462nd G-View: Vampire in the Garden

After years of pining for more vampire yuri when it is sparse in the animated world I got another one. Also it looked like a darker version of a story I loved very much. Question is whether it was worth the wait after a delay the year prior? Let us find out as we take a look at Vampire in the Garden.

Vampire in the Garden Cover

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Healer Girl Episode 7: Healers’ Festival

The traditional school festival episode.

Cat Maid Kana

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Yuri Quickie: Yurigami-Sama is Watching Us

Here is something I should have talked about as soon as I stumbled upon this lovely Youtube page. A web series that explores the many types of yuri relationships presented over the years hosted by a duo who also have their own developing love story. This is Yurigami-Sama ga Miteru/Yurigami is Watching Us, produced by Lilyque.

Note: Episodes are in Japanese. Make sure English subs are turned on in case they are not already.

Yurigami-Sama ga Miteru Title

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Élan Festival 2022 Summary

Studio Élan hosted their (I assume) first “Direct” thingy in Élan Festival 2022. Let’s go over the announcements and updates shared, shall we? Keep in mind these are all summaries of the announcements. For a full rundown check out the presentation itself in the video below hosted by Melanie.

Lock and Key Cover

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Love Live! Nijigasaki 2.7: Tale of Mifune

I’ve been waiting for this.

Young Kaoruko and Shioriko

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