Sama…she managed to form an imouto harem in less than two episodes, immediately transcending her to goddess status. Cocoa is a goddess in training who aspires to reach her onee-chan’s level of godhood by her own means. Cocoa also debuted earlier but like Sharo her yuri power skyrocketed in the second season.

 Hibiki and Narumi's bond

Hibiki Amami and Narumi Inoue.

Anime: Re-Kan! Debut: 2015

Their induction is simple. It is not because of their tsundere-kind girl dynamic because that would not be special enough, it is the fact not only do yuri fans ship the two, but almost everyone on the show as well. Their matrimony is destined to happen.

Hildegard “Hilda” Schlievogt and Rosalie

Anime: Cross Ange. Debut: 2015

Hilda’s rise from the pits is one of the most interesting heel to face turns in recent memory. From a yuri harem member to later becoming the leader of said harem herself, then a self-serving rebel till finally creating her own destiny. She was willing to play dirty and the only way she would give up was if there were absolutely no way out. Were it not for the unexpected apple of her eye Hilda may very well have thrown in the towel but she did not and her tale became one even I respected.

Rosalie, like Hilda was also a harem lackey but her greatness was less stellar than Hilda’s. However, when her time to shine finally came she ended up becoming the surprise nation representative of the show. Like Farkas Bulkmeier she evolved from a petty bully to a woman on a mission.

Eruna, heroine of tomorrow

Eruna Ichinomiya.

Anime: Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku. Debut: 2015

I’ll just copy/paste the adjectives I used in the Mikagura G-View here to describe why she blongs. Eruna is optimistic, kind, cheerful, energetic, charismatic, (almost) fearless, shameless, inspirational, badass, strong, confident, beautiful, positively infectious, sweet,  determined, adorably ditzy, clever, indiscriminate, righteous…and of course perverted. Besides all that Eruna’s main draw is that she’s a lesbian (or for those who want to nitpick, prefers women) and is the main character of a show that unless viewers looked it up had no idea its protagonist would be a gay gay.

Run Kumiko, run!

Kumiko Oumae.

Anime: Hibike Euphonium. Debut: 2015.

When it comes to Kumiko she was overshadowed by Reina in the first season, being dragged along for the ride and like everyone else eating out of the palm of Reina’s hand. In the second season however, Kumiko slowly but surely created her own legacy, proving to everyone that she can shine just as brightly (or maybe even more) than Reina. In short, check out the second season to find out how Kumiko became worthy of being inducted.

The Kousaka flaunt

Reina Kousaka.

2015 Yuri Tag Team Champion with Kumiko Oumae.

Anime: Hibike! Euphonium. Debut: 2015

One would expect me to describe why Reina was inducted. I honestly have little to say about it. She’s a bishoujo who got the attention of many nation members every time she seduced Kumiko. Basically the overwhelming KumiRei ship support is what got her here…and not much else.

shipping material 1

Ryou Machiko and Kirin Morino.

Anime: Koufuku Graffiti. Debut: 2015

Ambiguously gay cousins who star in an anime that is essentially softcore food porn with a strong emphasis on caring for friends and family and a love of food…I mean a REAL LOVE OF FOOD!

Mutsu and Ooi.

Anime: Kantai Collection. Debut: 2015

One of two sexy secretaries who has swagger about her that becomes more apparent every time she appears, especially when supporting her fellow sexy secretary and love interest Nagato.

As for Ooi, try to get intimate with her Kitakami or interrupt her special time with Kitakami too often…and you’ll end up with a blown off head.

Ginko Yurishiro, Lulu Yurigasaki and Mitsuko Yurizono.

Anime: Yuri Kuma Arashi. Debut: 2015

Ginko is a lesbian bear on a mission in the name of love and she will risk life and limb for said love. Also her serious outer layer, hungry inner layer, noble heart and Japanese growls add to her charm.

Lulu is Ginko’s partner and sexy beast whose cheerfulness, cleverness, cuteness, devotion to her beloved Ginko and character journey are what made her a memorable bear.

Mitsuko is seductive, dominant, horny and manipulative. When she gets an opportunity to chew the screen or pounce on cute girls, none could surpass her dominance. It also helps that her Japanese self is voiced by love incarnate.

Erena MochizukiErena “Camera Girl” Mochizuki.

Anime: Girl Friend (Beta). Debut: 2014.

A lesbian photographer whose dedication to her work, specifically taking photographs of cute girls, ranges from admirable to perverse. Sometimes her joy is mistaken for lust but she makes sure to never step out of bounds no matter how much she wishes to at times. The main reason she has not had the policed called on her is because her friends (and girlfriend) got used to it.

Minori TogoMinori Togo.

Anime: Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru. Debut: 2014.

A disabled surperheroine with a preference for female comfort. I cannot go any further without spoiling vital information. Let’s just say her history is a fascinating one.

 Horny Iona 2Tama“Iona Urazoe” and Tama.

Anime: Selector Infected WIXOSS. Debut: 2014

“Iona”s rise to fame in the yuri nation came in the form of, strangely enough, interesting fansubbing that made her words come off as seductive when they initially may not have been meant as such but as the show progressed…hehe.

Tama’s adorable and she made “BATORU!” a niche catchphrase.

Two ladies, one love interest, both wanting to eat her taco using different methods yet their goals are…interesting. Let’s leave it at that.

UraraUrara Kasugano.

Anime: Sabagebu! Debut: 2014

Urara is perverted masochistic lesbian. What makes her different from other perverted lesbians is her determination. Her refusal to give up no matter how (Sometimes justified) mean Momoka is towards her, even when many in the audience had given up hope for her ever living a happy life with her maniacal, cruel, vindictive, jealousy prone, selfish, rotten, sadistic, despicable, chick magnet and all-round meanie of a beloved is what makes Urara special.

Naru, onegaiYaya's gleeTami's PictureNaru Sekiya, Yaya Sasame and Tami Nishimikado.

Anime: HaNaYaMaTa. Debut: 2014

Naru is an international heroine, an inspiration to human beings worldwide (Whether they are aware of this fact or not), a chick magnet and the 2014 cuteness incarnate.

Yaya is the reincarnation of a certain other Yaya who attended a certain Catholic school years prior.

Tami is an elegant beauty who wowed many with her finesse, grace and dedication to one girl in particular even though she too was smitten by Naru at one point.

Yukari smelling Nanako's gym clothesYukari Kohinata.

Anime: Locodol. Debut: 2014

Yukari’s contribution is her subtlety, patience and great timing. She knows how to make her romantic feelings for Nanako seem innocent and legitimate at the same time, meaning her feelings are canon but seen as very friendly at best to everyone around her. She also excels at patience and timing, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike subtly while treasuring her numerous special moments with Nanako without losing control.

Sexy BenioBenio Yonomori.

Anime: Engaged to the Unidentified. Debut: 2014.

A lolicon and siscon, what makes The Mighty Benio-Sama stand out from other women with similar sexual preferences is how she makes her moves. There is an inexplicable finesse in how she exhibits her desires as her thirst for younger female flesh with familial bonds is evident yet she is not dangerous at all. She’s hungry but practices self-restraint is what I am getting at.

Inugami's shocked faceYachiyo Inugami.

Anime: Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san. Debut: 2014.

A perverted hottie with dog attributes who likes cats. She also has a ponytail with tail wagging action. Her induction above the other girls on the show is mainly because of her being the most determined to “spread the love”.


Team Teddly 2Tokaku Azuma and Haru Ichinose.

Chitaru Nametame and Hitsugi Kirigaya.

Anime: Akuma no Riddle. Debut: 2014.

Tokaku is an action-hero who slowly learns of her hidden love for Haru while being a badass and surviving perils that would kill an average human being in seconds.

Haru is credited for being an atypical damsel who is easy to capture but hard to kill as she is no pushover. She is best described as a survivor. Oh and her love for Tokaku is less subtle than the former’s.

Chitaru and Hitsugi, aka Team Teddly (Teddy and Princely combined), are pretty much an adorable couple but without spoiling anything what makes this particular couple special is something more than their cuteness.

Haruka TakayamaMitsuki SonodaKotoneHaruka “Harupoppo” Takayama, Mitsuki “Kaichou” Sonoda and Kotone Noda.

Haruka: 2014 Yuri Nation Superstar of the Year

Anime: Sakura Trick. Debut: 2014.

Harupoppo is a lesbian yuri fangirl with a pure heart but also hungry for Yuu’s lips and sometimes flesh.

Kaichou is the reincarnation of Ayano Sugiura except with a bit more courage…a bit.

Kotone is a charismatic lesbian with no shame and though she appears to act in the spur of the moment she usually knows what she’s doing and wants to do what she can to make her relationship with Shizuku an eternal one.

Mako, goddess of all existenceSatsuki KiryuinMako Mankanshoku and Satsuki Kiryuin.

Anime: Kill La Kill. Debut: 2013

Mako is the often overlooked story of a sidekick turned savior whose actions can be easily seen as romantic when it comes to Ryuko.

Satsuki’s an undisputed badass who works great as both a heel and babyface. Her yuri shipping fame was primarily fueled by two factors: Foe-Yay and a certain animated movie that caught the yuri nation by storm during the Fall of 2013.

Hotaru IchijouHotaru Ichijou.

Anime: Non Non Biyori. Debut: 2013

A girl gifted with growth spurts, Hotaru’s charm lies more in her cuteness and innocence than her good looks. Oh and the fact she has a major crush on her “shortie” sempai Komari. Hotaru loves Komari so much that Komari’s pain is Hotaru’s pain, Komari’s joy is Hotaru’s joy and Komari’s cuteness belongs only to Hotaru.

Riko KurahashiRiko Kurahashi.

Anime: Love Lab. Debut: 2013.

The Wild One. The cutest girl in the Love Lab cast. The girl who had every girl swooning over her…without her knowing it. The girl who convinced an amphibian that she and Maki are super gay for one another.

Luna TsukuyomiLuna Tsukuyomi.

Anime: Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou. Debut: 2013

A girl whose love for Akari was both a blessing and temporary curse.

Wakaba SaegusaWakaba Saegusa.

Anime: Vividred Operation. Debut: 2013.

All the “Vivid Rangers” had valid reasons to get an induction. However, only one managed to outdo the rest. Wakaba’s kendo skills and her love for cute things, especially girls, are what got her in. Oh and her relationship with Himawari.

The AyayaAlice Cartalet

Princess Shino

Aya “The Ayaya” Komichi, Alice Cartalet and Shinobu Omiya.

The Ayaya: 2013 Yuri Anime Superstar of the Year

Anime: Kiniro Mosaic. Debut: 2013

Alice’s love for Shino requires no explanation. Watching the show will tell you all you need to know. As for The Ayaya, she is a classic tsundere but gets major bonus points for one important reason: She dreams about Yoko every single night or Yoko is always in her dreams as Aya’s heroine and the person she loves most of all. Shino’s passion for blonde foreign girls is second to none yet somehow shows enough self-restraint to acknowledge Alice as her soul mate.

Miyu Edelfeit

Miyu Edelfelt.

Anime: Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. Debut: 2013

Miyu’s drawing power lies in her poker face, combat prowess, intelligence yet lack of common sense and post-cliche mahou shoujo rivalry imbued devotion and passion to Illya. No matter what the circumstance her heart belongs to no one else but Illya and it has been that way since Illya 3rei! and continues being so.

kagami x sasami

Sasami Tsukuyomi and Kagami Yagami.

Anime: Sasami-san @Ganbaranai. Debut: 2013

Their induction has more to do with what kind of beings the two are and how they came together. The existence of such a couple warrants an induction. Otherwise it’s an energetic girl and quiet girl pairing similar to ShiraKiri below.

Kirika and Shirabe

Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi.

Anime: Symphogear G. Debut: 2013

Two Symphogear warriors who held two things dear: “The ones they needed to support and protect” and each other. Their bond rivals Hibiki and Miku’s. It is that strong.

