OG’s NEW Top Yuri Manga He’d like to see get animated

Recently fellow yuri council member Lena K (Euroninja-chan) updated her list of yuri manga that should get anime adaptations. I figured since I made my own years ago why not make a new one as well? Here we are. Some shows will be changed while others will remain the same. Other than my #1 this list will be in no particular order.

Cute Yamada and Kase-san


Kicking it off with an obvious one is the adorable love story of a bubbly klutz Yamada and her heartwarming love story with the well-endowed track team ace Kase-san who also secretly happens to be bubbly despite her fame. The show’s 1st half could follow how the two get together and the second half has some episodes of their relationship concluding with either a special ending or manga lure. This is one of those shows that doesn’t need a televised conclusion to succeed but if it did have one it would be very interesting.

Poor Poor Lips

Poor Poor Lips

Still think this would make a cool yuri show. The tale of a comedic love story between a rich lesbian who has a hard time finding true love for specific reasons and a poor “shortie” she hires who has a positive outlook on life and is content with any kind of benefit. Best of both worlds for fans of well endowed women and lolis.

That or Majyo to Houki to Kurobuchi Megane for the mega otaku I suppose.

Wife and Wife

Wife and Wife

Straightforward story about the love life of two women living together and their equally yuri relatives and friends.



A good choice for “foeyay” shippers out there because the manga’s premise is that of two beautiful, short tempered assassins who love each other to death. Problem is that because of its simple premise it would be difficult to adapt into more than an anime similar to the likes of “Inugami-san and Nekoyama-san” and “Morita-san wa Mukuchi“. The girls get together, a silly misunderstanding occurs, the two engage in an epic death battle letting out their frustrations and feelings concluding with one or the other ending the fight by explaining what they actually meant, make up. Rinse and repeat.



An unusual tale of a shy girl with the power to temporarily slow down time and the mysterious beauty she falls for. The mystery in question, besides her actions, is what exactly does the beauty see in the shy girl and whether her feelings for the shy one are romantic or something else.

Sono Hanabira 11 Cover art

Sono Hanabira ni Kichizuke wo

Technically the series has had manga adaptations such as Xenocross and short novel continuations for all couples so it counts. We got an excellent OVA so at the very least another one featuring a different couple (Eris and Shizuku, “wink wink”). For an anime adaptation I talked about this in a post before regarding how a PG-13 Sono Hanabira could work. For now Here’s hoping Yurin Yurin one day reaches its 50000 goal.

Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni! Cover


This one should be a no-brainer because of how mainstream its premise is. This pick is more about how easily it could succeed rather than how satisfying it would be. Think Ore no Imouto’s segments that focus on anime and manga otaku along with a sexy tsundere lesbian protagonist in denial of both her growing otaku nature and crush on another girl. Done.

Fragments of LoveFeelings we all must endure

Fragments of Love and The Feelings We All Must Endure

Two dramatic yuri stories whose purpose are to make viewers think. Not for the sensitive. Guaranteed to spurn controversy. Speaking of controversy…

Citrus, Volume 1


Before anyone calls me out on this, know that my feelings on Citrus have not changed. I still think it is overrated and I still think it being treated as one of the best yuri ever written is ludicrous. HOWEVER, it is selling very well for a yuri manga so an anime adaptation, IF WRITTEN WELL, could be financially successful…even though I would not like the flame war inducing reception it will get…mainly because I would be asking “Why?”. Oh well, controversy creates cash. It worked for Cross Trash…as much as saying that makes me want to vomit.


Girl Friends

Very unlikely considering how old the manga is (Anime studios usually pick recently completed or ongoing popular works after all) but if it were to get one it would be glorious.



I’ve sung this manga’s praises and included it in all my manga related lists so many times that explaining why I still dream (in vain) of this series getting animated would be superfluous. It is still my favorite yuri manga of all time.

Unless a third list is necessary this will be my current yuri manga turned anime wishlist. Everyone stopping by wishing to share their thoughts know what to do.

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49 Responses to OG’s NEW Top Yuri Manga He’d like to see get animated

  1. automaticimperfection says:

    I agree with all of the above, specially Majyo to Houki to Kurobuchi Megane I find that hilarious.
    Guess we can dream, also I’d love a series of OVAS from Amano Shunint’as one shot works , or say Guilty,love,bites!

    Yes,dreaming is gooood.


  2. Fipse says:

    I think adapting Kase-san or Wife and Wife would be a huge mistake. Do you have any idea how many yuri fans this might kill with all the cuteness? Nobody could buy the BD!

