Sakura Trick and Sono Hanabira: One and the same

A week ago I posted a tweet that said something along the lines of “If Sono Hanabira were to get a PG-13 anime adaptation, it would be like Sakura Trick.” There are others who also noticed the similarities and I figured I’d elaborate.

Snow White's Knight CoverSono Hanabira ni Kichizuke wo focuses more on the dating part rather than the “falling in love process”. That process is automatically included and is the end result. Every couple introduced in the series had the same mission statement: “We’re together now. Let’s see if our feelings are strong enough to last the test of time”. The couples hook up quickly and get intimate just as quick. Once both girls confirm their feelings are truthful, it’s a life full of joy, fun times and lovemaking. They become intimate relatively quickly and the journey of discoering the purest form of love between women (With some spicy mamacita on mamacita action thrown into the mix) is the main selling point of the series and the reason why fans continue supporting all couples, old and new.

Sakura Trick Main CastNow based on the SH series concept description above and what both newcomers and yuri nation members who have read parts of the first volume have seen, what is the main concept of Sakura Trick? The exact same thing as Sono Hanabira.

Sakura Trick is a run of the mill school life/slice of life Girls Club anime with the yuri meter ramped up to maximum output. Sono Hanabira is the same thing, with some included uncensored love scenes (minus the holy garden of Eden of course).

The original Sono Hanabira Busty Honey TriadHaruka bikiniLet’s get the first similarity out of the way. Both series have an average-moderate degree of fanservice. Believe it or not, the fanservice in ST, as far as anime go, is not lewd enough to be rated R. A PG-13 Sonohana anime would could the love scenes and have the same amount of fanservice. Look up any SH CG and most of the non-sex scenes will be moderately lewd in one way or another. It’s the basic modern day anime practice: If the original source has sexy, busty women, take advantage of that.

Haruka proposing to YuuYuuna and Nanami on a dateThere’s also the similarities in the humor and affectionate moments on both SH and ST. Both are cute and fluffy series that sprinkle some moments of legitimate affection from the girls without it getting angsty. The dramatic moments are done well enough to be taken seriously and see that the feelings expressed by the girls on both series for one another are genuine. Trust me on this one.

Yuuna and Nanami holding handsHaruka and Yuu holding handsI’m sure some Sonohana veterans will disagree with me on this next reason but I see Yuuna in Haruka and Nanami in Yuu.

Eris and Shizuku holding hands

Shizuku and KotoneIt’s just like I see Eris in Kotone and maybe a little bit of Shizuku in Shizuku. The chemistry of the charismatic and playful bishoujo and the timid girl with the usually “upset” expression can be seen in both. I initially thought of them as similar to Mai and Reo but after thinking about it and thanks to my peeps’ observations, they’re more like my beloved duo of Eris and Shizuku.

In the end, Sakura Trick, both manga and anime, remind me of Sono Hanabira in almost every way. The humor, flow of the romance, the fluff, the fanservice, all of it feels identical. Obviously SH is a softcore eroge series and primarily uses still images but I can easily see an animated version flowing similarly as the ST anime adaptation. Agree or disagree? You know what to do.

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28 Responses to Sakura Trick and Sono Hanabira: One and the same

  1. nonbi says:

    As a fan of both, I never noticed the similarities until now.

    If SonoHana were to get an anime it should be like Sakura Trick, but with the SH OVA’s level of animation and tastefulness.

    I kinda see where you’re going with the Mai-Kotone comparsion but Kotone seems much more carefree like Eris.

    Hopefully I’ll live to see a SonoHana anime if Sakura Trick doesn’t kill me first.

    I love your blog by the way – been lurking for a while but decided to show myself just now.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Good to see you stopping by and showing yourself. I noticed your fanart and will share my thoughts soon.

      If they made a Sono Hanabira with Hidamari Sketch’s animation style, It’d be like Madoka or Mako listened to my request.

      I personally want a sequel OVA starring Eris and Shizuku but an anime series would be just as glorious.


  2. Wumi Akeelah says:



  3. Lena K. says:

    I’ve never really thought about it, but you’re right.
    But I have to say, for me Kotone seems to be more similar to Eris and I can at least see some similarities in Shizuku and um… Shizuku 😛

    I think if there was a PG-13 Sono Hanabira anime, then I’d really like it to a mix between Sakura Trick and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Kuttsukiboshi…
    I’d like it to be as cute, fun and lighthearted as Sakura Trick, but I also wouldn’t mind some borderline hentai scenes like in Kuttsukiboshi. I’d just like them to look better than what we got in this short anime.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Yes. I will edit the picture and replace Mai and Reo with Eris and Shizuku.

      Then it would have to be an OVA series with each episode being between 25-45 minutes or so like Maria-sama 3 or Seitokai Yakuindomo 1.5 respectively.


  4. mutopis says:

    of course, if it gets an anime series, I expect an R rated OVA version to go along with it (I cant believe it has been that long since the ova was released).


  5. x says:

    your right they are so similar. they need to make a SK ova that is R rated or AO rated and this will be perfect and more new yuri that is the same.


