Yuri Fan Showcase: Lazy Lily Fansubs

A quick plug for a dood with a noble cause. A dood who worked long and hard with friends for many years to translate as much Aikatsu media as possible, specifically yuri doujins, Insert song lyrics and even other yuri series like Yuri Yuri and Sakura Trick but it’s mostly Aikatsu.

aikatsu friends


Check out the blog HERE and help spread the love for all things Aikatsu!

Oh yes. There is one more little request the dood has of all visitors.

Aikatsu! Aoi Lingerie.jpg

Image Source HERE

To please show respect and adulation to one of the greatest anime idols of all time, Aoi Kiriya.

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OG’s Summer 2019 First Impressions

These posts, as usual, are to sum up my thoughts on the other anime I’m watching during a season but don’t plan on covering weekly.I’ll give my impressions after watching two episodes of each show.

Oh yes. The only shows not centered around a group of girls I’m watching are Magical Senpai and Fire Force.

Homare Kisses Mutsu.jpg

Sounan Desu ka?

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Symphogear XV Episode 2: New Chaos, Old Chaos

After a vintage Symphogear premiere (Meaning badass) the hype train was underway. Let’s see what else was in store.

Chris' Birthday.jpg

Shame Christopher’s Birthday took place off screen. Oh well.

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GRANBELM Episode 2: Significance

We learned more about GRANBELM and Mangetsu. She is the main character after all.

Ernesta Bath.jpg

Mangetsu woke up nude in Ernesta’s room. Some peeps I know were rightfully losing their minds.

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Machikado Mazoku Episode 1: Devil Girl VS Magical Girl

One of my most highly anticipated shows of the Summer 2019 season is here at last so join me as we check out what it had in store.

Yuko and Demon Lord.jpg

I like it already.

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