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Wonder Egg Priority Episode 12: Intermission

I’m pretty sure many viewers expected this when it’s confirmed there wouldn’t be a 13th episode.

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Yuru Camp△ 2.12: Party at Izu

Part 4 of the Izu Group Camping Arc along with the highly anticipated double birthday bash. It’s sad saying farewell to childhood friends. Luckily Nadeshiko would get to see Aya again from time to time.

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Uma Musume – Pretty Derby 2.12: Fate’s Change of Plans

Title says it all.

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D4DJ Episode First Mix 12: DJ Parappa Rappa Hearts

An outta nowhere idea by Rinku this episode.

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Love Live! Nijigasaki Episode 12: The Answer?

That felt like the longest week of my life as a yuri fan. Freakin’ Love Live! I tell you.

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