Yayoi KinidzukaYayoi Kinidzuka. Anime: Psycho-Pass. Debut: 2012.

She’s gay, has a hot blonde girlfriend and made viewers wait till the very last episode to confirm their relationship. the reason only Yayoi made it was because she did more stuff than Shion. Once the second season and movie air (If they do air), I’ll have a better reason for their induction…provided they do more together then.

The NibuDeko FeudSanae Dekomori and Shinka Nibutani. 

Anime: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shintai. Debut: 2012.

Similar to Sakurako and Himawari but here only one of the girls shows tsundere traits while the other is more of a genki. What makes the destined lovers who often bicker special is their many epic battles through space-time and the slow yet rewarding development of how they eventually “see the light”.

Toki OnjoujiToki Onjouji.

Anime: Saki Achiga-hen Episode of Side A. Debut: 2012

A frail conditioned girl with the power of future sight though stronger variations greatly drain her life force. She regains energy by sleeping on her busty girlfriend Ryuuka’s breasts. She also bestows some of her psychic powers to Ryuuka by sleeping on her lap.


Chiaki KuriharaCaptain Marika Kato and Chiaki Kurihara.

Anime: Mouretsu Pirates. Debut: 2012

Despite there being a canon yuri couple on the show in “Lynny”, the fact remains this girl is the one who got the most attention and “Mariaki” is more popular in the fanbase.

As for the cap’n, I will stand by this opinion till my last breath. Captain Marika Kato is one of the greatest female protagonists in anime history, and she didn’t even have to draw blood once. Oh, and she’s a “bodacious” chick magnet.

Jenny Dolittle and Lynn LambrettaJenny Dolittle and Lynn Lambretta.

Anime: Mouretsu Pirates. Debut: 2012.

It was wrong of me not to induct these two lovely ladies in 2012. First of all, they’re canon. Second, they have no shame showing they’re lovers. Third, they are both capable leaders and can hold their own in battle. Fourth, a future university co-ed room.

Hibiki TachibanaHibiki Tachibana.

Anime: Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Debut: 2012.

Quite possibly one of Aoi’s best roles in anime along with Victorique and Mina Tepes. In the first season, Hibiki tried her hardest to be a good girlfriend to Miku but Miku’s star shined too brightly for her to keep up. In the second season however, Hibiki stepped up big time and earned her place in the hall of fame.

Miku KohinataMiku Kohinata.

Anime: Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Debut: 2012.

Arguably one of the best waifu in yuridom. Hibiki would honestly be lost without Miku by her side.

Madoka KyounoMadoka Kyouno.

Anime: Rinne no Lagrange. Debut: 2012.

An extreme social worker, badass, moerific, and sexy defender of justice. A butt kicking blossoming beauty who prefers taking action rather than thinking. While all these credentials are all noteworthy, her greatest contribution to the Yuri Nation is having two girlfriends at the same time. Many times the show has given us so many wonderful scenes for us to work with and create titillating off-screen…sessions. Heck, she’s also a chick magnet. While some Nation members disagree with the legitimacy of this bigamy, Madoka has left her mark in yuri history.

ValmetSophia “Valmet” Velmer.

Anime: Jormungand. Debut: 2012.

Yup. Another badass lesbian. However, what makes her special, besides her having reached the peak of physical perfection (those…abs…yum), being a professional neck snapper/slicer (Leading to some of the best fights on the show) and all-around homey on Team Koko, is that she somehow, someway, still manages to sometimes be adorable.

Margot Knight and Malga NaruzeMargot Knight and Malga Naruze.

Anime: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon. Debut: 2011

Like Jenny and Lynn I was a fool not to induct these two early on. Making this hall of fame made me realize how many badass lesbians there are in anime. When not on the battlefield these two seraphic lesbian witches spend their time at work, casually chatting or snuggling. Separated they are not very strong. Together they can take down a giant mech. Nuff said.

Mayu MoritaMayu Morita.

Anime: Morita-san wa Mukuchi. Debut: 2011

She scored lots of chicks without uttering one word.

Ume Shiraume, untouchable goddessUme Shiraume.

Anime: Ben-To. Debut: 2011

Untouchable, undefeated (in the anime anyway) and beautiful, this no-nonsense bishoujo will destroy any who get in the way of the girl she loves, even asking politely to crush their souls while proceeding to do so before her victim gets a chance to respond. As for how she treats her honey (and other girls she “punishes”), let’s just say it does not take a genius mind to figure out who is wearing the pants in each encounter.

Yuri TokikagoYuri Tokikago.

Anime: Mawaru Penguindrum. Debut: 2011

Besides being a blonde bombshell and voiced by the queen of MILF seiyuus, Yuri is most famous for living up to her namesake when she finally decided to take off her gloves during the one-sided feud Ringo had with her. To put it in one short sentence, when that time came Yuri opened many, many eyes. Too bad the show took a turn towards a very confusing path of no return in the second half.

Mami TomoeHomura AkemiMami Tomoe and Homura Akemi.

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Debut: 2011.

While Mami is not a lesbian like her fellow inductee, it can be said that she was the main reason animeniacs who did not tune in to the show at first, did so afterward. We all know what happened next, don’t we? Having said that she did kind of got lucky in Rebellion.

As for Homura, like many other butt kicking lesbians on a quest for love, her actions and decisions were questionable. Even so, her legend is one Yuri Nation members will tell their offspring for as long as the Earth continues spinning.

Yomi, aka, Dead MasterYomi Takanashi, aka, Dead Master (Death Master makes more sense to me).

Anime: Black Rock Shooter (OVA and TV series). Debut: 2011.

Long story short, Yomi’s love for Mato is what activated the yuri tracker towards this series. I would say more but that would mean having to lose my mind.

Alphard AlshuaAlphard Alshua.

Anime: CANAAN. Debut: 2009

Simply put, Alphard’s one of the Nation’s greatest heels…and she’s (for the most part) mentally stable. Stylish, confident, intimidating, powerful, gorgeous, this woman had it all. Her defeat, if you could even call it that, pretty much proved she’s nearly unstoppable. Her hate-love relationship with Canaan also adds more reason for her induction.

Akane AkazaAkane Akaza. (aka, The Dark Lord and the butt of many Voldemort jokes courtesy of yours truly.)

Anime: Yuru Yuri. Debut: 2012 (Not exactly).

Technically 2012 was her official debut. Her presence, on the other hand, was sensed in 2011. The main reason why she’s inducted is because she’s one of the best built up lesbians in yuri history. Ever since Kyouko opened “the door” in episode 1, a legend was born. She had remained a mystery for the entirety of season 1. Many rumors were spread. A year later, the second season began airing and no sooner had the show begun when “SHE”, her back anyway, began haunting our monitors. It was clear that her advent was at hand. Finally, in a certain episode, she spoke her first words on television. The rest, as they say, is history.

P.S.: Fans of the series know that there is much more to Akane than meets the eye, so much more.

Ayano SugiuraAyano Sugiura.

Anime: Yuru Yuri. Debut: 2011.

TOSHINO KYOUKO! I’m in the Hall of Fame!

Himawari and Sakurako's love life in a nutshellSakurako Ohmuro and Himawari Furutani.

Anime: Yuru Yuri. Debut: 2011.

People who are destined to be together but often argue is nothing unusual, especially if one of the characters is a tsundere. But what if both destined lovers were tsundere? That’s Sakurako and Himawari.

Kyouko tongue


Anime: Yuru Yuri. Debut: 2011

An optimistic and selfish lesbian whose mind is a treasure trove of entertianment and hilarity she has a way of both mildly annoying and warming the hearts of her friend at the same time. Also her lust for female flesh should never be questioned and thanks to a certain purple haired tsundere who wants her booty, should always be addressed in hyperbole. It is a law.

All hail Akarin

Akari Akaza.

Anime: Yuru Yuri. Debut: 2011

Despite being an easy target for bullying due to her kindness, innocence and lack of a presence (Those are ironically the exact traits that make her unique among the cast), she has a dormant power that if fully awakened and mastered could cause a global yurigasm.

Kiiko and AayaKiiko Kawakami and Aaya Saito.

Anime: Kuttsukiboshi. Debut: 2010.

Love them or hate them, there is no denying that the two OVAs the girls starred in were a hot topic for several reasons, be it their steamy PG-13 lovemaking, the shocking cliffhanger of the first OVA, Aaya’s actions in the second OVA or the “Anime Logic” conclusion.

Haruka ShiraishiHaruka Shiraishi.

Anime: Chu Bra.  Debut: 2010

An obscure inductee due to her show not being well known. The reason she made it in was because of the journey (or at least part of it) from discovering her romantic feelings towards her friend, Nayu, and having to deal with the reality of being a lesbian.

Rin AsougiRin Asougi.

Anime: Mnemosyne. Debut: 2008

She fills the sexy badass quota just fine. It’s everything else about the show she’s in along with her role in it…yeah. I should really review Mnemosyne, eventually.

Shinra KuonjiShinra Kuonji.

Anime: They Are My Noble Masters.Debut: 2008

Once again, another bishoujo who enjoys playing “games” with her younger sister and one of her servants. Basically that’s the main reason she made the cut, especially considering what happens later on in the show. It may not make sense in words but those who have seen the first half of the show know what I am talking about.

Mio AkiyamaMio Akiyama.

Anime: K-ON! Debut: 2009.

Moe, moe, Kyun!

Kyouko SakuramiKyouko Sakurami.

Anime: Taishou Yakyuu Musume. Debut: 2009

A fangirl of many who got to live the ultimate dream of joining the group her female idol/mega crush is part of. She was initially not that good of a baseball player but with the power of love (encouragement) from her dearest Tomoe onee-sama, she eventually got into gear and became a valuable teammate.

Kaede Sakura and burnt lionKaede Sakura.

Anime: Kampfer. Debut: 2009.

One of Iono-sama’s graduate students, Kaede did not reveal her mastery of wooing women’s hearts until the 3rd quarter of the show when her “other self” came out of hiding. On a personal note: Kaede is the sexiest girl on the show. Anyway, believe it or not, she is a cute, sexy and badass lesbian warrior.

Lady Tomoe and Shizuka

yuri-ish Shizuka and Tomoe by suptomat

echidnaLady Tomoe, Shizuka and Echidna.

Anime: Queen’s Blade; The Exiled Virgin. Debut: 2009.

Lady Tomoe (also known as my #1 sexiest woman in anime) and her bodyguard, Shizuka’s tale of an unexpected bond transcending friendship is one of several reasons why I highly disagree with a random pic on the internet stating that Senran Kagura has a deeper plot than Queen’s Blade. As for Echidna….she’s Echidna. Any QB fan will tell you why she easily deserves to represent her series if it were ever nominated for a yuri hall of fame, which I just did. She’s strong, seductive, intelligent, cunning and most important of all, has an ex girlfriend she meets again, also leading to another decent character development arc (I said decent, not academy award worthy.).

Yume and YuukiYume Kitaoka and Yuuki Minami.

Anime: Kanamemo. Debut: 2009.

Looking back now, Kanamemo is an average show at best. However, there is one undeniable fact and that’s Yume and Yuuki are the main reason why the show was worth watching. The simplicity of their love for each other is adorable. They are two girls who really love each other. One girl is very territorial, borderline possessive, while the other girl gets very lonely when her girlfriend isn’t around. True love right there folks.

Fumi ManjoumeFumi Manjoume.

Anime: Aoi Hana. Debut: 2009

It’s a shame that neither Aoi Hana or Sasameki Koto anime were successful enough to warrant second seasons but what we did get from them was pretty good. Fumi here was the central character in her series. It was her journey through love and the difficulties she faced as a lesbian that the viewers empathized with most of all.

Sumika and UshioSumika Murasame and Ushio Kazama. Anime: Sasameki Koto. Debut: 2009

The sympathetic jerk (initially) and the jerk she’s in love with, who gave her a really hard time before FINALLY accepting her feelings (in the manga anyway). This induction is dedicated to my good buddy Chocokara, who is a big Sumi-chan fan. For the record, I always considered Sumika to be sexier than Ushio.


