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456th G-View: Selection Project

Note: While I chose to skip Idoly Pride viewers who stuck with it informed me that although the following anime has its own setup it follows similar main story developments and twists up to a certain point. This may affect … Continue reading

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452nd G-View Aquatope of White Sand

I went into this show cautiously optimistic. I was like “Just because currently more popular yuri content creators bought into the hype does not mean I will be as ecstatic to see it though I am not pessimistic either.”. Question … Continue reading

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451st G-View: Love Live! Superstar!!

Here we are once again reviewing another entry in my favorite idol anime franchise, Love Live! This time we will take a look at the 4th generation, see what this unique five member group of Liella (“Lii-ell-uh” not “Laai-lah”) brought … Continue reading

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450th G-View: Blue Reflection Ray

Like Girls Club shows another genre I never get tired of watching is that of magical girls along with female centered Moepocalypse shows. This next one is a magical girl anime with a dash of moepocalypse. Find out what I … Continue reading

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Yuri Quickie: Our Seven Days War

I legitimately had not heard about this movie (That or I completely forgot about it. Probably a little of both) until a new Twitter follower checked out the blog and was like “Dood. I’m sad you haven’t reviewed this movie … Continue reading

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