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462nd G-View: Vampire in the Garden

After years of pining for more vampire yuri when it is sparse in the animated world I got another one. Also it looked like a darker version of a story I loved very much. Question is whether it was worth … Continue reading

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461st G-View: Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story

Note before reading: This review is by a person who greatly enjoyed the original Madoka Magica anime but does not revere it as one of the all time greats nor did it have a strong impact in my nerdy life. … Continue reading

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454th G-View: Mieruko-chan

The last time I saw an anime starring a lovely lady with the power to see ghosts was Re-Kan!, which was wonderful. This time we have one where most of the ghosts are far less friendly and the girls bless … Continue reading

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453rd G-View: The Great Jahy Will not be Defeated!

While I was initially sad because I thought most of this anime would feature our protagonist in her “smol” form I was fortunately proven wrong as she switched between that and her more glorious true form throughout the story. The … Continue reading

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452nd G-View Aquatope of White Sand

I went into this show cautiously optimistic. I was like “Just because currently more popular yuri content creators bought into the hype does not mean I will be as ecstatic to see it though I am not pessimistic either.”. Question … Continue reading

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