Yukino and Kanade Sakurai by Speeh

Yukino and Kanade Sakurai.

Anime: Candy Boy. Debut: 2007.

Simply put, they’re the innovators of yuri twincest, or at least the ones who put yuri twincest on the map. Yes, I know they’re fraternal twins but it still counts.

Kuroko ShiraiKuroko Shirai.

Anime(s): To Aru Majutsu no Index and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. Debut: 2007.

Perverted? Yes. However, she still deserves to be here. First of all, when she gets serious, WATCH OUT! Second, her schemes to get inside Mikoto’s skirt are devilishly amusing. Third, she introduced me to Satomi “Granny Voice” Arai, one of my favorite female seiyuus of all time.


Anime: El Cazador de la Bruja. Debut: 2007

A surprising induction as many fans who have seen the show would say that Ellis is the one who gave off more yuri vibes. While that is true, fans would also agree that Nadie did not exactly back off either. Besides that, Nadie’s another badass and sexy butt kicker. Her show may not be as popular as the two other famous Bee Train shows (Noir and Madlax) but it is definitely not one to be ignored. Lastly, she’s in my list of hottest anime babes pre-2012 and still is one of the most attractive 2D “flatties” in anime.

Nodoka HaramuraNodoka Haramura.

Anime: Saki. Debut: 2009.

It all began with a blush from this girl towards her future betrothed, Saki. What else needs to be said? Seriously, what else?

Sousou and a portion of her haremSousou Motoku, codename: Karin.

Anime: Koihime Musou. Debut: 2008.

This obviously refers to her anime incarnation and not the video game series. One of Iono-sama’s most gifted prodigies, Sousou showed the world right away how gifted she is at wooing women into forming part of her all-girl harem. While she can sometimes be a bit cruel, she is an honorable leader and cares deeply for all her subordinates, giving each one (or more than one) an opportunity to enter her bedchamber. There is a reason I dubbed her “The Great One”.

Kuro KagamiKuro Kagami.

Anime: Kodomo no Jikan. Debut: 2007.

Kuro is quite possibly (if not) the youngest lesbian in anime history and an interesting one to boot. I know VERY few of my fans have seen KnJ but those who have, know what I’m talking about.

MamiinaDominuraMamiina and Dominura.

Anime: Simoun. Debut: 2006.

As much praise as I had given Simoun there is one fact I may have left out in my review. Many of the ladies initially started off as jerks. Mamiina and Dominura are no exception. However, like all the rest, the viewer warmed up to them the more they found out why they’re jerks in the first place. Out of all the sibyllae Mamiina and Dominura made greater impacts.

Shinobu HandaShinobu Handa.

Anime: Shoujo Sect; Innocent Lovers. Debut: 2008.

Although she’s a madam (female pimp), that part doesn’t exactly play an important role in the main story, yet…that’s the reason she got inducted.

Yomi IsayamaYomi Isayama.

Anime: Ga-Rei Zero. Debut: 2008.

Yomi, Yomi, Yomi. I just can’t find the words to explain her induction or tell her tale. I will say this much, think about a certain other tale involving priestesses…only worse.

Hiro and SaeHiro and Sae.

Anime: Hidamari Sketch. Debut: 2007.

For four seasons (so far) and several specials in what is unarguably one of the three greatest Slice of Life anime ever conceived, Hiro and Sae had continuously shown that they are in fact a loving couple. Their love is so obvious that the only ones who would deny their relationship are homophobes or people in denial. Even if you were to see them as only friends that would only be possible in a universe where lesbians do not exist.

Major Mio SakamotoMajor Mio Sakamoto. Anime: Strike Witches. Debut: 2007.

The definitive butt kicking show starring girls who do not wear pants and arguably the best. There is no doubt that before the other members of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing were fleshed out, Major Sakamoto’s the one who initially kept loyal fans coming back for more. Her signature laugh (Can’t decide whether Saeko’s or Saori’s is the best) adds bonus points to her awesomeness.

eila-and-sanyaEila Ilmatar Juutilainen and Sanya V. Litvyak.

Anime: Strike Witches. Debut: 2007.

Here’s unarguably the best couple on Strike Witches, Eila and Sanya. For Pete’s sake in both seasons they got an episode dedicated to them and they shined brightly in both.

Chikaru MinamotoTamao SuzumiShizuma HanazonoYaya Nanto in her most iconic momentChikaru Minamoto, Tamao Suzumi, Shizuma Hanazono and Yaya Nanto.

Anime: Strawberry Panic. Debut: 2006

Don’t quote me on the following sentence. If you were to ask any nation newcomer between the ages of 20-30, most of them will tell you the first yuri anime they saw was Strawberry Panic. Likewise, many of those members will tell you that their favorite character(s) is(are) one of(All) the four inductees above because they were the most entertaining and compelling…well, as compelling as it got in regards to SP anyway.

Tamami ShiraishiTamami Chanohata.

Anime: Mahoraba; Heartful Days. Debut: 2005

A girl with a visage that screams “I will crush your soul you inferior beings for you are all beneath me”. Other than her “disturbing charm” she’s attached to the only person she respects, Aoba Kozue…I mean REALLY attached.


Anime: Fate Saga. Debut: 2005

You need to have seen Fate/Zero in order to understand the reason for her induction. Otherwise, Saber’s another super popular butt kicker.

Anna KurauchiAnna Kurauchi.

Anime: He is my Master. Debut: 2005.

Before Kuuko from Haiyoru Nyaruko-san there was Anna Kurauchi. The original persistent lesbian who did not care that a guy was eying her woman. She was ready and willing to make her hers. Oh and she’s one of the first who “saw the light” on TV.

Yamato Nakano and Kouya SakagamiYamato Nakano and Kouya Sakagami.

Anime: Loveless. Debut: 2005.

The only reason I picked up Loveless was because of these two, and it was worth it. Two initial heels who were willing to defy anything to be together. Works for me.

NanoFateNanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa Harlaown.

Anime: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. Debut: 2004

It’s NanoFate. Nuff said.

Hagino SenkoujiHagino Senkouji.

Anime: Blue Drop. Debut: 2007.

Blue Drop is one of those shows that you need to be a big yuri fan to finish. As for Hagino…she managed to get a girl like Mari to fall for her. Oh and the FREAKING climax!

ShizNatShizuku Fujino/Viola and Natsuki Kuga/Kruger.

Anime: Mai HiME and Mati Otome. Debut: 2004.

A couple whose love transcended dimensions but their personalities remained similar when together.

Chikane and HimekoChikane Himemiya and Himeko Kurusugawa.

Anime: Kannazuki no Miko. Debut: 2004.

I would go on a tangent explaining how Chikane’s the only one worthy of an induction but then I remembered something VERY important. To this day this is the only couple whose romantic confession was enough to make this hairy Sasquatch typing before you cry.

These two are so incredible that their love transcended reality by not only being reincarnated in a different series (Kyoshiro Towa no Sora) but also being the best and ONLY reason to even consider picking that abomination of a show up.

KonoSetsu for lifeKonoka Konoe and Setsuna Sakurazaki.

Anime: Mahou-Sensei Negima. Debut: 2004.

The only two girls in the record breaking hetero harem (or at least part of the few who had had enough of strudel for one lifetime) who chose each other after the war had ended.

Shimako ToudouSei Satou's initial plans for YumiSachiko OgasawaraShimako Toudou, Sei Satou and Sachiko Ogasawara.

Anime: Maria-Sama ga Miteru. Debut: 2004.

Ah, yes. the original super triad of the Maria-sama series, although Shimako’s awesomeness was truly unleashed after Sei graduated (or “dumped” her, sort of). I noticed that many of Mamiko Noto’s roles have either been MILFs I fell for or really cool, elegant and soft spoken girls. Sei Satou’s pretty much a character in and of itself, also her flashback created a mega-buzz when it aired. As for Sachiko…after she successfully convinced Yumi to become her petite soeur, her greatness continued to increase with each season, especially in seasons 3 and 4. Kinda pushy at first but that part of her dissipated and afterward only arose when she got upset.

Rio Kitagawa hugging Mika-senseiRio Kitagawa.

Anime: Sensei no Ojikan/Doki Doki School Hours. Debut: 2004.

A girl I gave the title of “The Chosen One” back when I reviewed this anime. Now that I think about it, I don’t know why she of all anime lesbians got that title. Oh well. She did and worked hard to live up to the title by affectionately teasing her “shorty” 27-year old teacher/love interest, Mika-sensei. If you stick around till the very end, which is the official series finale OVA, you will fully understand why Rio deserves to be here.

Hatsuki and LilithHatsuki Azama and Lilith.

Anime: Yami to Boushi to hon no Habibito (Yamibou). Debut: 2003.

These two aren’t lovers but the best characters on the show. Lilith’s hot bod and lust along with Hazuki’s determination to go to the deepest regions of reality to find her older sister/love interest. Yup, yuri incest before Candy Boy made it famous. Oh and she didn’t mind temporarily kicking butt and hooking up with other hot babes along her journey.

Kan' U Unhou and Ryofu HousenKan’ U Unchou and Ryofu Housen.

Anime: Ikkitousen. Debut: 2003.

Ah Ikkitousen. The anime that personified “ECCHIMANIA”. How unsurprising that the two strongest women on the show also happen to prefer women although Ryofu’s bi.

Eclair and LumiereEclair and Lumiere.

Anime: Kiddy Grade and Kiddy Girl-and (Minor part). Debut: 2002.

Miss Sakaki and KaoriMiss Sakaki and Kaori.

Anime: Azumanga Daioh. Debut: 2002.

An attractive, athletic, yet very innocent big girl and the other girl who was head over heels for her and continued failing miserably to feel her beloved’s magic. Simple as that.


Anime: A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. Debut: 2001

She’s a basic, run of the mill ojou-sama. However, in one of my Yuri Talk posts, I discussed Foe Yay Couples and their popularity. I also mentioned that not all “fy” couples have to have a fight to the death feud. Rivalries work too. Greta fits this mold perfectly. See, her defining attribute is her obsession with competing with the show’s protagonist Saga Bergman in many things. It could have been due to envy or it could have been be because of a grudge. No…the truth is pretty obvious. Greta wanted nothing more in life than Saga’s undivided attention.

Long story short, she’s a tamer version of Helga Pataki. On the outside, she wants to be better than Saga. On the inside…”badump” “badump”.

ChloeMireille and KirikaChloe, Mireille Bouquet and Kirika Yuumura.

Anime: Noir. Debut: 2001.

Steel Angels Kurumi and SakiSteel Angels Kurumi and Saki.

Anime: Steel Angel Kurumi series. Debut: 1999.

Now I initially thought of adding only Steel Angel Saki as she’s been the only SA to be a consistent lesbian. Kurumi only turned gay in season 2 because the person who awoke her happened to be female. I’ll let it slide just this once.

Jun FudoJun Fudo.

Anime: Devilman Lady (Devil Lady). Debut: 1998.

Emo lesbian done right. Her story’s too complicated for me to explain more than that.

Tomoyo DaidoujiTomoyo Daidouji.

Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura. Debut: 1998.

Tomoyo is not just a legend but one of THE greatest of all time. The pioneer of omega-kawaii, Tomoyo’s cuteness is limitless and she served as a wonderful beautician, camera girl, fashion designer and sidekick to Sakura. All that praise aside I think you can all guess the main reason why she’s inducted.

Juri ArisugawaUtena TenjouJuri Arisugawa and Utena Tenjou.

Anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena. Debut: 1997.

I’m not the right person to ask about Utena as I’ve only seen the movie and have yet to finish the anime. I’m certain any nation member who knows this series will tell other readers wholeheartedly that Utena and Juri deserve a spot in ANY anime hall of fame.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor NeptuneSailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Anime: Sailor Moon. Debut: 1992 (The episode these two were revealed as being lovers is unknown to me.)

