OG’s top 10 Yuri manga that should be animated

With one top 15 anime wishlist out of the way, why stop there? Here’s another list for ya. It’s the top 10 yuri manga I wish got green lit for an anime.

I repeat: a YURI manga list.

#10: Wife and Wife: At least an OVA series. Sure, we’ll have to wait till it’s officially over but once it is, I’d be stoked if it were picked up to be animated.

#9: Poor Poor Lips: Though I’m still upset JManga picked this up and the accessibility of this lovely manga is limited to a select few, I’d have no problems seeing this one get the green light. Sure it’s slow, but amusingly slow and not Gayngst-y.

#8: Chirality: I doubt it’ll ever happen but one can hope.

#7: Choir: Why not?

#6: Open choice. I couldn’t think of a 6th one. It’s between “Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter”, Gokujou Drops, Himegami, Clover, Hanjuku Joshi, Ebisu and Hotei, Stray Little Devil, Heart Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Academy. It’s too hard to pick one because these are only a few of the many great yuri manga out there.

#5: Candy Boy: Young Girls Fall in Love: Technically this should be in the sequel list because it’s sort of a midquel/followup. Anyway ONAs of this manga would be very appreciated.

#4: Hayate x Blade: yuri kunoichi. Nuff said. 14 Volumes and still going.

#3: Girl Friends: WHA!? The most highly acclaimed yuri manga of this decade isn’t #1? That’s right. As much as I want to see this bad girl picked up by a respectable anime company, there are two others I have a greater desire to see on my monitor and eventually TV. Let’s include anything Milk Morinaga, such as Kisses, Sighs and Cherry Blossom Pink.

#2: The Fujiedaverse: Basically an anime world where all of Miyabi Fujieda’s creations come together and do what they do best.

For a list of all his work:


#1: Octave: In short, NANA in lesbian form. What’s not to like. Though most will agree Girl Friends should be #1, I have a soft spot for Octave’s nearly perfect realistic approach to lesbianism. I dunno. I like it that much.

So there you have it. If any nation members have others they’d like to mention, I’m all ears!

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20 Responses to OG’s top 10 Yuri manga that should be animated

  1. Yi says:

    Gokujou Drops!!! It should be number 1!

    Other than that, love the choices. I feel Octave in anime form might be too angsty and drag on too much. I prefer that in manga, but what do I know. Maybe it would be super lovely. “NANA yuri anime.”

    Also, I love the idea of an anime that combines all the Fujieda stories. Iono the Fanatics, Miko and the Witch, Amber Tea House (another fave). I would so want to watch that.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Frankly any of these manga getting an anime adaptation is fine by me. The reason why I didn’t make Gokujou Drops #1 is the same reason as Chirality. If that isn’t a problem, go for it.
      Heh, it’s slow but not that slow.

      Other manga I forgot to mention that should get an anime are Kimi Koi Limit and Prism. Blue Friend is waaaaaayyyyyy to angsty, even more so than Octave. To me Octave has a lot of angst and drags, but so does Girl Friends and First Love Sisters. I dunno, it’s an unfortunate trait both Yuri and Yaoi share for the sake of realism and sympathy.


  2. AceRailgun says:

    I better start reading some of these. I’ve always been planing on reading some yuri. I read Girl Friends a few weeks ago and now I am seeking more good yuri stories. Some of these sound like they would make great anime.


  3. SnippetTee says:

    As much as I like Octave, I can’t seem to see it as an anime material. I also love to see Poor poor lips, Girlfriends, and Chatting at the Amber Teahouse.

    Other ones that I can imagine turning into anime are: Aqua Blue Cinema because of its slice-of-life approach, fluffiness and lovely art. And, Heart-Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Girls Academy, because aside from its entertaining supernatural genre, having a cute, sexy and ecchi Neko is really good for marketing.


    • Overlord-G says:

      My answer to Octave not making it is, if it worked for NANA, why not Octave? But you’re right of course milady…sadly otakus prefer their T and A with as little realism and angst as possible. The bitter truth.

