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408th G-View: The Island of Giant Insects

So this is the third “Low-budget horror movie homage” OVA/movie I am reviewing. The others being GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack (Sharknado-ish) and Calamity of a Zombie Girl (Undead person out for revenge). For “Monster Mash” G-View #3 we will be … Continue reading

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407th G-View: Rifle is Beautiful/Chidori RSC

Note: Before we begin let us get the obvious out of the way. This is a grounded sports anime unlike Saki. Yes, rifle shooting is not an interesting sport to watch for non-competitors (The show mentions this early on and … Continue reading

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Fate/Extella LINK Review Link

The sequel to Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star has less yuri but Nero and Tamamo still fight for the spot of Hakuno’s #1 wife, hence why I reviewed it on my other blog. The interested can check it out by going … Continue reading

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405th G-View: Kandagawa Jet Girls

In 2018 the anime world was blessed with an anime about beach volleyball, guaranteeing that most, if not all episodes would be beach/swimsuit themed. In 2019 a similar show premiered, only this time it was centered around jet ski racing … Continue reading

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403rd G-View: Z/X: Code reunion

An anime with a familiar setup and presentation yet has something that helped it stand out from its contemporaries. Join me to find out what I mean as we take a look at Z/X: Code reunion. The “r” in reunion … Continue reading

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