OG’s Fav Anime Mothers

A bit of a naughty post but seriously, who did not see this list coming?

In case some of you haven’t noticed yet, while most hardcore otakus drool over lolis, I’m more of a MILF person myself. Sure, there’s the occasional teenage jailbait, but at least those girls have a developed body and don’t look like they belong in a kindergarten rehab facility. Anyway, I’ve noticed my fascination with anime moms for quite some time and have made it clear in some of my reviews that I adore these adult women who can still flaunt their assets.

Requirements to be a mother worthy of both my admiration of the mother as an individual and an “experienced”beauty:

1: Must be a mother (Obviously). Has a child by birth or adoption. Single or married is irrelevant.

2: She must have Kurt Angle’s 3 I’s (Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence) and self appreciation.

3: Must be a respectable mother. This means when you look at her relationship with her child, good or bad, you believe she’s a mom who cares for her child, even if some moms don’t always show it.

4: Optional. Sex appeal. Why this one is optional is because a mom in my eyes can still be awesome, even if she doesn’t have the body of Aphrodite.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some moms who have caught my attention up to this point in my life. I know there are plenty more amazing and sexy moms awaiting us in the future and I’m ready to stare at them all night long.

Honorable mention:

Linda Harlaown

Linda Haralaown (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)

She’s Fate’s Foster mom. What more needs to be said. The only reason she’s an honorable mention is because I have sadly not seen the series yet.

Delia KetchumDelia Ketchum (Pokemon)

Where do all bizarre passions (or fetishes if you want to be blunt) begin than with the first time you felt it. Delia doesn’t appear often as her “Main Event Choker” of a son, Ash Ketchup, but when she gets the spotlight, it’s clear she can hold her own on screen and still be a loving mother who has to abide by the bizarre tradition of children being allowed to go capture wild animals and train them to be their sex slaves…before puberty.

Yuriko TakagiYuriko Takagi (High School of the Dead)

There we go. Our first Aphrodite shaped bombshell. Cranky Pinky’s mom, like Delia, barely made any appearances but she clearly possesses the 3 I’s (She’s an ex Wall Street employee and cop after all) and her daughter kinda has wet dreams about her when drunk. Don’t believe me, watch the OVA.

Meme TouwaMeme Touwa (Denpa Onna Seishun no Otoko)

Yes. Believe it or not, Erio’s mom possesses the 3 I’s and cares for Erio. She just doesn’t like to show it often and would rather act like an eccentric girl child. Regardless, do not doubt her intelligence or question her sanity.

Kouchuu KanshouKouchuu Kanshou (Koihime Musou)

Koihime Musou is my all time favorite ECCHIMANIA anime with Queen’s Blade coming in 2nd. My fav characters include Chou’Un, Bachou and this lovely woman right here, Kouchuu, or Big Mama as I like to call her.  All you need to know about her credibility as a hot mom is that if she catches whoever would dare hurt her baby girl, she will knock the culprit’s teeth down their throat.

Irisviel and IlyaIrisviel von Einzbern (Fate/Zero)

I don’t need to explain why she’s on the list. It’s pretty self explanatory. While her husband’s cool, they so don’t match.

Kaname's MomKaname’s Mom (Kimi to Boku)

A misunderstood woman who may seem like she’s hitting on her son but in reality, she just wants to chill with him (and his homeys). A single (I haven’t met Kaname’s dad) mom’s life isn’t all that exciting really.

Ririka KatoRirika Kato (Mouretsu Pirates)

My pick for best mom of 2012. I mean, where do you all think Marika Kato got her coolness from? Ririka’s a larger than life semi-retired badass pirate who actually takes the time to talk with her daughter about her day at work as a pirate, or even at school and other stuff, when she isn’t teaching her pirate 101. Despite not being a full time pirate anymore, she still helps Marika behind the scenes.

CattleyaCattleya (Queen’s Blade)

There is such a thing as overload. Cattleya’s massive breasts aside, her incredible strength and devotion to her son are what got her on the list, not her looks. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a female blacksmith? Maybe there are loads more in other shows but Cattleya’s the one I recognize

Madoka's MomMadoka’s Mom (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)


Satsuki MatsumaeSatsuki Matsumae (Hanasaku Iroha)

While I am not the biggest of Satsuki fans, both she and Madoka Kaname’s mother make my list for a simple reason, they can both be described as ODD individuals. Perhaps it’s their ODDNESS that makes them popular amongst their fanbase.

Shiho OkitaShiho Okita, aka Sarabi (Tari Tari)

Silly me for forgetting this bombshell of a supermom. Sarabi, Simba’s mom, loving mother, hard worker, tries to be the peacekeeper of her household and let’s not forget, PRO SURFER!

There you have it. 12 moms that either made my MILF senses tingle or were interesting in general. There are obviously many other great anime moms out there I am not aware of. If so, please do share. MILFs are better than lolis. That is a fact.

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9 Responses to OG’s Fav Anime Mothers

  1. yurimylove says:

    Interesting topic and each section well summarized and up to the point. I’ve seen most of the shows on this list. So I get how awesome theses MILFs are.

    While we’re at it, I’d nominate Shiho Okita, Sawa’s mom, to this cool list. She’s a SURFER, and she’s always there to support Sawa and Sawa’s friends — with a swift smack to their behind XD


  2. ArcaJ says:

    Ririka-san FTW! Not only does she support her daughter’s choice of career, she can also rock bluejeans (not mom jeans!) She also supports Marika’s choice of partners. (gave Gruier her blessing. I don’t think she formally met Chiaki. Though she’d probably like her too.)


    Arca Jeth


  3. MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

    oh the hot moms so many to pick from sure indeed no wonder anime so many hot mom & sure we want their milk.


  4. thehippiefreak says:

    Meme ftw
    Honorable mentions to go Haruka from Toheart2 and Akiko from Kanon


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