The original Sailor Moon was the show that truly began the yuri subtext boom of magical girl media in the yuri nation. There’s even a May-December one. Anyway what makes these two legendary besides being an open couple is how incredibly normal they are. They aren’t sexified, stereotyped or anything. When not fighting evil they’re just a regular couple who like teasing one another. They made their triumphant return to television in 2016’s third season of the Sailor Moon reboot Sailor Moon Crystal to show the world they still had it.

Natsuko AkiNatsuko Aki.

Anime: Cutie Honey. Debut: 1973.

While I’ve only seen her in action on the awesome 3-episode OVA, RE: Cutie Honey, according to fansites and stuff, Nat-chan has been a love interest of Honey’s since the old days of the Cutie Honey franchise. Basically Nat-chan’s one of the oldest lesbians in anime history second only to one.

Lady OscarLady Oscar Francois de Jarjayes. Anime: The Rose of Versailles. Debut: 1979

Cartoon Logo.png

Logo source HERE.

Western Section

Garnet and Pearl.

Voice Actors: Cartoon: Steven Universe. Debut: 2013

Why Garnet and not “them” is because of what she represents. Her words, actions, opinions and most important of all her existence. All of these and more that take place before and after the big moment are why she’s inducted and not “them”.

Pearl is a case of eternal love and loyalty: A “there is only one for me” to be exact. It is not easy to explain or comprehend but for someone like Pearl it makes all the sense in the universe. Still there was a time she showed an interest in the company of another crystal gem.

For readers wondering why I didn’t induct Amethyst is because she isn’t as yurirific.

Korrasami spirit world vacation

Korra and Asami Sato.

Cartoon: The Legend of Korra. Debut: 2012

The appeal of this couple is more in the journey than the destination. Starting from Book 3 and onward many hints were thrown yuri shippers’ way to support this pairing until the very end where history was made (Though the writers had to confirm it). Also it is a romantic interrracial relationship between two butt kickers. Nuff said. Their journey continued in the Korra followup comics.

Parker C Boyd and Naia XParker C Boyd and Naia X.

Movie: Strange Frame: Love and Sax. Debut: 2013

Western animated lesbians who are both canon and not comic relief are a rarity. Parker and Naia’s love story is nothing that has not been seen before, but it is still noteworthy for. TECHNICALLY they are also the first animated, for the lack of a better term, “afro” yuri couple.


Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum and Marceline “The Vampire Queen” Abadeer.

Cartoon: Adventure Time. Debut: 2010

The American version of NanoFate. They’re bickering friends who secretly want to sleep together. It was also confirmed they were a couple at one point in the comics. At different points of the animated series their bond had slowly rekindled. Let me put it this way, the only reason their relationship is all but confirmed is because of global ratings. The hope is that once Adventure Time comes to an end their love can finally be confirmed to the mainstream audience.

Source of image:


Kitty and BunnyKitty and Bunny.

Cartoon: Courage the Cowardly Dog. Episode Title: The Mask. Debut: 2001 episode.

This was an episode where an anthropomorphic cat was trying to rescue her best friend (Much later discovered lover. Very few noticed the yuri here back when the episode first aired.) bunny from the clutches of a pimpin’ doberman. Lesbian subtext and sexual abuse in a kids show about a dog that protected his elderly owners from scary monsters and psychopaths. Wrap your head around that.

Pretty Cure Logo.jpg

Logo source HERE.


Cure Black and Cure White

Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro, Cure Black and Cure White

Cure Entry: Futari wa Pretty Cure

The founding mothers of the franchise and the duo who began the long tradition of yuri vibes among the Cures, a traditional still going strong ever since and one that is rarely ruined except in a select few entries.


Mana Aida, aka “Mana The Conqueror”, Cure Heart.

Cure Entry: Doki Doki PreCure

The most polarizing Cure from possibly the most polarizing entry. Basically the John Cena of the franchise. Besides being controversial Mana is also known as being one of the most powerful and gayest Cures there is with her conquest of the hearts of many girls around her being the stuff of legend.

Cure Moonlight

Yuri Tsukikage, Cure Moonlight.

Cure Entry: Heartcatch Precure.

Yuri is one of the most beloved Cures in history coming from one of the most beloved entries in the franchise. Her journey with all its highs and lows and being part of one of the most historic feuds in Cure history is enough to give her merit but there is also her being a chick magnet who may have one definitive suitor yet also could be seen subtle swooning her peers once in a while.

FreshPrecure #36

Cure Peach and Cure Passion (True identities kept secret for the sake of spoilers)

Cure Entry: Fresh PreCure

While fans who have seen the show could question their inclusion due to there being a nuisance inbetween, the fact remains that said nuisance is just that. When it comes to Cure Peach and Cure Passion, their tale is one worthy of an induction from its “humble” beginnings to its delightful progression and hopeful…yes.

Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm bumping into each other

Hibiki Hojo and Kanade Minamino, Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm

Cure Entry: Suite PreCure

One of the greatest tag teams in the entire franchise consisting of a classic tsundere duo who as much as they bicker with one another cannot deny that the one person they would want to spend the rest of their lives with is each other.

Mirai comforting Riko

Mirai Asahina and Liko Asahina (Riko until corrected in episode 40) , Cure Miracle and Cure Magical.

Cure Entry: Mahou Tsukai PreCure

Magical girls whose abilities and fighting styles actually involve magic rather than superpowers. These two also have one of the most fascinating relationships in Cure history. Let me put it this way, they are the only duo strong enough to match the power of Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm. They also have a little family of their own.

manga logo

Logo source HERE.


Moe and Yuuka

Moe and Yuuka.

Manga: The Real Her. Debut: 2012

A blossoming romance between a masochist and her “unsure of herself” love interest who hides her true self behind a wall of “positive role model”.

Shinozaki-sanAkina Shinozaki.

Manga: Shinozaki-san. Debut: 2012

Akina’s tale is a simple one. She’s a gifted beauty whose life is forever changed by an otaku, including a “seen the light” moment. Basically a supermodel like girl who encourages herself to understand what it’s like being a ” geek”. Despite her odds of victory not happening in this century the fact she refuses to give up and works very hard to understand and accept the world of otaku along with her undeniable love (Which she tried very hard to deny and fails) for the bespectacled cutie with a not-so hidden beauty.

kuroko_koumori_by_taskforcepony-d817ziaKuroko Koumori.

Manga: Murcielago. Date: 2012

Basically a psychotic bounty hunting criminal  who is gay.

Motivator source:



Manga:Citrus. Debut: 2012.

A girl who had to endure obstacle after obstacle from her love interest/stepsister Mei. she may be annoying sometimes but her heart is in the right place. Her willpower to control her lust is also admirable. Lastly, unlike her soon to be lover, SHE ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE!

Kase-San and YamadaYamada and Kase-san.

Manga: Asagao to Kase-san. Debut: 2010.

A cute and fluffy couple whose developing relationship can be taken seriously. Plus, what kind of man or woman would not want one of these two as their soulmates?

Megumi and HikaruMegumi and Hikaru.

Manga: Prism. Debut: 2010

The protagonists of the “Unfinished Symphony of Yuridom”. These two shared a realistic romantic relationship that was both fluffy and believable. There are obviously other inductees with realistic relationships but these two had mainstream popularity while their manga lasted. One can only hope they will return to finish what they started.

Wife and WifeSumi and Kinana.

Manga: Wife and Wife (or Fu-Fu). Debut: 2009

I wish my future relationship with my future girlfriend were as beautiful and passionate as Sumi and Kinana’s. Wishful thinking, I know.


Ymir and Christa (or Historia Reiss).

Manga: Shingeki no Kyojin. Debut: 2009.

This induction is based more on the massive fanbase than what they’ve accomplished on the show. In fact, they had a grand total of 10 minutes of screen time getting cosy together and during that time, little was accomplished. HOWEVER, in the manga…well, the millions of fanart and doujins speak for themselves as to how popular this pairing is. So much so that eventually the mangaka himself confirmed the duo as canon. They are one of the two confirmed canon pairings alongside Eren and Mikasa.



Mari and AkkoMari hugging Akko by Aponirainbow

Mariko Kumakura and Akiko Oohashi.

Manga: Girlfriends. Debut: 2006.

The manga and couple that turned Morinaga Milk into a big time yuri celebrity.

Queen IonoQueen Iono.

Manga: Iono-sama Fantics. Debut: 2005

The queen, the myth, the immortal icon of yuri harem, the original gainsta, the personification of yuri madams in all animated Japanese media. I even named an award after her.

Minato-sensei and OtomeMinato Nakagawa and Otome Matsuda.

Manga: Hoshikawa Ginza Yonchoume/Hoshikawa Ginza District 4. Debut: 2009.

One of the VERY few May-December couples that legitimately works, because they took their relationship VERY seriously.

Setsuko IwaiSetsuko Iwai.

Manga: Octave. Debut: 2008

Long story short, my #1 manga lesbian in both looks and character. Yup. She’s the creme de la creme as far as I’m concerned.

Simone d'ArcSimone d’Arc.

Manga: Shiroi Heya no Futari. Debut: 1971.

One of the very first lesbians in manga history.

Non-Japanese Asian Comics

Baek Seol-A

Baek Seol-A.

Manhwa: Fluttering Feelings/Exciting Feelings.

One of the more interesting stories of how a woman discovered that she had “seen the light” was Baek Seol-A’s. Unfortunately due to personal reasons from the author it is unknown if her journey will see a conclusion.

Sung Sumin

Sung Sumin.

Comic: What Does The Fox Say?

An adult woman whose love life alone is worth getting inducted but also her hunger and difficulty in finding “the one” for various reasons. Her tale eventually erupts into an all-out sex war.

Sun Jing

Sun Jing.

Comic: Their Story.

The thrill of Sun Jing’s hunt for Qui Tong’s sweet flesh is most certainly an enticing one. Obviously Qui tong won’t make it easy but Sun Jing knows how to play the game.

Magan and Danai

Magan and Danai.

Comic: Magan and Danai.

The Manhwa equivalent of Wife and Wife.


Donut (Donaht) and Mew.

Comic: Lily Love.

Combination of amazing artwork and a scintilating yuri love as these two face all obstacles that get in their way to enter the gates of yuritopia…if you know what I mean. Donut is a cutie who recently (as of the story’s timeline) “saw the light” when she was smitten by Mew and Mew is a veteran who wants to do her very best, using her impeccable beauty and wiles to show Donut that accepting her affections was the best decision she had made in her life by far…provided the two manage to overcome life’s obstacles.

Mel and Lynn

Dr Mel and Lynn

Comic: Pulse

The tale of a doctor trapped in darkness who finds an escape in sexual escapades with many beautiful women…that is until one day she met an adorably beautiful young lady with a heart condition who may just be what the doctor ordered…in more ways than one.


Orange Cream Cover

Miyuki and Rei. Webcomic: Orange Cream.

Miyuki the capable beauty whose capable of many things and main weakness is her love life.

Rei, Mei’s more seductive and calculating Italian cousin who also has the shockingly capable of smiling, smirking and laughing.


Lisa and Ally. Webcomic: Sunstone.

An adult couple whose adventures explore the world of BDSM among the experienced and inexperienced. Basically the lifestyles of BDSM otaku and the people around them. As for Lisa and Ally, the end of the road is assured but the road itself is a fulfilling one where their hearts know the truth but their minds need time to process said truth.

Always Human

Sunati and Austen

Webcomic: Always Human.

The story of two ladies finding love and comfort in each other and the courage to face any and all life’s challenges in a futuristic setting. Many tough and emotionally draining obstacles get in their way and it is up to the two of them to find a way to overcome them…not with magic, not with brute force, not with technology, but with the power f mutual understanding.

Spinnerrette and Mecha Maid

Spinnerrette and Mecha Maid.

