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Yuri Quickie: Bikini Warriors OVAs

Yup. It took me till 2019 to realize “There were more episodes of Bikini Warriors!?” What I discovered changed my initial opinion of the anime in unexpected ways. Check out my review of the first 13 episodes HERE. WARNING 1: … Continue reading

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Fragtime 2nd Trailer

This time we get a better look at the leading ladies, a side-character and some extra tidbits.

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Neptunia Games and OVA

Late to the party but I had to talk about something related to The Almighty Nepster (BROTHER!) because it’s been a long time since I last did so.

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Fragtime OVA Trailer

The format of the previously announced Fragtime animated adaptation was revealed. It would be an OVA. A limited theatrical screening is scheduled for sometime in November 2019. Like the Kase-San OVA it most likely won’t be too long before the … Continue reading

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OG’s Spring 2019 Impressions 2: WA HA HA!

Since I’ve pretty much taken a break from covering anime weekly this season I decided to keep the compiled impressions going to make up for it. Enough episodes aired of the shows I’m watching to write more impressions of them … Continue reading

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