New Sono Hanabira Website + Twitter Goals

Some interesting Hanabira news. Been a while since I talked about this franchise. I also should have talked about this sooner.

St Michael's Girls Newcomers

First of all we have to talk about the new website (Is this the second or third one?) dedicated to producing A Kiss For The Petals/Sono Hanabira games and other stuff:

ReoDengeki Hime 25

Other than a look at the new pairings shown above, some neat Risa X Miya pics and this Reo pic there is currently no information on future releases. Perhaps this coming December we will learn more as the latest issue of Dengeki Hime Magazine revealed two possible new titles in the series:

  • A Kiss For the Petals – A New Generation.
  • A Kiss For the Petals – For Old Times’ Sake.

More info will be made available when it is uncovered.

Now it is time to discuss the big announcement included with the site’s launch, the Twitter goals. Some have already been fulfilled, however…one in particular caught the attention of many in the yuri nation.

50,000 followers: New anime production

At first I did not make a big deal of this…but for Pete’s sake. I think my reaction and request should be pretty obvious after reading this goal, especially since (as of this writing) @mikajyo_info has gathered over 6000 followers. For truth, justice, lesbian romance and donuts this goal MUST be reached.

Readers can get all the specific details, more Twitter goals and other interesting info visit the main source of all Hanabira news,

May the Yuri Force be with all of us.

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15 Responses to New Sono Hanabira Website + Twitter Goals

  1. My hype cannot even be contained. I still haven’t been able to play anymore of the first VN I started last summer nor download any of the others. This is fantastic news. Too bad I don’t have Twiitter though and refuse to use it. But I’ll make sure to spread the word on to everyone else who does. ❤


  2. the_elevator_man says:

    Nice find. From the posts at the bottom, it looks like it’s only Japanese IP twitters, and they’re encouraging account spamming…only from those permitted IPs. Well, go Japanese yuri fans then.

    Sakura Trick has 25k, Yuru Yuri has 75k. It’ll be tough, but it’s doable. Cmon!


  3. Cyan says:

    I will do anything to support the yuri nation, and if it’s another Sono Hanabira it’s on top of my list, come on guys, it’s super rare to get romantic hentai yuri with good CG and an animation on top of it, that’s like they are offering us the ultimate cherry of the cake. Let us support it in anyway we can.
    The pictures above are they new pairings? I haven’t seen them before, and they look a bit different, are they also done by the same series artist or another?
    Please keep us updated, you’re doing a great job because some sites are blocked here in my country it sucks because they already blocked dynasty-scans, and i don’t understand japanese so any news helps.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Overlord-G says:

      I have been waiting for a new SonoHana anime for quite some time.

      From the link:
      “The six new characters appear to be illustrated by Aida Takanobu, who worked on the Med-School series.” I think the other four girls on the Dengeki Magazine are also by Aida Takanobu.


  4. Hanneman says:

    Well, i’m doing my part, recently made a post in a yuri facebook page, which i recently been made part of, about this. Surely got some people from there to support us.

    I sure hope we make it, but is there a deadline for this? Like, getting to that goal in a certai amount of time?


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  6. shakkou says:

    A new generation eh? sounds interesting. I was wondering where the serie would go after the medic series and most of the school arcs being covered; I mean we’ve had primary school HANABIRA , mddle school HANABIRA, and highschool HANABIRA and then MEDIC HANABIRA which was 99% OK by me but I didn’t like the overwhelming chest of the one of the partners inthe medic series’ 1st game.
    And if it’s medic related yuri we talk about, I prefer Hakuisei Renai SHoukougun Re;Therapy more. Heck Hakuisei even had Asami Sato (Noire in Neptune) as a VA for one of the main heroines.
    I really wanna see a more adult SonoHanabira like in college life(by this I mean a new generation of girls that meet in college and go thru slice of life, not like a previously high school couple that lives their college life).
    This is cliche of me to say, butt I wish there was a Wonderland yurige. that would be amazing.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Yeah I feel you with the College Life or adult world themed Hanabira. I’d also like to see that but middle and high school is where the money’s at in Japan so what can ya do. What we got has been mostly glorious anyway so it’s all good. The first Med-School game’s busty character was a weird one but the other games rectified the mistake by balancing the busts. I still hope they all get translated someday.


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