Image source HERE.

Webcomic: Spinnerette

A superheroine duo whose relationship, both as professional crime fighters and in their personal lives, has its ups and downs and it never gets easier but the two are willing to go the distance in a blend of cute, sexy and super serious moments.

l_video game consoles 1.jpg

Video Games

Million ArthurK-Sha X Noire

Million Arthur and K-Sha

(Source of K-Nowa image HERE.)

Game: Megadimension Neptunia V-II.

Million Arthur is a “King” (Title of leader regardless of gender) in training who also happens to be RED’s second-cousin twice removed. She too is skilled in the art of waifu hunting. As for K-Sha…I would say “ask Noire” but I don’t know if she has a good answer on why K-Sha got inducted. Take my word for it folks, she deserves a spot.


Amanda and Juliet

Game: Love, Guitars and the Nashville Skyline.

What started off as an…interesting night of sexiness from a bottle became a journey on the road between a gorgeous Latin-American lacking a sense of direction and a free spirited rocker who isn’t as a free as she looks on the outside.


Iris and Zoey

Game: Love Ribbon

Blood-related sisters whose feelings for one another grow from acquaintances, casual friends, close sisters (with benefits) and finally…let’s just say it’s not easy being them.



Game: Nights of Azure

A beautiful no-nonsense warrior willing to fight the growing darkness around and within her all for the sake of preventing a horrible fate to befall the woman she loves.

Marina hugging Amber

Amber and Marina

Game: Highway Blossoms.

A woman who carries a painful weight on her shoulders and a joyful beauty who comes into her life and may very well be the one to set her free on a road trip filled with excitement, amazing sights, mystery, emotional obstacles and of course fluffy sexiness.

Kindred Spirits on the Roof

Sachi Enoki and Megumi Nagatami

Game: Kindred Spirits on the Roof

This induction is has two-parts and will be followed up on in the Groups/Factions category. For now let us honor the two titular kindred spirits whose desire to learn the skills and techniques necessary to learn what “ultimate joy” is led them to recruit one Yuna Toomi to initiate the creation of one of the most respected countries in all of yuridom, Yuritopia. This tale is also the unofficial prequel of the SonoHana series as it is clearly set in the same universe…teehee.

Max X Chloe, Pricefield

Maxine Caulfield and Chloe Price. Game: Life is Strange.

Please be patient with me as I had not yet finished playing Life Is Strange but I am fully aware of the phenomenon that is PriceField. They deserve a spot based on fan feedback. I will do my best to update this induction when able.

Mimi Houllier Von SchwarzlangMimi Houllier von Schwarzlang. Game: Atelier Totori and Atelier Meruru

A tsundere who was intrigued by one of the cutest alchemists in existence. The tsundere was smitten by the cutie’s clumsiness, kindness and most important of all, her courage and willpower. Many years after their first journey, the tsundere returns from training in the mountains with one important mission, to find the cute girl who stole her heart and spend the rest of her life with this new master alchemist. The tsundere joins a princess whom she heard was the apprentice of the girl she loves. Her mission is clear: Help the princess save the kingdom, get close to her love. Of course her being the tsundere she is, that is easier said than done.

PlutiaPlutia (Iris Heart). Game: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.

Plutia is an airhead. Plutia is a very kind soul who spent much of her time alone. Then Neptune showed up and everything changed. Plutia was very happy to have someone to play with. She is ambiguously gay. However, should Plutia ever be provoked enough to unleash her fury, a dark force is unleashed upon the universe molesting all naughty girls in a painfully erotic manner all the while being turned on. Villains usually suffer a near death experience when facing this dark force. That is the power of Iris Heart. She is gay.

NepgearNepgear. Game: Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2.

If the player played the right cards, all the girls on the team would want to sleep with this admirable CPU Candidate who lead her team to ultimate victory. Another cute and sexy badass is the one called Nepgear.

REDRED. Game: Hyperdimension Neptunia.

She has only one goal in life: To find a “wifey”. The number of “wifeys” does not matter. Why she wants a wifey over a husbando does not matter. Why is she so cute and busty does not matter. All that matters is that she’s awesome enough to return several more times after everyone thought she had been forgotten. She finally made her triumphant return as a non-DLC character in Re;Birth 2 and did not hold back. In Re;Birth 3 she would once again be relegated to a DLC role but her wifey hunt was far from over.

Reo and MaiMai Sawaguchi and Reo Kawamura. Games: Sono Hanabira ni Kichizuke wo 3, 5, 11, 14 and Lilycycle.

While this couple is not my personal favorite, they are the ones the most popular due to their relationship being the best rom-com of them all, besides their character development and other quirks.

Shizuku and ErisEris Shitogi and Shizuku Kirishima. Games: Sono Hanabira ni Kichizuke wo/A Kiss For The Petals 8, 10, 11, 14 and 14.5.

Readrs can easily guess why these two made it in. Shizuki is a yamato nadesico who excels at elegance and grace and Eris is a foreign beauty whose vampire-esque powers and charm quickly won over the tsundere princess.

One of Risa and Miya's many battles

Risa Azumi and Miya Ayase. Game: Sono Hanabira ni Kichizuke wo/A Kiss For The Petals 11, 12, 14, Remembering How We Met and Lilycycle.

What makes this couple special is that they were the first couple of the Petals franchise to introduce it to a Western audience. It is thanks to them that the franchise now has a larger fanbase than before. As characters Risa is a by the books responsible student and Miya is a prodigy who feels no reason to attend classes or socialize with fellow students. The dynamics speak for themselves.

Lillet Blan and Amoretta VirgineLillet Blan and Amoretta Virgine. Game: Grimgrimoire. Debut: 2007

When you hear the name Vanillaware, the games that instantly come to your mind will probably be Odin Sphere, Muramasa and Dragon’s Crown. However, there was one little hidden gem that slipped many gamers’ minds for understandable, yet still unfair reasons. That game is the Harry Potter inspired “RTS for beginners” game, Grimgrimoire. Our inductees are the lovable super sleuth main character, Lillet Blan and her eventual love interest, Amoretta Virgine, the homunculus. To put it simply, it is a relationship based around one needing the other girl’s love and affection because she is not receiving any from her creator. It is a relationship that may remind animeniacs of today of a certain cold-hearted, black haired girl who defied the space-time continuum for the sake of the girl she loves. Okay, in Grimgrimoire it was done to save everyone but the girl was the most important person to save.

rain and hanaHana Tsu Vachel and Rain Qin. Game: Fear Effect; Retro Helix. Debut: 2001.

While the first Fear Effect game was released in 2000, Rain didn’t appear until the 2nd game, which is a prequel, that was released a year later in North America. The reason for their induction is a controversy that took place during that time: Their relationship. To spare you a long winded explanation, gamers and fans of the series did not take this revelation very well. This lead the lead designer to come up with excuses to soften the meaning of their relationship and pander to the senile youth that year. In the end, there never came a Fear Effect 3…making their complaints utterly pointless. Too bad. If you get a chance to play Retro Helix, go for it. You may like what you see. The two would eventually make their return in the followup game, Fear Effect Sedna, together again.



Gaarmageddon ( It was Aromageddon before adopting Gaaruru)

Anime: PriPara


  • Mikan Shiratama
  • Aroma Kurosu
  • Gaaruru

The angel, devil and their adopted little demon. This trio should be a dysfunctional yurirific idol group of two mommies and their bratty child but somehow the three made it work far better than anyone could have expected. An initial idol duo whose not-so-subtle love became stronger as time passed and after Gaaruru joined the group the three were set as a loving family. It is similar to Mahou Tsukai PreCure’s yuri family, except these three are idol trainees instead of magician trainees.


Imperial Nursology Knacks

Game: Nurse Love Addiction


  • Kaede Oohara ( Lovely Teacher)
  • Asuka Oosachi (Star player)
  • Nao Oosachi (Sister)
  • Sakuya Takeda (Bishoujo)
  • Itsuki Amatou (Sexy Beast)

Lovely nurse trainees and teacher, each with their own quirks and nuisances. However, beyond a life of education, nursing and yuri fun time there is something…knacktocking.

A Kiss for the Petals Maidens of Michael

St Michael’s Maidens

Game: A Kiss for the Petals Series


Founding Mothers

Nanami Oda and Yuuna Matsubara.

Fairest Fairies

Kaede and Sara Kitajima

Mascot Supremo

Reo Kawamura and Mai Sawaguchi

Big Dipper and Little Snicker

Takako Suminoe and Runa Houraisen

Universal Goddesses

Eris Shitogi and Shizuku Kirishima

Frais Fraise

Miya Ayase and Risa Azumi


Rena Houraisen

Princess and Knight

Sayuki Shirakawa and Rikka Shinozaki

The crew who revolutionized yuri visual novel goodness with their fluffy and oh-so sexy relationships that is more about progression than one-time deals.

A Kiss For The Petals New Generation

St Michael’s New-Gen Belles


Secret Dreamers

Hazuki Onohara and Manami Suoh

Dinamita Twins

Aya and Ai Kimishima

Spicy Churritos

Rina Takahta and Nagisa Misawa

Three teams with a common connection of difference in wealth and “don’t judge a book”. Beyond that though each team has their own batch of secrets and loving that is not as simple to comprehend from the get-go as they let on.

Kindred Spirits on the Roof Cast

The girls of the Kokonotsuboshi Girls’ Academy of Commerce.

Game: Kindred Spirits on the Roof


The Kindred Spirits

Sachi Enoki and Megumi Nagatami

Gentle Force

Seina Maki and Miki Aihara

Hyper Gloom

Umi Ichiki and Sasa Futano

The Powers of Age

Kiri Tsurugimine and Tsukuyo Sonou

Rock and Order

Youka Koga and Aki Ariu

Bodacious Seniors

Matsuri Amishima and Miyu Inamoto

Backup Squad

Fuji Ano and Nena Miyama

Holy Moleys

Yuna Tomi and Hina Komano

Many teams, different roads to finding love and learning what it means to be in love even if the thought of falling in love with another girl didn’t cross the minds of some until they least expected it. Many teams with believable stories of love, discovery and acceptance.

The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Cover

Cinderella Girls, aka 346 Productions’ main 14 (15 if one counts Mika Jougasaki).

Anime: The Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls


New Generations

  • Mio honda
  • Uzuki Shimamura
  • Rin Shibuya


  • Miku Maekawa
  • Rina Tada

Love Laika

  • Anastasia
  • Minami Nitta

Candy Island

  • Anzu Futaba
  • Kanako Mimura
  • Chieri Ogata


  • Rika Jougasaki
  • Kirari Moroboshi
  • Miria Akagi

Rosenburg Engel

  • Ranko Kanzaki

Unofficial member

  • Mika Jougasaki

Similar to μ’s 346 P’s main 14 were inducted primarily for the girls’ shipping potentials with one another, such as Kirari X Anzu, Minami X anastasia and Uzuki X Rin to name a few.

Akuma no Riddle CoverClass Black/Kuro-gumi.

Anime: Akuma no Riddle


  • Tokaku Azuma
  • Haru Ichinose
  • Isuke Inukai
  • Kouko Kaminaga
  • Hitsugi Kirigaya
  • Shiena Kenmochi
  • Haruki Sagae
  • Suzu Shuto
  • Otoya Takechi
  • Chitaru Nametane
  • Nio Hashiri
  • Sumireko Hanabusa
  • Mahiru/Shinya Banba (Voted the Yuri Nation’s favorite enemy assassin)

Class Black’s members are not exactly allies but rather competing assassins who want to claim a bounty placed on Haru’s head though Tokaku opposes them for romantic reasons. What makes this group induction worthy is most (if not all of them) are split in pairs and hook up with one another. The anime version gives hints on some of the pairings which is further explored and elaborated in the manga version. Besides, cute and sexy lesbian assassins. What’s not to like?

Sabagebu CoverThe Survival Games Club.

