Yuri Manga Corner

WARNING! I’m not as good at reviewing manga as I am anime so don’t expect high quality reviews like my oh-so awesome G-Views. I’ll do my best to convince readers that most of the manga I talk about are definitely worth picking up and reading. I say most because over time I have reviewed some manga I disliked.

The reviews have been expanded to include not only manga but also manhwa, Western and Eastern comics, basically any form of written media revolving around or featuring lesbian romance.

Special thanks go to all the co-contributors who have joined the blog and helped spread te yuri love through more manga reviews.

YMC #1: Love Flag Girls!!
YMC #2: Heart-Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Girls’ Academy
YMC #3:The Nana and Hitomi series
YMC #4: Kimi Koi Limit
YMC #5: Itoshi wo Tome
YMC #6: Strawberry Shake Sweet
YMC #7: Haru and Kotomi Trilogy (aka Cross Heart)


YMC #8: Pieta
YMC #9: Shitsurakuen
YMC #10: Girl x Girl x Boy
YMC #11: Candy
YMC #12: Blue Friend
YMC #13: Blue Friend 2nd Season
YMC #14: Pure Water Adolescence
YMC #15+16 Double Header: If This Wish Comes True + All You
YMC #17: Marriage Black
YMC #18+19 Double Header: Cirque Arachne and Twin Cake
YMC #20: Hoshikawa Ginza District 4
YMC #21: Hanjuku Joshi
YMC #22: Green
YMC #23: Sky-Colored Girlfriend
YMC #24: Tenbin wa Hana to Asobu
YMC #25: President and Vice-President
YMC #26: Kimochi no Katachi
YMC #27: Shoujo Holic
YMC #28: Love Vibes
YMC #29: Honey Crush
YMC #30: 2nd Anniversary Special Edition
YMC #31: Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep
YMC #32: Sisterism
YMC #33: Poor Poor Lips
YMC #34: Stray Little Devil
YMC #35: Chirality (NSFW)
YMC #36: Collectors
YMC #37: Citrus Volume 1
YMC #38: Kase-san Volume 1
YMC #39: Prism
YMC #40: Notes From the Garden of Lilies
YMC #41: Wife and Wife
YMC #42: Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni! Volume 1
YMC #43: Seasons
YMC #44: Dandelion Among Lilies
YMC #45: Lemonade
YMC #46: Citrus Volume 2
YMC #47: Shiroi Heya no Futari (By goodboy64)
YMC #48: Aqua Blue Cinema (By goodboy64)
YMC #49: Their Story (By Mako-Tachi)
YMC #50: The Secret Recipe (By goodboy64)
YMC #51: Orange Cream (First Impressions)
YMC#52: Honey & Honey (By goodboy64)
YMC #53: Sunstone, A BDSM Lesbian Love Story (By Silverfox)
YMC #54: Love/Death
YMC #55: In Between Four Seasons. (By MakoTachi)
YMC #56: Shoujo Sect (By goodboy64)
YMC #57: Fragtime (By goodboy64)
YMC #58: Gamma
YMC #59: Stretch
YMC #60: Fluttering Feelings/Exciting Feelings
YMC #61: Lily Love First Impressions
YMC #62: Netsuzou Trap Volume 1
YMC #63: Deep and Shallow (By makotachi)
YMC #64: Clover (By goodboy64)
YMC #65: What Does The Fox Say?
YMC #66: Girl’s Ride (By goodboy64)
YMC #67: Yuri Webcomics Spotlight (By mako-tachi)
YMC #68: Yuri Webcomics Spotlight Part 2 (by mako-tachi)
YMC #69: Cotton (By goodboy64)
YMC #70: Himitsu no Hanazono (by goodboy64)
YMC #71: Always Human
YMC #72: The Real Her (By Your Average Joe)
YMC #73: Renai Manga (By Your Average Joe)
YMC #74: The Miko’s Words and The Witch’s Incantations (By Your Average Joe)
YMC #75: Overwatch Webcomic Issue #10
YMC #76: Queen and Sparrow
YMC #77: A Divine Love Alone
YMC #78: Uta-Kata (By Your Average Joe)
YMC #79: Junsui Adolescence and #79.5 Heart Gifts (By Your Average Joe)
YMC #80: The Wrong Way to Make a Light Novel (By Your Average Joe)
YMC #81: Yuri Kuma Arashi (By Your Average Joe)
YMC #82 and #82.5: Sayonara Folklore and As Yet I Have no Name (By Your Average Joe)
YMC #83: Akuma no Riddle (By Your Average Joe)
YMC #84: Orange Cream (Part 2)
YMC #85: Some Yuri Manhwa Recommendations
YMC #86: Resounding Echo (By Your Average Joe)
YMC #87: Iono the Fanatics (By Your Average Joe)
YMC #88: Mage & Demon Queen Seasons 1+2

