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All-Star Fruit Racing Review

Note: Review is of the Nintendo Switch version I am not a go kart racer/mascot racing game expert but I have played a fair share of them from the titans of the genre (Mario, Crash and Sega Trilogy) to the … Continue reading

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“Sense – A Cyberpunk Ghost Story” Release Month Announced

A title I had been eagerly anticipating for a while will soon become available for purcahse. Does it feature yuri? Possibly. No het as far as I know so think of it as a game starring a cool and sexy … Continue reading

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Azur Lane: Crosswave Review

Note: PS4 Review Code provided by Idea Factory International. With the Azur Lane anime recently finishing its airing the next logical step is taking a look at the game. No, not the mobile game. I am referring to the 3D … Continue reading

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Synergia Release Date Announced

I knew I forgot something in this post. The release date of a very intriguing sci-fi yuri game that was mentioned every now and then. The 3 1/4 year long wait will soon be over once Synergia, by RADI Art, … Continue reading

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Heart of the Woods Voice Patch Now Available + Friends of Mineral Town Release Day in the US

I planned on talking about both releases tomorrow because that’s the release day of Friends of Mineral Town in the Americas but eh. Let’s mention both today. First of all the long awaited voice acting update for Heart of the … Continue reading

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