Anime: Sabagebu!


  • Miou Ootori: President
  • Momoka Sonokawa: Prodigy, hellspawn.
  • Maya Kyodo: Fanservice.
  • Urara Kasugano: Lesbian, masochist.
  • Kayo Gotokuji: Cosplayer.
  • Platy: Mascot.

The classic group of misfits who usually banter but occasionally work in sync. The girls also happen to be either chick magnets or the attracted to other girls themselves.

Love-Live-Museμ’s (Muse).

Anime: Love Live


  • Kousaka Honoka: Captain
  • Minami Kotori: Third in command and costume designer
  • Sonoda Umi: Second in command
  • Koizumi Hanayo: Idol expert and secretary
  • Hoshizora Rin: Mascot
  • Nishikino Maki: Tsundere
  • Yazawa Nico: Idol Club president
  • Ayase Eli: Group adviser
  • Toujou Nozomi: Goddess (Voted the Yuri Nation’s favorite μ’s member)

The legend of μ’s is one that will surely be shared from generation to generation. The legend of nine schoolgirls banning together to save their yuri gold mine of a school from going bankrupt and then broadened their horizons in the Love Live tournament. The legend of an idol group whose fanbase was so indecisive on which girls hooked up with other that it became a sport of sorts in which anyone could hook up with anyone. This is also why none of the individual members or (I assume) established pairings (despite fan inconsistency) aren’t inducted separately.

Hanayamata CoverHaNaYaMaTa


  • Naru Sekiya: Co-captain
  • Hana N. Fountainstand: Captain
  • Yaya Sasame
  • Machi Tokiwa
  • Tami Nishimikado

A group of adorable dancers whose epic tales of SoL-drama have warmed the hearts of many who enjoy the genre and few who are not used to it. It is a tale of future dancing queens with yuri vibes.

Vivid RangersVivid Rangers

Anime: Vividred Operation.


  1. Akane Isshiki (Leader)
  2. Aoi Futaba (Second in Command)
  3. Wakaba Saegusa (Assault)
  4. Himawari Shinomiya (Enforcer)

They remind me of the Power Rangers but instead of summoning a giant robot, the other three girls fuse with Akane to create stronger Vivid forms. Akane and Aoi have great chemistry together while Wakaba and Himawari spend a lot of time together.

501st Joint Fighter Wing501st Joint Fighter Wing.

Anime: Strike Witches.


  • Commander Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke
  • Major Mio Sakamoto
  • Gertrud Barkhorn
    Erica Hartmann
    Perrine H. Clostermann
    Francesca Lucchini
    Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen
  • Charlotte E. Yeager
  • Sanya V. Litvyak
  • Lynette Bishop
  • Yoshika Miyafuji

Girls who refused to wear pants for reasons (The obvious notwithstanding) that are never explained, yet they are all based on legendary war pilots. They have fought numerous aerial battles against the Neuroi Invasion Force. The amount of yuri moments in this team is plentiful.

Taishou Baseball Girls Ouka-KaiOuka-Kai.

Anime: Taishou Yakyuu Musume.


  • Koume Suzukawa (Catcher)
  • Akiko Ogasawara (Pitcher)
  • Yuki Souya
  • Noe Kawashima (Strategist/Tactician)
  • Tomoe Tsukabae (Ace Batter)
  • Shizuka Tsukabae
  • Kyouko Sakurami (#1 Tomoe-onee-sama fan)
  • Tamaki Ishigami
  • Kouchou Kikusha (Ace Runner)
  • Noriko (Former Player, Reporter/Spy)
  • Anna Curtland (Coach)

Taishou Yakyuu Musume may not be the greatest sports anime of all time but it is my favourite sports anime of all time. This is the tale of a female baseball team on a mission to prove that Japanese girls of the Taishou era are not just housewives. Girls can kick ass too. Oh, and some of them wanted to snuggle together. Highlights are: Tomoe and Akiko’s feud over Koume, Koume and Akiko being paired up as “husband and wife”, Kyouko’s undying love for Tomoe, Shizuka secretly wanting her “nee-san” all to herself, Yuki and Tama-chan scenes.

Team Kiyosumi. Anime: Saki


Team KiyosumiTeam Kiyosumi.

Anime: Saki.


  • Yuuki Kataoka (vanguard)
    Mako Someya (sergeant)
    Hisa Takei (lieutenant)
    Nodoka Haramura (vice captain)
    Saki Miyanaga (captain)

Praising “Team Angle” and its future newlywed captains (Saki Angle and Nodoka Hart), the semi-love triangle involving Magnificent Mako, Hardcore Hisa and the “Heartbreak Chick” Mihoko Michaels, and the ever lovable Taco Guerrero would bore my readers so take my word for it that they are the most deserving of all the teams in the main series to be here.

Team SenriyamaTeam Senriyama.

Anime: Saki Achiga-hen Episode of Side-A.


  • Toki Onjouji (vanguard)
    Izumi Nijou (sergeant)
    Sera Eguchi (lieutenant)
    Hiroko Funakubo (vice captain)
    Ryuuka Shimizudani (captain)

Being a midquel/spin-off, Achiga-hen once again delivered in quality “superpowered lesbian mahjong wrestling” goodness and the team that came out on top in terms of popularity was The Noble Core. The Psychonaut’s sweet romantic relationship with Rampaging Ryuuka was the main highlight of this team, but Dr Megane and her semi “foeyay” vendetta against Iron Girl Arata, The Rated R Playah’s feud with Troll Killer Ako and La Generica…being there contributed more great moments from this great team.

Oarai Girls High School's Lead Squad Oarai Girls High School’s Team Anglerfish.

Anime: Girls und Panzer


  1. Miho Nishizumi (Team Captain)
  2. Saori Takebe (Radio Operator)
  3. Hana Isuzu (Gunner)
  4. Yukari Akiyama (Ammo Loader)
  5. Mako Reizei (Driver)

There’s something undeniably exhilarating about watching cute girls kicking ass in tank battles of epic proportions. I truly believe they, along with the rest of the “Tankwondo” warriors made tank battles cooler than they already were.

Hakuoh Academy Yacht ClubAgain, 3/4 of the entire club.

Hakuoh Academy Yacht Club, aka The Cosplay Pirates.

Anime: Mouretsu Pirates.


  • Jenny Dolittle (Former president, graduated)
    Lynn Lambretta (Former president)
    Marika Kato (Current president)
    Sasha Staple (Vice-President)
    Chiaki Kurihara
    Talvikki Launo (graduated)
    Flora Chapie (graduated)
    Mylene Certon (graduated)
    Izumi Yunomoto
    Asta Alhanko
    Syoko Kobayashimaru
    April Lambert
    Berinda Percy
    Maki Harada
    Lilly Bell
    Ursula Abramov
    Ai Hoshimiya
    Natalia Grennorth
    Yayoi Yoshitomi
    Gruier Serenity
    Grunhilde Serenity

What’s most awesome of this group that no matter how small some of the girls’ roles are, each and every one of them felt important. The Yacht Club would not be the same if even one of the girls were omitted from the anime. All of them have a forte, be it navigator, pilot, computer whiz or hacker. The girls who did get a lot of screen time made huge impacts, especially a certain blonde haired beauty who stole my heart.

As mentioned up above, agree with the inductees, disagree, is there someone you deem worthy of joining this “prestigious” rank, you know what to do.

160 Responses to Yuri Hall of Fame

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  2. VioletDaz says:

    Mother of God…
    I have to find those anime…and manga
    Did you sort them by their popularity?


  3. MarkS00N says:

    Wow, it’s a long one…
    And knowing them all make me kinda, feel old…
    Though it’s a good way to feel old…


  4. Kai says:

    How about Hiro X Sae (Hidamari Sketch)?


  5. MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

    quite a list you got here for hall of fame

    chikane & himeko the goddess of yuri also Reincarnation Romance between those two indeed & sorry Souma Ogami wrong show to be in cause you’re no match for yuri power of chikane & himeko.

    ume frome ben-to oh yea her total man-hater & really give most people ugh on her yet really why her?

    Akane Akaza indeed the ascension of her arrive indeed we all kneel to her now.

    valmet we got have lesbian amazon on it & give more it’s the MILK voice aka Sayaka Ohara as her oh my indeed.

    yomi oh my how it went from all good til how the fallen to dark side of yuri.

    & oh many others quite mention batch of mam noto & Shizuka Itou with more female known to yuri lesbian.

    indeed YES YES YES we like lesbian yuri anime.


    • Overlord-G says:

      So from what I’ve gathered, you agree with many of the inductees except Ume. Fair enough. However, she does deserve a spot for being a stereotypical man hater and not having a traumatic reason for hating them. Her first love just happens to be another girl and she will crush anyone who gets close to her whether they like the girl or not.


  6. glothelegend says:

    I wouldn’t put Saber on this list. She’s more of a Tomboy type…..though I guess there was Guinevere….. Technically I’d call her bi though.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Some of the inductees here are also bi but thankfully very few of them.

      If we were to judge Saber’s induction solely around her role in Fate/Stay Night, I would agree with you because Rin was the one who did most of the work yurifying the show. However, Saber’s (possibly The Bodyguard movie inspired) relationship with Irisviel in Fate/Zero is what really got yuri fans amped up. That’s why she’s in.


  7. Lin says:

    So many good characters that give us wonderful fandoms.
    I would add Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku on the list.


  8. Yurimylove says:

    AWESOME list dood! Well presented — nice pics as well as their seiyuu info, year etc. you must’ve put in quite a lot of work. Labor of yuri love?

    Coincidently, my homepage pic is the same one u chose for Yamibou, with Hazuki & Lilith. I know most of these inductees, and have no objection to any of their inclusions. Would like to point out that it’s Shizuru in ShizNat…


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’ll fix the Shizuru typo later.

      I’ve said this many times, one of my duties as an Overlord is to spread yuri’s greatness as far as I can, in the hopes that many can witness the genre’s greatness.


  9. misha190993 says:

    Please enter the Hall of Fame yuri Inasa Ryō and Ruka anime hentai horror Hotaruko. The couple showed their love yuri in the second series. Of course the end there was not happy, but in my opinion they deserve to be members Yuri Halls of Fame.


  10. Lindy says:

    I would like to add Uzume and Chiho from Sekirei. I think they had a deep love that went beyond Ashikabi and Sekirei


    • Overlord-G says:

      I have heard tales of there being a lesbian duo in Sekirei. I have yet to see the show myself, but I will take consider their nomination. Like I said before. All new nominees will be inducted near the end of the year.


  11. mappotofu says:

    Oh great Overlord, thank you for showing me the light, as I’ve been wondering for quite some time what anime I should watch. Ah…so many animes to watch, so little (free) time…
    I’m looking forward to december for new inductees, keep up the good work!


  12. Jesse Burnett says:

    Whats with mio on k-on? Mugi was obsessed with the hot heavy metal teacher, no subtext about it. W/e, great list. It was an entertaining read, and it gave me a couple good recs 8D ty


    • Overlord-G says:

      Your comment reminded me to edit the grammatical errors in the HoF. Thanks dood. As for why Mio’s in here instead of Mugi, it’s quite simple. Mio, before Azusa, was the main reason fans initially loved K-ON. I guarantee it. Also, Mio X Ritsu is fluffy subtext goodness and it had its tender moments. Yui and Azu-Nyan’s relationship was missing something special to topple Mio and Ritsu.

      Hope you’ll enjoy the shows you were interested in from this list.