22 Responses to Yuri Manga Corner

  1. asja.small says:

    ok thanks I have a lot of yuri now!! TIME TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!! BOW DOWN TO YURI YOU PEOPLE! MUHAHAHAHA!


  2. Fangirl says:

    You should read tetragrammaton labyrinth it’s really good


  3. JC says:

    not enough YMCs entries, me angry (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)


    • Overlord-G says:

      Yes I haven’t been posting any YMC reviews lately. I’ve been busy with episodics that I lost track of reviewing manga. Rest assured they’ll be back in good time.


  4. Lezk says:

    hola OG, primero que nada quiero felicitarte por tu blog, es genial.
    necesito consultarte algo, soy nuevo en esto del yuri, estoy viendo “strawberry panic” y voy por la mitad del anime, y acabo de terminar de leer el manga “aoi hana” del cual me enamore, y el final me dejo un poco decepcionado y quiciera que me recomendaras algun manga como para un principiante como yo 🙂
    desde ya muchas gracias.


  5. Lezk says:

    muchas gracias 🙂


  6. adelfaye says:

    I feel awkward that im a girl who love yuri…I just so love anime girls that i finally love yuri
    Thank you looks like im going to be buzy reading yuri manga


  7. Maet says:

    Nice list, OG. Try reading Exciting Feelings/Fluttering Feelings. Trust me, it’s a gem in the making.. Hehe..


  8. Maet says:

    Now i will add more to my list. Thank you, OG! Btw, read Fluttering Feelings/ Exciting Feeling. It is a gem in the making. 🙂


  9. Hiari says:

    agh there was an adorable yuri/shoujo ai manga i read
    but i can’t find it anymore
    i don’t remember the title or the author
    but basically one girlfriend was a model and the other was a little bit on the chubby side
    the model girlfriend always bought her girlfriend a box of donuts
    and the chubby girlfriend (who loves donuts) would always eat them happily and smile
    and it was soooooo cute
    but one day these mean people commented on the chubby girlfriend’s weight
    and so she started trying to lose weight and refusing the gf’s donuts
    and the model was really sad because she was like “I’m not allowed to eat what I want (since I’m a model) so I really like watching you eat happily”

    If anyone can tell me the author or title of this manga, (I think it’s a one-shot but I’m not sure), it’d be greatly appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Zackery Danh says:

    This list is missing a few good series. Pulse, Girl Friends, Yuru Yuri, Happy Sugar Life, Etc. I mean, some are fine, but Girl Friends and Yuru Yuri are classics.


    • OG-Man says:

      I don’t review manga as often because I already have my hands full with anime and video games.


    • Christian Appel says:

      Pulse is – not only because of the sex scenes, but also the story – so good and needs at least an uncensored hentai or non-sexual anime adaption.

      I have a heart desease myself, but it was fixed as good as could be and this manga reminds me of that and my nearly normal life.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Christian Appel says:

    Can you make a review of “Kiss and White Lily for my dearest girl?” which NEEDS an anime adaption?

    Last chapter was translated and released on 20th March this year.

    I don´t have to explain again, why it is my FAV (complete) yuri manga.

    Because – instead of rivals become girlfriends – it reminds me – and I am sure many others – of a certain other important anime (grande finale movie) later this year. 🙂


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