  6. x says:

    Shizuku X Kotone


  7. x says:

    like strawberry panic, but they add a Sakura Trick style to it. And is messed up before it was suppose to be Sakura Trick. Sorry


  8. Alexis says:

    Interesante, pero hay que recordar desde Marimite, pasando por SonoHana y continuando con Sakura Trick heredaron el cliche del manga Shiroi Heya no futari sobre el ambiente en una escuela de preferencia femenina, pero funciona según la visión del autor, melodrama en Strawberry panic, comedia en YuruYuri, sexo en SonoHana, coqueteos en Sakura Trick. Sería bueno que ocurriera un cambio en el ambiente, me gustaría ver un yuri mecha 100% sin pasar por la escuela p. ej.

    Leo que hay muchos fans del Eris X Shizuku, tienen mucho magnetismo, ese contraste físico y de personalidad la hacen muy interesante, también me gustaría una serie de 12 caps y si por ejemplo en Highschool D x D la transmitieron sin censura ¿por qué SonoHana no?, eso sí, que lo haga Deen porque saben como “quemar” presupuesto.

    Aprovecho para preguntar una cosa ¿alguién ha leido Xenocross? es un manga basado en SonoHana pero solo he visto tres capitulos (uno en japones), si alguién pudiera decirme lo agradeceré.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Este buletin no habla del concepto del romance lesbiana en la escuela porque como usted ha dicho, esa trama ha existido desde la incepcion del genero yuri. Lo que hable es la gran similaridad de como ambos Sono Hanabira y, mas tanto, la adaptacion anime de Sakura Trick manejan la trama del amor entre chicas en la escuela. Ambas tienen tantas similares que no puedo contarlas todas.

      Una otra similaridad que no mencione pero puedes ver en los imagenes, es que amabas las parejas principales en ST son lo mismo que mayoria de las parejas en SH: Una chica con senos grandes que es la dominante junto con una chica con senos menos grandes que es submisivo…hasta que se acostumbra con su bellisima amante.

      Eris X Shizuku es mi pareja preferido de Sono Hana.

      Por lo que entiendo, Studio Deen no es popular con los fanaticos hardcore de anime. A mi no me importa mucho. Lo que se es que SD trata a personajes homosexuales con respeto.

      Y por la ultima pregunta, Xenocross es una serie doujin de SonoHana que tiene 3 volumenes en venta. Puedes buscar mas informacion en Ingles aqui:


      • Alexis says:

        ups, tal vez fue un mal ejemplo sobre las similitudes pero la idea es que habrá un patrón comun en las series y sobre la observación de que la chica con senos grandes es la dominante y la chica con senos menos grandes es sumisa no aplica al 100%, eso pasa con Kaede y Sara ya que al principio Kaede era más introvertida y tengo la sensación de que el papel dominante/sumisa se intercambia con el paso de la saga, lo que también lo hace divertido.

        Jeje escribiendo sobre similitudes: …hasta con estilo shaft.

        Gracias por la info.


      • Overlord-G says:

        De todos modos, entiendiste lo que decia.

        Bueno, ellas son practicamente las reincarnaciones de MadoHomu pues es obvio que harian esa broma/referencia.


  9. MUDA! says:

    I totally agree with you on the comparation between Nanami&Yuuna and Yuu&Haruka, including on the ecchiness on both except Haruka lacks of the um balls? to actually make her fantasies come true.

    I hope this anime brings more attention to the yuri media and inspire more companies to make yuri products (some h-yuri ovas wont hurt too), and if Sonohana ever gets an anime I would be okay if its a PG rated anime although I’d also be okay if its like Ladies vs butlers or SnQ in terms of lewdness.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Haruka’s just getting started and is more innocent than Yuuna. Other than that, their lewdness levels and their love for the girls they love are similar.

      That’s what many in the yuri nation are banking on ST to accomplish.


      • Jailhouse Rock says:

        What I really want is a yuri anime with shonen elements (shonen as in mechas, badassery and yelling outside the bed)


      • Overlord-G says:

        Probably an anime adaptation of Hayate X Blade. For now, Kill La Kill will have to do do.


  10. Yurimylove says:

    this is an informative post for me. I have not played SH before, but I did watch that wonderful OVA. Just wish it’s more than one short episode.


  11. Andy says:

    To be honest, I can kinda see where some of the “possible” similarities are. But I only wanted to comment to leave my opinion on the desire.

    Truly, I want all the possibilities. I want OVA’s for Sakura Trick, or even a second season. Would love to see an anime series for EVERY storyline of Sono Hanabira. I would LOVE to see a VN for Sakura Trick, where Haruka and Yuu, and even possibly other routes such as Kotone x Shizuku are shown in more… graphic.. ways. It bothers me that I only saw them kiss. While I DID enjoy the multitude of kisses throughout the anime, I was hoping for slightly a little more.

    Anyways, good blog, and great comparison/find!


    • Overlord-G says:

      SH is a lighthearted eroge series, ST is a 4-koma manga. The anime version is more ecchi than the manga but it cannot go beyond that. SH getting an anime version would need to drastically cut the love scenes. It’d be nice to see an ST H but what we got was more than enough for what the anime intended to show.


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