Yuri Talk

This page is dedicated to several topics concerning different kinds of yuri pairings and subgenres, the way the fans treat said pairings/genres and other topics regarding yuri.

Bernkastel and Lamdbadelta

Prologue: An important question to all yuri fans (Open and in hiding) about yuri today.

Yuri Talk: Should the power of Yuri Goggles be limited? (Spoilers ahead)
Yuri Talk: Incomprehension and Prejudice
Yuri Talk: Sisterly love and Twincest
Yuri Talk: Worst Yuri Trends
Yuri Talk: Worst Yuri Trends Results
Yuri Talk: Comedic Yuri or Yuri as Comedy Relief
Yuri Talk: May-December Couples
Yuri Talk: I’m a Yuri Fan, Foo!
Yuri Talk: The State of Yuri in Anime Today
Yuri Talk: Kimochi no Katachi (Spoiler Warning) and the fear of a judgmental society
Yuri Talk: The Shining Beacon of Hope
Yuri Talk: Foe Yay Couples
Yuri Talk: Fanservice Yuri NSFW
Yuri Talk: Foreign Exchange
Yuri Talk: Subtext Fatigue
Yuri Talk: Western Animation’s Baby Steps
Yuri Talk: The Eruna Ordeal and Negative Queerbaiting
Yuri Talk: Soft Yuri
Yuri Talk: A Tribute to Shoujoai.com
Yuri Talk: Two Interesting Yuri Tidbits
Yuri Talk: Sakura Trick – Quelling The Hate (By Shoujo Aisha)
Yuri Talk: Madoka Rebellion – Homura’s Motivations (By Shoujo Aisha)
Yuri Talk: Madoka -The World After Rebellion (By Shoujo Aisha)
Yuri Talk: Reflections of a Yuri Fan and Blogger
Yuri Talk: Futanari Yuri. Is it really yuri?…And Transgender Yuri (NSFW)
Yuri Talk: The Fire Emblem Controversy
Yuri Talk: Japan’s Top 10 Yuri Anime List
Yuri Talk: What is Yuri? (By Shoujo Aisha)
Yuri Talk: Shipping Material
Yuri Talk: Shipping Haruka X Chihaya (By Kai)
Yuri Talk: Rory Muses About Yuri in Fire Emblem (By Rory)
Yuri Talk: Why Aikatsu is awesome and why you should watch it (By Kai)
Yuri Talk: Kunihiko Ikuhara (By Rantasmo)
Yuri Talk: Being a yuri fan is suffering, and I love every second of it (By Kai)
Yuri Talk: Manga Editors Roundtable: The Growth of Yuri
Yuri Talk: My Gripes, Dislikes and Hopes for the Future of Yuri (By Your Average Joe)
Yuri Talk: “From Outta Nowhere” Yuri Reveals (Spoiler Warning)
Yuri Talk: OT3s
Yuri Talk: Yuri Anime and Manga. Validating Lesbian Relationships are Real (June OWLS Blog Tour) (By Rai)
Yuri Talk: Yuri Night Edition 0 Special Event Coverage
Yuri Talk: Yuri Night Edition 1 Special Event Coverage
Yuri Talk: Comedy Lesbians
Yuri Talk: Yuri and Yaoi Still Seen as Hentai Sub-Genres? (By Wammy Giveaway)
Yuri Talk: A Place Further Than the Universe: GT (By Remyfool and OG-Man)
Yuri Talk: Baroness SethLiony’s “18 Yuri Commandments Trilogy”
Yuri Talk: Darling in the FranXX. Ikuno, the Hero. (By OtakuGamerGirlT)
Yuri Talk: “Fire X Ice” Couples
Yuri Talk: #Bubbline
Yuri Talk: OG’s 10 Favorite Taboo Yuri Couples (Since 2018)
Yuri Talk: Reflecting on 20-Gay-Teen
Yuri Talk: Bumbleby/Bumblebee
Yuri Talk: The Akiba Research Institute Yuri Poll
Yuri Talk: goo Ranking’s Best Heisei Era Yuri Anime Poll
Yuri Talk: Yuri Mother’s Top Yuri Anime Series Poll
Yuri Talk: Symphogear XV Conclusion Discussion
Yuri Talk: Yuri in Video Games of 2019 (By OG and Rory)
Yuri Talk: Side-Characters/Couples
Yuri Talk: Side-Couples/Pairings 2: OG’s Epiphany

11 Responses to Yuri Talk

  1. Lazarinth says:

    3 favorite lesbian quotes outside of anime. #1. Ricky Gervais pointing to two lesbian hedgehogs, “Leshogs”, #2. South Park’s Mr Garrison, “Scissor me Xerxes, oh, Scissor me Timbers!” #3. Jim Jefferies, “If you don’t find men attractive why do some of you try to look like them? You never see a Jew dressed like a Nazi.”
    But no in all seriousness I am very impressed with the ‘specificity’ of this blog, well done.


  2. cookape says:

    I,m in to yuri because i LOVE girls and NOT because i,m into that LGBT or what ever cause right after money comes girls right ,right RIGHT!!! lol 🙂


  3. Faiz says:

    i love YURIII 😀


  4. animehyrukai says:

    Just subbed to this blog love all the yuri greatness 😀
    I’m just starting to make yuri amv if any want to check out.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. frenze12 says:

    Don’t know if i should put this here but any thoughts about Kiznaiver ep 7? That some yuri-tragedy right there 😦


  6. Kakarot says:

    Kaguya x Aino Naruto they are good couple


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