      Ah yes, Heart Pounding Excitement would make a great late night series.

      So your favorite Fujieda manga is Amber Teahouse I see. Good choice.

      Ah, Aqua blue Cinema. I can easily see a short 6 episode OVA series for this one.


  4. Stevie Nix says:

    I love this list, though personally a Fujiedaverse series would be my number one. I want both separate adaptions of Chatting at the Amber Teahouse, Iono the Fanatics, and the Miko’s Words and the Witch’s Incantations, along with a full on Fujiedaverse crossover series.

    Octave would be an excellent choice and I think it’s the series on that list most likely to draw in viewers from outside the fandom. The drama will drive you up and down the wall and around and around, but in the end it’s extremely worth it.

    If I had to just pick just one of your #6 choices, I think I would pick Stray Little Devil. While maybe not the most Yuri out of the bunch, at least not until the climax, I really think we also need more Fantasy and SciFi Yuri series. Especially series that actually have been licensed outside Japan. That and also I really enjoyed it.

    I think Wife and Wife could work as either as short episodes, or full length ones.

    Besides the other suggestions people had, I would also suggest Hanjuku Joshi by Aikio Morishima. It’s really sweet, doesn’t drag, doesn’t have too much angst, has a rather cute coming out scene, and in the end we would get multiple couples too. (Three if the extra chapters are animated.) Hell like Miyabi Fujieda and Morinaga Milk, I want anime based off of her works in general too.

    Also while right now it’s not heavily Yuri, I think Girl’s Ride from Tsubomi would make a great light slice of life Yuri series.

    By the way, love the new background.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Maybe they can make short 13 episode anime of Fujieda’s works and later a Carnival Phantasm style OVA series for the Fujiedaverse.

      So many good shows eligible to animated. All we need now is a studio with cojones.

      Wow, it’s been so long since I read Hanjuku Joshi. It’s both ecchi and believable…kinda like a SLIGHTLY tamer Gokujou Drops.

      Girls Ride is another good one I’m eagerly awaiting the next chapter of.

      So many good yuri manga I can’t get enough of.

      P.S.: as for the background, look up any picture that features Sara’s butt. Sheer perfection.


      • Stevie Nix says:

        I think if they make a Carnival Phantasm style cross-over for the Fuijedaverse, I feel there might be enough for a 13 episode TV series too. Though TV, OVA, ONA, or movie, I don’t care as long as its made and its really sweet.

        Glad you are enjoying Girl’s Ride. Just something about the story, characters, and the art style has really caught my eye.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’ve enjoyed most yuri manga I’ve read…save a few yuri H manga. Don’t get me wrong, there are good yuri manga with graphic sex scenes in them. (“Maka-Maka” and “I Fell in Love for the first time” just to name a few).

      Yup. All we want is a Fujiedaverse anime. It doesn’t matter in what form as long as it happens.


  5. ahmoon says:

    Hmmm, I’d like to add Gurenki-Creo of the Crimson Crises to this list. One of the greatest yuri manga I’ve ever read. If only the author does not leave the readers die in curiousity :(…


  6. asiou says:

    worthy pickup except hayate x blade. i don’t know but i never liked this series and overload gurenki is masterpiece though its art took time to enter my circle of likeness


    • ahmoon says:

      LOL, I admit that hayate x blade lacks of yuri development. It’s more a action comedy shoujo-ai to me. but I love Hitsugi-kaicho X Shizuku, and slapstick Ayana x Hayate pairings, they make my day 😀
      And about Gurenki,*sigh… some people may find a red-haired pointy ears demon as the main character is a bit… Honestly, the only thing I don’t like is Creo’s huge b****. I understand that it’s part of growing up into adulthood, but still…
      Putting that aside, Gurenki is my first yuri, and I got into yuri because of this manga 🙂


      • Overlord-G says:

        Creo’s rack is mighty and should not be scoffed. I was hoping we’d get a Super Suou and Creo love scene. Oh well, the first 10 chapters were decent. It is not a spectacular manga but an impressive one regardless.


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