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“Sense – A Cyberpunk Ghost Story” Release Month Announced

A title I had been eagerly anticipating for a while will soon become available for purcahse. Does it feature yuri? Possibly. No het as far as I know so think of it as a game starring a cool and sexy … Continue reading

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First Snow Release Date Announced

Studio Élan announced the release date of their second title as part of the Bellhouse publishing subsidiary after Without a Voice, by L3. It’s First Snow, by Salty-Salty Studios.

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FLOWERS (3) -Le Volume sur Automme- Release Date Announced

The long, long wait for FLOWERS 3 will soon be over ladies and gentlemen.

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ValiDate Kickstarter

A visual novel about 12 people in their 20’s potentially finding love…or not. That is up to the player to decide in ValiDate: Struggling Singles in Your Area.

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Rose Seed Replica Release Date Announced

This title popped up every now and then. I followed the developer quietly on Twitter. The good news is her game is reaching its development “climax” shall we say. Here is a 32-bit Yuri Adventure Game. Think something like the … Continue reading

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