    I think my favorite for adaptation would be either Love/Death as a 5 minute thing or Shinozaki-san. Shinozaki-san’s chapters are already perfect for adaptation. They have the right length so you could easily do 2 Chapters per episode and you can even show them slightly out of order. Studio Gokumi or Dogakobo could do it well. Also, it would be saver since it is not it is ‘full’ yuri. It is extremely close but with some really strong het-goggles you can still say she just wants to be good friends with her.


    • Overlord-G says:

      That’s the idea. Then I would swoop past nation members’ houses and steal their money while they’re hospitalized.

      Precisely why I mentioned it being easy to adapt.


  3. Heavy agreement with most of them, especially with Poor Poor Lips. Love/Death, Shinozaki… you know, a lot of them.

    Murcielago is missing though. 😦 And I think I’d rather see Sweet Guilty Love Bites (3 10 or 20 minute OVAs would be perfect) animated than Feelings. I’d still love Feelings to be animated though. Obviously.


    • Overlord-G says:


      Any of Shuninta-sensei’s work getting adapted would be swell…even if it has to be in hentai form since many of them have amazing love scenes.


  4. cirno9fan says:

    Shinozaki-san is amazing, and definitely deserves an anime adaptation. It’s also a good pick because the yuri isn’t as “front and center” so it can penetrate the market better.

    Majyo i hope dearly dearly deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarly for to get an anime adaptation. The manga was so very hilarious, and the yuri was off the charts.

    Fragtime is also a nice choice. Great story, interesting mechanics. And of course a very nice heaping of yuri.

    I still need to get caught up on Kase-san someday. Or did it finish? Did I finish it? That manga was always so hard for me to keep track of where I was in it…

    Poor Poor lips is deifnitely a nice choice!

    Love/Death is a necessity. double yandere yuri is just the best concept~!

    Girlfriends is a nice choice!

    Someday I’ll read Octave xD

    My own personal choice is kinda similar to what people talk about with Citrus (but completely a dream that’ll never happen): Banana no Nana. It would need a real reworking, as the last two chapters of the manga just completely fell flat. But it could be such a great anime! Basically yuri shounen. Just, not as drawn out. And other differences, but yeah!

    I never got very far in Citrus (I got the feeling that I wouldn’t like how it continued after a certain chapter, don’t ask me which, it’s been too long), so it’s not really one of my picks.

    I also have some of my own picks:
    Heart-Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Girls’ Academy – one of the first yuri manga I actually finished, and one I still fondly look back on. it’s one of the really old ones, but it’s still really quite good!

    Sisterism – Such a fun and cute manga! Unfortunate it ended before pairings could be fully solidified, but it’s pretty obvious where things would go eventually 😉

    And finally: Murcielago. This manga would be the perfect super edgy and mature addition to the yuri animedom.


    • automaticimperfection says:

      Omg Sisterism is awesome,finally someone else brought it up ,and yes Murcielago is action packed and very different in approach.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Many of my picks are based on stories that are more recent as old works are less than likely to get picked up. The old ones I mentioned are pipe dreams but that’s how I feel.

      HPE is what I would go crazy for and chuck money at instead of Monster Musume. Seriously adapt THAT! It’s pretty much the same thing but of course the mainstream prefer their boner fantasies over yuri monster love. Mooks.

      Citrus sells. That’s the only reason I’d like to see it get adapted.

      Gotta catch up with Murcielago.

      Sisterism was nothing special to me.

      I’ll read Banana this weekend. Been meaning to do so.


  5. kracen says:

    I will withhold my views on those that I have not read, however they are all in my to read list…. as long as that may be, they’re in there.

    Octave, for I am up to Vol 3 and it irritated me and I may not continue it because of that for some time, not for the reason you might think given my usual disposition, but purely because its basis for that happening making no sense other than it being forced for the sake of it happening.

    Girlfriends, is a masterpiece of self discovery for two girls and their romantic bond, the back and forth between them, the switch in perspective from Mari to Akko… truly a work of art in storytelling… I would even go as far to say this comes close to rivalling the bond at least in my eyes between Haruka and Yuu, and I never hold back my thoughts on how much them two mean to my sanity… Though that may be purely because I got to see Haruka and Yuu in the adaptation, were I to see Mari and Akko in an anime, my number one pairing, could very easily shift for those two.

    Citrus, though not as powerful as Girlfriends still has the struggle, development and suspense to make it a truly fantastic piece of work, I check it daily for a possible update (As I do all the unfinished manga’s I read) though I feel as though Citrus answers a more perverse side to the Yuri fandom, not in a bad way, just more I prefer my Yuri to be pure and not for the possible sexual gratification of the viewers/readers… This wouldn’t take away from its quality, it would still be easily one of the best Yuri manga to anime adaptations possible.

