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Yuri Quickie: The Lies We All Tell

I was a bit hesitant going into this one but fortunately it ended up being better than expected. It falls under a special kind of comedy type I have a strange fondness of. Let us briefly take a look at … Continue reading

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Yuri Quickie: Yuri ASMR Show

That is not the title of the anime but the simplest way to tell other people what show they are talking about. That or “the one with the protagonist reincarnated into an ASMR microphone”. Since I finished it might as … Continue reading

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Yuri Quickie: My Master Has no Tail

Here we have another anime about comediennes similar to Joshiraku and TEPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! with the main difference being it is historical and they are sitting down. Even so it is still mostly a show about “comedy girls” so close enough. This … Continue reading

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Yuri Quickie: Shadows House 2

I was pleasantly surprised when a second season of Shadows House got greenlit. Let us find out if the show continued its very enjoyable pace from the first season. Check out my review of the first season HERE for more … Continue reading

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Yuri Quickie: The Owl House Season 2

Like my quickie on Season 1 this is more a brief summary of my thoughts on Season 2 with a complete G-View on its way once the show is over after Season 3. Until then consider this a preview of … Continue reading

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