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Yuri Quickie: Alice in Deadly School

Remember the Episode 0 New Year’s Special premiere of the Gekidol anime that included both Episode 1 and a play called Alice in Deadly School? At first it seemed unrelated to the Gekidol anime but later our heroines took part … Continue reading

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22/7 Episode 13: The New Ingredients

The long awaited translation of the bonus 13th episode of 22/7 is here at last. It of course is about the 3 newbies. Let’s see what they got.

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Yuri Quickie: Bikini Warriors OVAs

Yup. It took me till 2019 to realize “There were more episodes of Bikini Warriors!?” What I discovered changed my initial opinion of the anime in unexpected ways. Check out my review of the first 13 episodes HERE. WARNING 1: … Continue reading

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Fragtime 2nd Trailer

This time we get a better look at the leading ladies, a side-character and some extra tidbits.

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Neptunia Games and OVA

Late to the party but I had to talk about something related to The Almighty Nepster (BROTHER!) because it’s been a long time since I last did so.

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