    Kase-San, much like Girlfriends, this one would have the very strong possibility of tearing my heart away from Haruka and Yuu, a claim I would never make lightly, and yet one I just made twice, it has the development of both characters into their bond, not to mention the unrivalled adorableness that is Yui…

    Due to its current length, I can understand why Kase-San has yet to be given its anime deserving rights… for now…
    Citrus due to its more sexualised nature, I can also understand why…

    However there is no excuse anyone could ever give me as to why Girlfriends has not been given the anime adaptation it has more than earnt to have that would ever be good enough to me… More than any other Yuri manga that I have read so far that is yet to have an anime adaptation, is more deserving…


    • Overlord-G says:

      I was mean before this edit so to be less mean I will instead say, you don’t like it. Fair enough.

      Citrus is about the money to me. Nothing more.

      Girl Friends not getting an anime when it was hot is a mystery but what can ya do.


      • kracen says:

        Before the edit was fine, I’m sure hearing of my undying dislike of male characters is getting tiring.
        But as I stated it wasn’t purely for that reason, sure it didn’t help, but the reason as to why she did it just made absolutely no sense at all, ‘You didn’t pick up the phone so I cheated on you with some guy I just met’ it irritated me… Unless I missed something entirely leading up to it, it just felt like the author remembered Setsuko one time asked if Yukino wanted to try it with a guy one time so lets just make her do it for no realistic reason even though it goes completely against her already developed character as someone who wouldn’t do that.
        That is what bothered me, not the fact it was a guy, even if it was another girl it’d had bothered me.


      • Overlord-G says:

        You would have a field day with Nana Komatsu if Yukino’s actions upset you that much. Oh how you would but since you dislike male anime characters’ existence then NANA is not for you to watch. Anyway like it or not people who make such mistakes, regardless of gender, exist. You would be surprised…


      • kracen says:

        I like my Yuri pure I guess, which is probably why I obsess so much over Sakura Trick… There is no perverted reasoning, no ‘two girls together is hot’ reasoning behind my like of Yuri, I don’t know what it is…. Its just relaxing to me… when you see the world through pure hatred towards most, if not all things and people, when the psychological problems I deal with cause me want to curl up and beg for a moments silence…. Sitting and watching/reading a light-heared, pure Yuri manga/anime makes me forget about it all, even if for just a moment.


      • Overlord-G says:

        In any case you didn’t like the manga. Simple as that.


  6. Hazelnutpie says:

    Good choices! Technically, outside of Sono Hanabira which already has a round of animation, Love/Death, followed by Citrus, and in 3rd place Girl Friends are good candidates to be turned into anime, as they have the right type of character art and appeal.

    BUT, all these series in anime form will need to “fluffed up” with some service, otaku elements and extra additions, on top of the yuri, for it to be marketable. So, it’s not exactly a dream like some people are prone to saying. It usually comes down to how you position and market a series.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Yupperscotch. Gotta make them “fashionable” for the mooks to get enticed into giving them a chance.


  7. josefcd904 says:

    Wow, I actually read some of these. Most ended, which is a shame. Wife and Wife was good and would make a good 5 minute long anime. Citrus, is good and although is still coming out, it is bimonthly, so it would be some time before it could be even considered animated. As for Shinozaki-san, I did read some of it awhile ago, and it is funny and could easily work as an anime compared to the others, it is just, hmmm, not sure how much of the manga is out or where it is exactly since I have not read it in over a year. The sad thing is, although they all sound good, I do not think any would be animated. There are not a lot of anime that are straight up yuri or yoai out there that do get animated. The ones that do get animated are either comedies (Sakura Trick) or allude to it but never stated (Best example Nanoha and Fate).


  8. Tenshi says:

    Thanks for giving me a list of awesome manga. Already seen about half of them though. Should I feel proud of myself.


  9. QueenKuvira says:

    I think fragtime and shinozaki-san have best chance of any. But I’d love to see kase san animated always been one of my favorite yuri manga. But honestly I’d take any straight up yuri no need for it to be as kiss crazy as sakura trick but just a legit yuri romance anime is all I need.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Do not squander the gift of ST. Appreciate its existence and blessing for the patient veterans of the genre…who don’t complain about gravity defying boobies.
      In all seriousness any of these getting an adaptation would be nice.


