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415th G-View: 22/7

Every so often an idol show comes along that features stuff I am familiar with but does it in a way that blows me away after most episodes. Winter 2020 had two such idol shows. The first was OshiBudo and … Continue reading

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413th G-View: “If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die”

There is something very important readers need to know before deciding to pick up this show. The main romance is a “slow burn” kind, meaning it takes time to develop. There are misunderstandings and mistakes aplenty. Patience is key while … Continue reading

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404th G-View: Aikatsu Friends! S1 and S2

Here it is doods and peeps. My last G-View of this decade! I thought about it for a bit and in the end chose another “first ever” for the site. You see, this will be my first ever review of … Continue reading

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397th G-View: Re:Stage! Dream Days♪

Here we are with another anime with Re: in its title following the tradition of titles such as Re:Zero, Re:Life, Re:Creators, The Repo Man etc. This time it is another idol show but do not underestimate this little underrated powerhouse. … Continue reading

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380th G-View: Zombie Land Saga

Fans were waiting a long time for me to review the following show. Wait no longer for it is finally here as we take a look at the zombie idol anime Zombie Land Saga.

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