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Magia Record Episode 12: Painful Refresher

When we last left our heroines they were introduced to one of the Magius themselves. It was someone Iroha knew quite well.

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Symphogear XV Episode 12: Goddess Slayers

We’re at the home stretch ladies and gentlemen and I am all the tingle! Pretty sure Rory lost his mind seeing Elfnein (and Carol of course) bravely opposing Shem-Ha. I admit I too got giddy and was like, “Why are … Continue reading

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GRANBELM Episode 12: The Final Night

It was the beginning of the end. Were our lovelies ready for what Suishou had in store in the decisive battle?

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Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure: The Blue Cat Arc

As usual I got lazy and fell behind with my coverage of something. I kept a close eye on the latest season of PreCure and now would be a good time to get everyone caught up with the Twinkle Rangers. … Continue reading

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Yuri Quickie: Fumikiri Jikan

This will be a quicker Yuri Quickie than usual as Nation members only need check out two episodes to get the gist. The show as a whole is a bunch of shorts about people at the railroad crossing. During that … Continue reading

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