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Melancholy Love Review

Note: Review Code provided by Kikaiism. I do believe this is the first time I am reviewing a Chinese yuri Visual Novel. One that feels familiar yet has its own freshness. Question is whether it is a sweet or bitter … Continue reading

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440th G-View: Show By Rock!! Stars!!

The hype for this season of the series was built around one thing, all bands who appeared in Seasons 1-3 coming together. Question was whether it was a delightful reunion or not much was gained. Let us find out as … Continue reading

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439th G-View: Gekidol

This is one of those rare anime where enjoyment really does depend on who one asks. I do not mean in “I do not like this genre” or “the girls all look same-y”. I am referring to people who watched … Continue reading

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438th G-View: Otherside Picnic

An anime based on a story about two young women going on crazy adventures to a hostile other dimension full of unspeakable danger and scares all while slowly developing feelings for each other. Sounds like a winning concept to me. … Continue reading

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437th G-View: High-Rise Invasion

The following anime caught my eye in trailers but I was not sure if it was something I would cover here. Leave it to come peeps to drop by and tell me to check it out, which I did. My … Continue reading

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