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YMC Special Edition: Irodori Lite Yuri Doujinshi Sample Review

Note: Review copy provided by Irodori Comics Note 2: Originally there were two doujinshi reviews in this post but one was removed due to circumstances beyond Irodori Comics and the artist’s control. It has been a long time since I … Continue reading

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The Last of Us Part II Review – A Cycle of Violence (By Nick). No Spoilers

Note from OG: Once again a game came out that I was unable to acquire right away due to it being more difficult for me to purchase Playstation 4 games than ones for Nintendo Switch. However, for this particular title … Continue reading

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422nd G-View: Harley Quinn (S1 and S2)

While I enjoy both of the “Big Two” comic companies were I asked which of the two I like more I would say DC. I like the heroes and villains over there more. I kinda always wanted to one day … Continue reading

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421st G-View: My Next Life as a Villainess

I lost interest in het harem shows after Kampfer. I still enjoyed it in a “It sucks but is fun” kind of way (Mainly for the yuri of course). Reverse harems I had less interest in even though I know … Continue reading

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420th G-View: Tamayomi

Ever since watching Taishou Yakyuu Musume I have been looking for another all-female baseball anime that can make my heart race. Princess Nine got a sweet hit but was not quite the homer I was looking for (Still a really … Continue reading

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