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Pride of Orange Episode 6: The All-Important “T”

The actual title of the episode referred to something different from what I expected.

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Mieruko-Chan Episode 6: Haunted Weekend

Initially a Hana episode though Miko regained the spotlight in the 2nd part.

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Yuki Yuna is a Hero 3.6: Legendary Pain Part 2: Moepocalypse Love

This episode made clear to me why I wasn’t as upset as others about the abridged animated adaptations of these light novel stories in the Yuki Yuna universe. Chikage in public.

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Selection Project Episode 6: Cultured Selection

Every time we get an idol anime featuring girls with nice bodies there’s that hope an episode like this would be included. I know fellow people of culture can attest to this. Fit X Thicc looking so fine.

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Yakunara Mug Cup mo 2.6: Touko’s Quiznos

When we last left our heroines Ximena made a surprise return asking Touko about a potential pottery tool she hadn’t seen before. Let’s see how she and the other pottery club girls helped solve the mystery.

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