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Blue Reflection Ray Episode 12: Where They Stand

Let’s see how we’re left hanging as we wait for the 2nd half of the show.

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Tropical-Rouge! PreCure 8-17: The Legend of Laura

To save myself a lot of hassle (along with feeling lazy) I said I’d continue my PreCure coverage when important story events occur. There were important events here and there but a big one happened recently so might as well … Continue reading

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Wonder Egg Priority Episode 12: Intermission

I’m pretty sure many viewers expected this when it’s confirmed there wouldn’t be a 13th episode. Note: Episode 13 was not worth the wait so no G-View necessary as I do not feel like starting a rant.

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Yuru Camp△ 2.12: Party at Izu

Part 4 of the Izu Group Camping Arc along with the highly anticipated double birthday bash. It’s sad saying farewell to childhood friends. Luckily Nadeshiko would get to see Aya again from time to time.

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Uma Musume – Pretty Derby 2.12: Fate’s Change of Plans

Title says it all.

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