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Yuri Quickie: Yuru Camp△ 2

Of all the sequel seasons I have watched recently, Yuru Camp 2 has to be the simplest to talk about, hence the Yuri Quickie instead of a G-View. Speaking of G-Views, here is one of the first season HERE where … Continue reading

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443rd G-View: Uma Musume -Pretty Derby- 2

This surprise 2nd season came out of nowhere. It felt like a last minute bombshell announcement. According to my “dear sister” both the mobile game and a potential 2nd season were in limbo but thankfully both successfully released. However, we … Continue reading

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Yuru Camp△ 2.12: Party at Izu

Part 4 of the Izu Group Camping Arc along with the highly anticipated double birthday bash. It’s sad saying farewell to childhood friends. Luckily Nadeshiko would get to see Aya again from time to time.

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Uma Musume – Pretty Derby 2.12: Fate’s Change of Plans

Title says it all.

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Yuru Camp△ 2.11: Setting Camp at Izu and Sightseeing

Part 3 of the Izu Group Camping Arc. Let’s take a look at some highlights like usual. Nadeshiko won the race.

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