  10. baba says:

    I agree with both Octave and Girl Friends mostly, though I would like any good yuri getting an anime. Its a bit funny that I was thinking about this yesterday. I dont know why Girl Friends didnt get an anime. The characters are really pretty school girls, its funny sometimes and the story is well written, it isnt too long either. The manga is also really popular between yuri fans. Its a shame because it had everything to be perfect as an anime. Im still a little butthurt about it lol, especially because most yuri animes are far from being as good as yuri mangas and Girl Friends had potential to be The yuri anime. Anyway, with Citrus popularity it wouldnt be surprising if it gets animated though the story is kinda bad. I would watch it anyway because I’m deprived of yuri animes. I have one impossible dream now, a yuri manhwa (Korean comic) getting animated haha never gonna happen because it isnt japanese. I strongly recommend Fluttering Feelings, is a pretty a good yuri manhwa, the best yuri story in a long while imo, and it gets updated weekly 😀 Its getting popular right now in the yuri fandom so maybe you hear about it.


    • automaticimperfection says:

      Oh yeah, korean comics , I love fluttering feelings, lily story( or was it lily love? ) is also very promising


    • Overlord-G says:

      I know the big 3 (so far) non-Japanese comics of Lily Love, Fluttering Feelings and Their Story. Didn’t mention them because they’re not Japanese.


  11. x says:

    I would definitely like to see all of them as an anime, but I pretty much guess that they are looking for the one’s that are finish and long in there series. But they can improvise in it, hopefully they will use the original writer for it.


  12. Ches says:

    Girlfriend… you’re right it’s old but an anime adaptation is longgg overdue. Some hardcore fans are still waiting for it (including myself I guess – one of the best storylines I’ve read).

    Wife & Wife definitely.

    Shinozaki-san – yes, for a good laugh I think it should definitely have an anime adaptation. Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

    I’m surprised that I’ve actually read all that was listed in this blog post. lol Given that I only read manga like once every 3 months – but when I read I actually spend 2 days reading non-stop (okay I lied maybe I stop for 6 hours to sleep)

    3 mangas that I’d like to have an anime adaptation that weren’t on the list are:-

    Shinigami Alice
    Himitsu no Recipe


    • Overlord-G says:

      Prism seems to have been cancelled but Stretch has been a pretty good replacement imo.
      I read SA but it seems a bit too short for an adaptation.
      Eh. Didn’t like The Secret Recipe very much. The climax and finale were nice though.


  13. trinder says:

    I think Fragtime is the best Yuri comic in 2014.
    It was great also as a story of adolescent girls.


  14. Rei says:

    Believe it on or not. I’m starting to like Yuri because I find it cute. lol!


  15. DrAnimaniac says:

    I’ve got a lot of new Yuri manga to read now, thanks for making this list. I’ve read several on the list, such as Poor Lips, GF’s, Citrus and Octave and I’m in agreement on your feelings about them. I agree that Citrus is overrated and doesn’t come close to those such as GF’s, but it’s still very enjoyable and has great artwork, which is why I still love it. To the point though, all of these seriously need to be adapted into anime.


  16. yurimylove says:

    I really like your pickings! Especially poor poor lips, shinozaki san but all of them. If i win the lottery I’ll hire a anime studio to do that XD


  17. miharusshi says:

    Delicious list! I’ve read Kase-san and Fragments of Love and am currently reading citrus. Love/Death sounds silly but it seems like something I’ll enjoy for fun. :3


  18. Lena K. says:

    I knew I was missing something in my list and after reading yours, I finally know what it is!
    I totally forgot about Tekemiya’s awesome Fragments of Love… Aw, how could I forget about this ones.
    Ah well, there is still enough time for another update 😛
    Anyway, great list with some awesome picks! I’m actually surprised to see Citrus there, but you already justified your choice 😉


    • Overlord-G says:

      FoL would have a similar impact as Feelings so I grouped them together for that reason.

      Even though I do not think highly of Citrus I acknowledge that it makes money. That’s the world we live in. Doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is, if it made money then mission accomplished. At least Citrus is tolerable compared to Cross Trash.


  19. Dimdom says:

    I agree with the above list.

    I also hope manga Another Kiss, Creo the Crimson Crises and Iono The Fanatics in adapted into anime too.

    But returned again to Japanese people, I asked the Japanese yuri fans, sales anime & visual novel about yuri in Japan is not good, because sales is not good there are not a lot of anime/visual novel about yuri, but yuri is getting more popular when compared to a few years ago: https://twitter.com/Dimdom89/status/593773247700733952

    In addition, term “subtext” is not exists in Japan.

    Some people in Japan say for friendship (title like Kiniro Mosaic and Love Live!) is ソフト百合(soft Yuri) or 友情百合(friendship Yuri):

    Because sales anime/manga “subtext” is good, let’s hope sales anime/manga/visual novel full yuri in Japan could be better, so the manga in above list will be adapted into anime.


    • Overlord-G says:

      You mentioned that on Twitter. It’s progress. Not as much as the nation would like but progress nonetheless.


  20. Kai says:

    I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Girl Friends to get adapted…


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