OG’s Winter 2012-2013 Reservations

This Winter is going to be all about catching up for me. So many shows I’ve missed out on this Fall and once my finals are over, they’ll be seen by my divine eyes of righteousness. Instead of a watchlist, I’ll merely share the shows I’m reserving till the right time and the few I simply cannot delay under any circumstance. Let’s get started, shall we?

Winter 2012-2013 chart

Let’s begin with the ones I simply cannot miss out on:

Yuu in Action

Saki – Achiga hen episodes 13-15. Yuu Cheesecake is going to face off against possibly the 2nd toughest member of the Ministry of Chaos. I am SO not missing this match. I don’t know about all of you, but my favorite wrestler in “Team Achiga” next to Shizuno is Yuu. Hopefully this match will be more action packed than the massacre that was Kuro Cheesecake vs The Grim Teru.

Chihayafuru 2

Chihayafuru Season 2: My 2nd favorite show this year next to Mouretsu Pirates. Oh baby, the return of the sexiest flat chest of 2012 in Chihaya Ayase and the manliest of men in Taichi, along with the rest of the Karuta Gang is nothing short from a godsend. Why haven’t I showered this show with praise in a G-View yet? Because it’s so hard to put into words how spectacular this show is.


AKB0048 Next Stage: for the love of all that is good on Planet Earth, one girl got a boy toy, NO MORE BOY TOYS THIS SEASON!

And now for the shows I’d have watched if I had the time. Instead, they’ll go to my watchlist.

Some would (and have) cringed at the large amount of Girls Club Anime. I, on the other hand, will simply sit back and enjoy a yuri subtext (and possibly canon) goldmine. Embrace the moe doods and peeps…embrace the moe. Make the best of any situation is one of my morals in life. If I can’t, something is definitely wrong.

Ai Mai Me

Ai Mai Mi

Minami-Ke 4


Senren Kagura (as long as the amount of men are small). Freezing, Manyuu Hikenchou, Queens Blade Rebellion: Uncensored Version. Good gravy do I have a lot of watching to do this Winter. Whether I can get away with it is another story.


Sasami-san@Ganbaranai. It’s SHAFT. What more can I say? SHAFT is known for creating likable (for the most part) guys. I just hope the women have both brains and integrity. Do not suck up to the otaku mainstream this time SHAFT! Please?

Yama no Susume

Yama no Susume (again, amount of men kept to a minimum.)


Mangirl! I would have gone with either Mango or Mankini myself.

Vividred Operation

Vividred Operation: According to a certain “disdained princess” I know, this show sounds similar to Strike Witches. Whether this show can live up to the legacy left by the “queens of the sky” remains to be seen.

Tamako Market

Tamako Market. It’s apparently from the writers of Bakuman, K-ON! and Lucky Star. Sold.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT: Here’s the thing. While part of me is in no mood to watch that perverted prodigy and brain dead nun again, another part of me wouldn’t mind reveling in the return of Sena and Ku.Ku.Ku (When she isn’t in brocest mode, of course). As for Yozora…she’s there…I guess.

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16 Responses to OG’s Winter 2012-2013 Reservations

  1. MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

    well give looking at upcoming winter anime & among to see current options

    Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT (more meat on it)
    Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (we know main 2 voices oh spice & wolf with lulu-kallen again)

    with those 2 as of now http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Winter2013Anime besides still hmm on rest to which could interest me?


    • Overlord-G says:

      Yup. Meat is the main reason that show has merits imo.

      I haven’t seen Spice and Wolf yet so I’m not on the bandwagon to watch another show starring those seiyuu…yet.

      Ai Mai Mi is also on my schedule but you saw that. By the way, welcome back KLAC.


      • MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

        well keep on watch & observe place seeing been on quiet bit surprise did not see any blog reviews eps on fall anime?

        give wait in to which winter anime to see give need eps number & which to interest me.


  2. Kai says:

    Nice, so winter’s chart is already here. Haven’t even started on the Fall anime much except for Little Busters and Shinsekai Yori ;p Chihayafuru Season 2 is definitely top priority, might watch Minami-ke once I caught up with the previous two seasons (I only watched the first one).


  3. SilverFox says:

    Out of this list I know AKB0048 is a must on my watch list same with the Saki episodes. I’ll be checking out Vividred as well. The others I will have to see a couple episodes and judge from there.


  4. Ante says:

    I am very excited to see the captain match…
    While Yuu and Arata (also FunaQ) have shown us some exciting shows, the recent Achiga chapter gives an even more interesting one (Himeko’s Keygun XD)…

    Another interesting facts (for me who just recently know it at least): Shizu’s VA is Madoka VA while Awai share same VA with Homura. With rumor said that Awai has ability related to galaxy, a certain ‘interesting thing’ might potensially occur, if you know what I mean… 😛


  5. I’ll be watching Love Live for another idol anime.
    And Tamako Market as I did enjoy K-On!
    I might start Chihayafuru because of your praise.
    The rest, I’ll go with the flow.


  6. SilverFox says:

    Started watching chihayafuru per your recommendation and its a shame I only have a 30 minute lunch. I could sit here the rest of the night and keep watching. This show is really good from the first episode. I know what I’ll be watching after work tonight.e? Ill just give you the money i was saving maybe i can see her at tax time.


  7. SnippetTee says:

    SHAFT — “I just hope the women have both brains and integrity. ”
    Lol… I just laughed when I read this.

    Chihayafuru is the only one that makes me feel hype for the winter season. Too bad Achiga-hen only has 3 episode. So I guess Tamako Market and the SHAFT thingy should better be good.

    There’s Minami-ke, but for some reason it doesn’t make me feel that excited… and Ai Mai Mi is giving me a Joshiraku vibe–a “comedy” show that didn’t make me laugh ever–but I hope I’m wrong.

    Good thing the Sono Hanabira patches are released. 🙂


    • Overlord-G says:

      Yes, I know I’m asking for too much with the SHAFT anime. After all, it pretty much has hetero harem written all over it. Girls with both intelligence and integrity instead of only one of those traits…yeah, I’m asking for too much.

      Yup. I’m betting a lot of money on Tamako Market catering to our needs.

      Minami-ke has had a mixed reception after season 2. They made a small comeback with season 3 but it still wasn’t as good as the 1st season. Hopefully 4 will do something unexpected.

      Joshiraku is definitely an acquired taste but you’ll understand once I review the bad girl of a talk show.

      Ai Mai Mi is one of those shows I know not what to expect.

      Enjoy episodes 6 and 8 of Hanabira Snippy.


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