Rifle is Beautiful Episode 1: Welcome to the Rifle Shooting Club

Rifle is Beautiful is easier to remember than Chidori RSC but in case readers cannot find the anime by typing the former then try the latter.

Rifle is Beautiful Leads.jpg

Our lead cuties.

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Azur Lane TV Episode 2: 2nd Assault

Azur Lane were surprised with a sneak attack in the premiere episode. Unfortunately their time to recover was minimal before the Red Axis would strike again.

San Diego.jpg

San Diego.

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Oshi ga Budokan Ittekuretara Shinu Trailer and Premiere Date

The story of a young adult woman hardcore idol fan whose undying devotion to one idol in particular might as well be romantic…and not one-sided?

Oshi ga Budokan Ittekuretara Shinu Cover.jpg

Plot Summary: “Eripiyo” is an extreme idol fan. She is wildly enthusiastic about Maina, the shy and lowest-ranking member of the minor underground idol group Cham Jam that performs in Okayama Prefecture. She gets so wrapped up in her love for Maina during a particular performance, that she has a major nosebleed. Eri will continue to give her complete devotion to Maina until the day she can perform at Budōkan.

“If My Favorite Idol Made it to Budokan, I Would Die” is set for a Winter 2020 premiere.

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“Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life!?” Episode 1: Mile’s New Life

Copy/Pasting the title from now on cause it’s a mouthful…as is tradition for most light novels. Anyhoo this is yet another “isekai” (other world) story. Like most anime I am willing to give one a try if it is centered around a female protagonist, specifically a group of girls. This seems to be an example of such so let’s take a look.

Note: I will be focusing solely on the anime version. I don’t care about what happens in the light novel because more often than not the anime goes in a different direction. I know some peeps who read or looked up the light novel are itching to tell me what happens but I humbly request not doing so, as usual.


Mile. She has a longer name but prefers using this alias.

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Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 1: Turbo Aqua Gay Racing (NSFW)

My #1 hype show of the Fall Season is here! Was the premiere as wonderful as I had hoped? Time for me to find out!

Rin's late mom.jpg

It’s late 2019 and the “deceased parent” curse is still going strong.

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