  13. Jesse Burnett says:

    I see wut u mean, mio and ritsu’s relationship was def more enjoyable than mugi’s “I wanna bone the teacher” thing she had goin. And I must admit I was indeed captivated by mio’s almost ridiculous cuteness. Yea im watchin black rock shooter tv right now, cuz I seen that pic of yours and decided to try it first, cuz naturally a badass hottie holding a scythe + yuri is a win in my book. And my god, these ladies have problems 8p. I’ts extremely emotional though, i’m enjoying it very much. Thx again. GL with your site. Ty for working so hard to spread the popularity of yuri, as well as making sure us yuri fans know what to watch 😉


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  15. Kitsu says:

    Mana from Doki Doki need to be here
    She is the girl who make Precure a harem serie


    • Overlord-G says:

      So I’ve heard but I have yet to pick up the Doki Doki Precure. She’s a “Superstar of the Year” Candidate somewhere else so she MUST be good.


      • MarkS00N says:

        I’ll add some possible reasoning for her inclusion:
        First two links from tvtopes:
        http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/HoYay/DokiDokiPrecure (which almost exclusively exist to show Mana yuri relationship with other Doki Doki member)
        http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Pantheon/Love (which Mana is nominated as Girl-On-Girl Harem)

        Now, report from twitter (unfortunately I don’t save the links):
        In current Precure Movie, Mana seems to be married to a guy, but turn out it is illusion created by the bad guy…
        One of the comment made by kid after watching the movie was, “Rikka sure loves Mana a lot doesn’t she?”
        (Kinda make a rather amusing aesop that hetero marriage is evil while yuri is good…) <= This last sentence is my comment

        Finally, there is this pool in danbooru (and pixiv but I can't into Japanese):

        Though probably you know all this already…
        Well, at least some people can see why she is talked here…

        This also my first Precure and for yuri-fan, perhaps this is the precure season truly deserved to be watched (once again for yuri purpose)…

        Speaking about Precure, I think this manga need to be mentioned: http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/shinozaki-san-ki-wo-ota-shika-ni-r9177


      • Overlord-G says:

        Alrighty. I will put Aikatsu on hold and check out Doki Doki then. So many Precure shows to watch. Heartcatch, Suite and now Doki Doki. I’ll try Doki Doki first since it hasn’t ended yet.


  16. MarkS00N says:

    I think the description for Alice and Ayaya is misplaced…
    Right now the description is below Yayoi description instead of below the pictures it described…


  17. Lena K. says:

    Wow, that list is huuuuge!
    Great work~


  18. mutopis says:

    Lots of yuri, good taste.

    (me, after watching last ep) I love Hidamari, I am going to miss Hiro and Sae.


    Another game that I feel is little appreciated is Summon Night: Swordcraft Story, good yuri subtext stuff.


    • mutopis says:

      btw if anyone is interested in playing Grimgrimoire, PlayStation Network has it. Be prepared of the subtext.

      I get the feeling that the only reason they were able to broadcast “the mask” is because the censors dont know what subtext means.


      • Overlord-G says:

        Yes. Grimgrimoire is a really good Strategy game even without the Lillet X Amoretta pairing.

        Cartoons were less restrictive back then. Hard to believe we had to wait till Regular Show and Adventure Time to get good Cartoon Network Originals again.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I haven’t beaten Summon Night but I am fully aware of all the girls who want to sleep with Pratty, especially Sugar up there.

      Yes. Hidamari Sketch is one of the best anime ever conceived in the history of anime.


  19. Yuri Fangirl says:

    I was just so excited and screaming to myself when I saw that you showed Bubblegum and Marceline, not many Yuri-fan Otakus recognize that shipping…


  20. Sben says:

    By the sweet yuri goddesses, OG-sama, THANK YOU for including the Bubblegum x Marceline relationship. Too many deny it outright due to Adventure Time being “a kid’s show” and implied lesbians somehow being more obscene than the profanity, brutal violence, and existential horror routinely pumped through the show’s veins; it makes my day to have someone of such high caliber as yourself recognize and call out its existence.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Dood. Only the ignorant could not notice the magic shared between the two in the episode with the door and the one with the witch. Besides all the stuff you mentioned being included in Adventure Time, what makes homosexuality any less mature than all those other things? Kids today are exposed to enough crap to know that gay and lesbian couples do exist and they are proud of who they fell for. If Adventure Time scraps this couple instead of keeps the magic flowing, then I underestimated the writers’ courage to break boundaries.

      the foolish do not get that a kiss is not always necessary to confirm a couple’s romantic interest in one another. Subtlety can be just as effective.


      • Sben says:

        Sadly, “the ignorant” seem to make up the vast majority of viewers. On numerous sites throughout the Internet, including (but certainly not limited to) the official Adventure Time Wiki’s discussion pages, Bubbline is regarded as a cruel joke and a textbook case of “sick perverts reading too much into random jokes” (real quote). Mentioning that you’re a supporter of the relationship, even in crowds that support gay and lesbian couples, is a fast way to get laughed out of a discussion.


      • Overlord-G says:

        That’s what happens when a show becomes very popular: Damaging the status quo is a sin in geekdom. Something different is a sin to them. Whatever, the hardcore fansbase’s concern is none of mine. I could care less what they think. I only care about the few who have open minds.

        It’s the same nonsense that happened in Negima fansites regarding Konoka X Setsuna. That’s why I don’t take hardcore fanboys (or some fangirls) seriously.


  21. Cheshire Cat says:

    I hope they will have Kanamemo season 2. This anime is really funny and fine as Yuri show.
    Moreover, Bubbline is not alone. This year, we have the second Western *implied wincest* couple: Elsa x Anna (Walt Disney) :P.

    And yeah, your forgot Tsumugi – the goddess Yuri goggle in K-on! show xD.


  22. Nep says:

    I think Konata and Kagami deserve a place, or at least Kagami considering the OVA and her character song


  23. ASOC says:

    When I saw Elsanna and Bubbline, I was about to cry of happiness. Thank you.


  24. yapparihidoi says:

    I came here expecting something from Riyoko Ikeda and I got it! Oscar is a fairly good choice despite her sexuality. Would be nice to see characters from Onii-sama E sometime in the future.


  25. the_elevator_man says:

    Can’t believe I only found this HoF now. Amazing list.

    What does puzzle me though is what criteria do you use to bring in the partner (usually the less popular) of the certified hall of famer. The feels? (pretty much how you added Himeko alongside Chikane). The action (or lack thereof, how you put Yayoi without her partner)? My two bits are that some of the partners definitely need some review:

    1. You said Himeko gets in because of KnM’s amazing confession/climax scene. You also say Ga-Rei 0 cuts deeper and cries harder than Kannazuki (debatable, but let it slide). With the title of most tragic couple ever, Kagura has to have some consideration. And that’s beside the pocky scene. Stretch argument: You add Himeko, you have to add Kagura.
    2. http://www.mangahere.co/manga/citrus_saburo_uta/c002/11.html

    Yes, Yuzu is a heartthrob, earnest and passionate. But those are Himeko’s traits. Mei’s one of very few characters who can match the demeanour and sexiness of Chikane. And for the record, Chikane really doesn’t do much productive work either (if any of her plans worked, that would be a horrible anime). Stretch argument: You add Chikane, you add Mei.

    1. http://www.mangahere.co/manga/shoujo_sect/v02/c013/4.html

    Momoko in the manga not only makes the pimp of her playground dreams her b**tch, but lays down the most brutal smackdown on the villain who forces/blackmails Shinobu. Her fist in the anime? It becomes A FRIGGIN FIRE EXTINGUISHER. Anything with a fire extinguisher scores huge points imho…

    But really. That list is huge, comprehensive, and awesome. After the 2014 year which has more than its fair share, you might have to Pantheonize the list to include some of the more popular but “not quite impacting” or “too beta” pairings. Examples of these could be Mitsuki (ST, if only Haruka and Kotone make top honours); Sumireko/Banba (if only Teams Sexy and Teddly make it), or the lesser Saki teams like Reservation (http://www.mangahere.co/manga/saki_achiga_hen_episode_of_side_a/c017/, cmon, that is THE most yurified power in the universe).

    Sheesh though. Amazing work, and it looks like you have more to do come end 2014.


  26. Jianuzzi says:

    Nice work. The manga section can definitely use a “Murder Princess” addition. Loved how you threw Saber in there as well. Not many people catch her that way. (even though I hated Fate/Stay Night, it’s only redemption was Saber. Fate/Zero completely blew it away.)


  27. MiseriaNyx says:

    Yes.. I admit that the first Yuri Anime I watched was “Strawberry Panic”, then after, Kannazuki No Miko.. I wasn’t really into Anime or Manga, however, I was playing the game “Perfect World International” and the topic in the world chat was about Strawberry Panic, unknowingly downloaded it and watched and here I am now, Yuri Anime/Manga addict.. reason why I was led to this page by google, looking for yuri anime list.. Anyway, Overlord-G, thanks so much for this page.. I’ll stay tuned from now on..


  28. Tofu-san says:

    Strawberry panic was definitely the first yuri anime I had ever watched. Got hooked ever since. On another note, do you think Maria/Saki in Shin sekai yori would classify as a yuri pair? Anyways, love the list great job.


  29. Pingback: 2014 Hall of Fame Inductees and Anime Award Update | The G-Empire

  30. cirno9fan says:

    I guess now I should probably get to finishing Chu Bra. It’s been something I planned for a long long time.

    Funnily enough, I’ve still yet to see Strawberry Panic further than like four episodes xD I’ve read the Light novels though!

    Man…for manga…there’s just….like so very many that could go there. Manga’s been such a great source of yuri recently.

    I want to insert Shinozaki in there from “Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni!” She may not have been successful in nabbing her girl of choice (yet), but her fantasies are just the greatest xD

    http://dynasty-scans.com/series/majyo_to_houki_to_kurobuchi_megane you must add characters from here. These characters have done more than enough to find their way into this list. Not to mention being so full of yuri waves, that the only self-proclaimed straight girl in it has found herself seeing the light (but she runs from that light as hard as she can, futilely) An example of the level of awesomeness in this cast http://dynasty-scans.com/system/releases/000/012/080/%5BDoki%5D%20Majyo%20to%20Houki%20to%20Kurobuchi%20Megane%20-%20Chapter%2035%20-%20Page%2006.png

    For a game, I feel like it’s worth mentioning Desco and Fuuka from Disgaea 4. Those two have got subtext crawling out of them, and keep on getting more and more spots in future endeavors of NIS, because of how popular they’ve gotten.

    I’m surprised you don’t have Haruka here, she seems to fit what you’d like in a character: Smart, sexy, domineering, and not at all afraid to express herself in a sexual manner. Haruka from Senran Kagura btw. You’d also have to play the games to get why some might say the story is better than Queen’s Blade. Not to mention how open the game is about yuri, and none of that “ewww, girls with girls is wrong” stuff. the shippings are just….so many. Amazing couples left and right. Heck, the final final chapter of Shinovi versus is almost like reading a romance novel between two girls.

    Light novels are still too infant about this, but hopefully one day you can host a light novel category! I do know of a few light novels that are yurirific though. Strawberry Panic being one of course.

    Also, Akemi Sumizome…..I’d hold off with her for now. I think she’s definitely possibly a lesbian (as in not into guys at all), but things went…sour to say the least with things. Though, I feel like she might have a chance with someone else. Keiko….yeah she’s not deserving of a spot on the list really. You’d have to read the manga to find out why. Things could turn around, but I dunno. Wish the fanlators would get to releasing the newer chapters already though…

    Another one for games would be: Rita Mordio and Estellise sidos von Heurrain (positive I got that name spelt wrong xD) from Tales of Vesperia. Heck, the two even have a scene where they take care of a baby together, and the dialogue during that is just….your goggles would burst open. Not to mention how much Rita goes through for Estelle. Or how, the first time she blushes, is when she’s looking at Estelle closely for the first time. Estelle’s no slouch on this either, always working so hard to please Rita and get her approval. I could go more in-depth on these two if you wanted?


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’m only one guy so I can’t cover EVERYTHING that’s going on in the yuriverse. Perhaps I should consider guest reviewers though I have no idea how the process would go to invite some. Perhaps someone who could review lots of yuri manga. Heaven knows my YMC page needs more reviews.

      I haven’t inducted Shinozaki yet? Dang. I should get to that. At least I reviewed Volume 1 a while back. Volume 2 hasn’t changed much so I have no need to review it. I’d be repeating myself.

      Still haven’t watched or played Senran Kagura. All I know is like Katsuragi and Yagyu has a sisterly love relationship with Hibari. I have seen some pics of Haruka having her way with Hibari after her group captured the cutie. I want to play the games though so I’m still debating on the whole portables thing.

      Very well. I shall omit Akemi and Keiko her for now.

      Ah yes, the Vesperia subtext. I am STILL waiting for the English patch for the PS3 version to finish so I can import the game.

      I have purchased the Fuuka and Desco Show DLC but have not got into playing Disgaea 4 in a while. I am in anime mode right now so I haven’t played games in a while.


  31. Drinkie says:

    As of the date of this comment have you managed to start watching the Pretty Cure franchise yet? if not then start with Futari Wa then Max Heart oh don’t forget the movies.

    Oh before i forget there is plenty of yuri in most if not all of the series


    • Overlord-G says:

      If I lived alone and had nothing to do I would consider binging Precure. For now I am too easily distracted by other shows and stuff. Thanks for the recommendations though.


      • Drinkie says:

        No worries your welcome and i suggested Futari Wa and Max Heart because they are the first two series Max Heart takes place just about right after Futari Wa oh and don’t worry i won’t spoil the relationship between Yuri and Dark Precure


      • Overlord-G says:

        Thanks again for the recommendation.


  32. PillowsPluff says:

    Grimgrimoire… interesting. A PS2 game huh? if I can get my hands on a old model PS3 (one I save more money) or if Grimgrimoire gets a PC port, I’ll be sure to try the game out. As well with of course, Strawberry Panic!’s PS2 game.


  33. PillowsPluff says:

    y no Hana?! (@x@)/


  34. The Otaku Judge says:

    An entertaining read. I’m impressed by how extensive the list is.


  35. YuukiYuuki says:

    Hey…. no mention of bakuretsu tenshi? (burst angels) or the manga ver. at least where the yuriffic vibe was at its highest?


  36. Pingback: Doki Doki School Hours (minus the OVAs) | *CIrno9Fan*

  37. Maro says:

    Hello, OG-man. Thank you for your reviews and all the comment replies.

    Btw, I would like to ask you about the Precure series, whether you are still thinking about covering or not. If you are intending to do so, I would recommend you go through Go! Princess Precure, which is airing this year (you might already be well aware of it, though).


    I found that the new season contains fair amount of yuri subtext especially among the three MC. The level of it might be on par with Doki Doki Precure. Also, currently only 10 episodes have been aired, which makes it easier to cover rather than watching through all 4-cour of shows.

    Of course this is just my suggestion, and I respect your choices of shows. I was just curious about how your take on the Precure series would be.


  38. (Quietest voice) Don’t you think MLP:FiM could be in the western section..pls no h8.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Possibly but what did they do after season 1 hints?


      • IDK I can’t remember episodes very well. But let’s see… OH! Season 2 episode 22. That is probably the most subtexty episode in the entire show. People were all over that.
        Pinkie Apple Pie was a character episode focusing on JUST 2 of the characters (Season 4).
        “Bats!” was basically fanservice to people with a vampire fetish and it’s convenient because all of the characters involved are girls (Season 4).
        Daring Don’t was a Rainbow dash x Daring Do episode. Rd was pretty hype meeting her favorite author (Season 4).
        Castle-Mania, the 6 are separated into groups of 2 and go into a 2spooky4me abandoned castle. I remember fear-hugging and such. Mostly fanservice (Season 4).
        Oh, the CMC. Need I say more?
        Wonderbolt Acadamy. Rainbow meets Lightning Dust and she thinks Lightning is cool but then becomes a bitch at the end. People like to think that Lightning made the Tsundere apology off-screen (Season 4)
        Sleepless in Ponyville, Rainbow goes on a camping trip, Scootaloo comes along, development, development. I don’t ship it but it’s still yuri. (Season 3)
        Luna Eclipsed. Twilight helps Luna adapt to modern times. Very light development. (Season 2)
        Magic Duel. Brought Trixie back and Twilight made her into a good person. Before this they were arch enemies but back then the fanbase said “TSUNDERE TSUNDERE TSUNDERE-”
        And the fanficiton, oh my god ALL the fanfiction. If this were an anime it would be a grade 5. There are more but I don’t wanna…

        Liked by 1 person

  39. I remember seeing an episode of anime where the cast was stuck in school after-hours due to heavy rainfall. They found some sort of message and it took them on a mystery type adventure around the school. I forgot what anime, do you happen to know what I’m talking about?


  40. Hmm… no Touhou Project? It may not be canon, however I just cannot get enough TeruMoko (Mokou x Kaguya). With Touhou there is plenty of yuri goodness to go around!


  41. M-Ra says:

    I think your Discription of Ymir x Christa ist very outdated. They’re confirmed Canon by Wada (the Maker of the Anime), who’s working closeley with Isayama, the Mangaka. Also he sat next to him as he confirmed this ship if I remember correctly. Also they hat possibly charakter interaction in the whole Manga and have the most romantic subtexted relationship, in my eyes even before the relationship of Mikasa and Eren. Christas reaction after Ymir leaves her, especially her reaction from the extra pages of volume 13, appears exactly how a girls whould react after her beloved girlfriends leaves her. At this point, YumiKuri is probably the most canon-supportet ship in Shingeki no Kyojin, at least equaly to Eren x Mikasa.

    Besides, sorry for the bad english.


  42. violet daz says:

    you should add Korrasami for the western section 🙂
    are you going to make a review on LOK?


    • OG-Man says:

      Oh they’re a shoe-in for the Western section. As for a review I dunno if it’s necessary but I guess if fans want me to write one I’ll try. I was actually only to write a Yuri Quickie for KorraSami.


  43. Anon says:

    Sorry to possibly be a bother, but Steven Universe (Western cartoon) has a looooot of yuri subtext. I’m surprised it doesn’t have more attention from the yuri community. Pearl would be an excellent candidate — although her girlfriend-ish person is tragically dead from the beginning of the show, she continues to love her and the flashbacks with them are particularly yurirific. I can’t stretch enough how much she needs yuri attention — she swore her life to another girl, died for her repeatedly, and in many ways she reminds me of such yuri characters as Homura, Chikane, and Utena. (I think the best episode to see for an example of this would be Rose’s Scabbard, and, alternatively, Sworn to the Sword, in which she even has a musical number centered around her love for her yuri girlfriend, including such lines as ”You just think about the life you’ll have together after the war — and then you do it for her”)
    There’s also Ruby and Sapphire, who are in a canon yuri relationship. They’re an exceedingly happy, lovey-dovey pairing who haven’t appeared as often as most would like, but in each appearance have done something adorable. (My favourite episode with them is Keystone Motel, which brings up some friction in their relationship, and then resolves it very, very cutely).

    But yeah, just like people are jumping on LoK because Korrasami, and just like people are constantly going crazy over Marceline and Bubblegum, I think Steven Universe deserves some yuri love, especially when it brings not one, but TWO canon yuri relationships. (And even more subtext between other characters).


    • OG-Man says:

      New inductions happen in December and yes I am fully aware of Pearl’s love for Rose and Ruby X Sapphire. I know the brief look from the donut girl to Stevonnie and other stuff. So yes there will be Steven Universe inductions.


  44. I have a short story Published in Tales of The Shadowmen Volume 12

    My story is The Piano Maidens. It stars a Lesbian Couple, but another reason for me to mention it here is it has a reference to The Rose of Versailles in it.

    Liked by 1 person

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  46. kurokanako says:

    Hooooooly ***, it must have taken you ages to write this article!
    Thanks for taking the time to compile this! There’s quite a couple of anime and characters I hadn’t heard of before, now that I finished Hidan no Aria AA like 2 minutes ago, I guess I can look at some older yuri 😀


  47. Baba says:

    I was going to comment on many things but I forgot along the way. But I have a question haha why did you include Saber? I was watching Fate/Zero but I didnt notice something gay on her apart from her suit haha. I liked that you added manhwas and western media. With wdtfs, I would have added Sungjj, weird because I usually prefer characters like Sumin (?) lol.
    You added a lot of my favorite characters and shows/stories. I hope this year the list can get a lot longer. I need more yuri 😀


  48. What movie were you talking about for kill la kill


  49. Awesome post. I shudder to think the time that weont into this. Then again, not everyone writes a post in one sitting like I do so…


    Sasami-san? Kagami and Sasami?


  50. DrAnimaniac says:

    Wow! What a thorough list! You had me feeling very nostalgic reading through it and very interested in the titles I’ve yet to experience. If I haven’t already said so, seriously thank you for being such a committed Yuri enthusiast and making such amazing posts. You’re seriously inspiring.


  51. cirno9fan says:

    If you’re going to add in Cure Moonlight (really need to get around to seeing Fresh…)
    Then you definitely need to add in Mana from Doki Doki. And Regina, and I guess you can add Rikka? But definitely Mana and Regina. When all but like a third of a 49 episode show revolves around Mana and Regina’s relationship, and the third that it doesn’t is before Regina is introduced, and a short hiccup in the story where they wasted time on stuff that didn’t really matter much….I can’t see how these two couldn’t get in. Mana herself basically built a bit of a harem throughout. And Regina…That Christmas episode…

    But if you need to wait till you’ve seen it, then I understand that too.


  52. sentai dai says:

    You should watch the super sentai Chodenshi Bioman, Jun Yabuki and Hikaru Katsuragi are an official couple but in the show it is just subtext.

    Liked by 1 person

  53. sentai dai says:

    You should also watch the animes Divergence Eve and Divergence Eve:Misaki Chronicles they have an all girls love square and It ends with A lesbian student – teacher romance.

    Liked by 1 person

  54. bobob says:

    The game on Steam called Chantelise – A Tale of Two Sisters has twincest romance.

    Liked by 1 person

  55. officeryou says:

    I think Kotoko/Komaru/Toko from Dangan Ronpa: Another episode deserve a mention in the video game section.


    • OG-Man says:

      I have heard of there being yuri in later installments of the Danganronpa series but I have yet to play them myself so I don’t have much to say about them yet. I will keep that game in mind though.


  56. mikotohimemiya says:

    Fear Effect expects a revival, and we can then see the third part of this legendary series, and unfortunately care. Here is proof.
    I am very much forward to the new part of the Fear Effect. And also very much hope that there will be Hana and Rein official couple, or at least so it is possible to do by choice. I’m a big fan of this couple: Hana Tsu-Vachel X Rain Qin forewer!


  57. mikotohimemiya says:

    By the way last night, I watched the anime movie – Harmony, and I believe that Tuan Kirie and Miach Mihie deserve to be included in the Yuri Hall of Fame, as throughout the film you can watch how the two main characters were felt pretty close feelings for each other further towards the end of Tuan and Miach confessed to each other in the love. However, there is quite a tragic end, and at the same time controversial.


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  59. Komi028 says:

    Pretty impressive, but I can’t believe Konata, Kagami and Noire aren’t here, nor anyone from Rabi Ribi.


  60. I noticed you don’t any Dub actors. In the case of Noir the dub performance are why I fell in love with those three. I watched the Japanese finally this last year, and I just couldn’t enjoy it as much.

    Liked by 1 person

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  62. Neutraluser says:

    I just discovered this blog and I love it. Please update this when you can. It is amazing and hilarious. It even had a couple of shows I didn’t know about. Thanks for this!


  63. Christian Appel says:

    If you update this, you should definitely add Aine x Mio of Aikatsu Friends.

    Of BanG Dream: Kasumi x Saya.

    For Video Games: Angelica of Trails of Cold Steel.


  64. Christian Appel says:

    After S2 of “The Owl House” in 2021, Lumity will be reality and deserves to be in the Western cartoon wing of this HoF.


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