OG’s Unpopular Anime and Gaming Opinions

KLK Costume Reversal Yumeka and Macho Chikorita posted their unpopular anime opinions so I figured I’d post some myself. I’m not known for being controversial so do not expect anything jaw dropping. I’ll divide the opinions in anime and video games like the macho did.

Citrus, Volume 1Citrus is overrated.

Yup. I’m kicking off with the most upopular opinion I have. I honestly don’t see it. What is so groundbreaking or amazing about Citrus? To me this is yet another example of good art/graphics/animation over plot. It looks pretty but is that REALLY enough to warrant this title as “the next big thing” in yuri manga? The story feels similar to Blue Friend except I like most of the characters in BF whereas the only likable character in Citrus is Yuzu. I can understand Girl Friends being highly revered in the yuri nation but THIS?! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good manga but nowhere near as amazing as the majority claims.

Tamako MarketK-ON! is my favorite Kyoto Animation show.

I bet all my readers a ton of money that if one were to ask any animeniac in the IAC (Internet Anime Community) what their favorite KyoAni show is, most will answer a past show like Lucky Star, Haruhi, any of the “Triforce of Tears” (Kanon, Clannad, Air) anime or even the recent Hyouka. I, however, would pick the epitome of moe goodness in the modern era of anime, K-ON! This show solidified my “embracing the moe”. K-ON! is a simple show about a group of girls enjoying their high school lives as much as humanly possible and creating cherished memories that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Depending on what kind of high school life readers had, I bet next to graduation, that was (or became) a major objective in their high school lives.

To answer the question why I have a picture Tamako Market instead of K-ON here it is because of the next unpopular opinion.

Tamako Market getting a movie baffles me.

I am shocked TM is getting a movie and wondering why. TM was not that good. As far as rom-coms go it’s average at best. For those who know my tastes they would also know what is the ONLY acceptable ending for this movie. Any other ending is not worth my time.

Kiniro MosaicMoe is not “the cancer that’s killing anime”

It’s like the internet wrestling community’s opinion of the current product, especially WWE. They think the “golden age” of wrestling is gone. I say no to that. The thing is that no matter what era of wrestling (be it the 50’s era, Hogan Era, New Age Era, Attitude Era or the PG Era) one grew up with, there was crap to be found in all eras. A similar opinion is expressed in today’s modern anime era. Yes, I embraced the moe and enjoy all manner of “cute girls doing whatever they please”, but that does not mean the quality of the anime product has diminished or disappeared. What people don’t is that their so-called “golden age” of animation had its fair share of moeblobs and titillation. It’s always been there. An argument one would follow up this statement with is that titillation and moeblobs have taken over the anime industry and all the serious shows have taken a back seat. Keep in mind that the shows the serious fanbase are still there and as shows like Hyouka, Madoka Magica and Gatchaman CROWDS proved, shows with moe stuff in it can still make a global impact. Besides, for every Kiniro Mosaic and Non Non Biyori out there, there’s a Psycho-Pass and Attack on Titan ready to please the serious crowd. The anime industry’s doing fine, although Senor Frog vividly explained that both the industry and especially its fanbase could use some tweaking.

Nisemonogatari CoverI hate Nisemonogatari.

There are two major reasons why (as of this writing) I have yet to pick up the Madoka Rebellion movie (the Blu-Ray thing is not that big a deal). The frist one being my hatred of this show. I hated it so much that I stayed away from 99% of SHAFT related stuff for an entire year. The only thing I picked up was Hidamari Sketch 4 but that’s because HS is my favorite Slice of Life series EVER! I hated this show. The incessant focus on how much each girl wants to suck Araragi’s schlong, Shinobu opening her mouth, the Fire Sisters not getting the spotlight without first having to show off their incestuous crush on Araragi, most of the show being about this rather than focusing on the more important stuff, that being the girls and their supernatural afflictions. Araragi is nothing more than an avatar with little to no purpose other than getting credit for being a persistent punching bag. By the time the show FINALLY got serious I had lost all interest. A year has passed and my rage against SHAFT had dwindled. To show I’m a good sport and I am not a hateful bastard (I can be a heel though), I plan on picking up the second season, which I heard SOMEWHAT goes back to form and has a similar pace to Bakemonogatari, which I really like.

Sword Art OnlineMainstream appeal lowers a show’s value for me.

“Mainstream Sweethearts” just don’t do it for me. It’s complicated. Basically the more popular a show is, the less interested I become in picking it up. Some shows I disregard altogether like SAO here or Guilty Crown or KyouKana. I still haven’t picked up Psycho-Pass and Attack on Titan for this very reason. The best explanation I can give as to why mainstream appeal upsets me is because of the fanbases. Some would probably ask “what about Madoka and Kill La Kill? You love both of those shows and they’re MS too”. Yes they are but in Madoka’s case I never expected it to become an MS. KLK had the fact some of Gurren Langann (and apparently Evangelion)’s writers were involved but I didn’t see it becoming an MS either. Speaking of shows written by popular writers…

Space-DandyI dropped Space Dandy.

Oh but OG, Shinichiro Watanabe, the guy who directed Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo (I actually watched and enjoyed this one immensely) and Apollo Creed is directing this one. My response to that is “So what?”. Just because someone who wrote/directed critically acclaimed series is involved in a show’s production does not mean it’s worth my time. I don’t care that Dandy gets bonus points from me for looking like “The Fonz”, the show felt “TOO Western”, if that makes any sense, for me to care about it. It’s one thing for a Western show to be made by Westerners. It’s another for a “Western” shows to be made by foreigners. It may have worked for Panty and Stocking but not for Space Dandy.

Video Games

Wii-UNintendo is not dead yet.

So the Wii-U isn’t selling as well as Nintendo had hoped. The same thing happened with the Gamecube. This is mainly due to Nintendo’s poor marketing decisions as of late. However, that won’t stop me from picking up a Wii-U. The PS4 currently has nothing worth my time yet and it’s about time for me to go back home to Nintendo. I may get a PS4 sometime in the future but my PS3 is far from done with all the great games still coming out and I never cared for the XBOX so Nintendo it is for next-gen consoles.

VertI prefer playing as female characters.

I don’t need to play as a male character to project my manliness in a game. I KNOW I AM MANLY! Besides, it’s more fun playing as women. Yes, part of it is due to sex appeal. I can’t deny that. However, the main reason is because it’s more epic seeing women save the world from destruction or conquer it. Women are scarier than men when angered (I once saw a woman rip a guy’s face in half. “Shivers”). Women lifting heavy objects is cooler. Women taking down divine entities is more epic. Women showing compassion for others and the will to succeed at whatever it is they want to do is more enthralling to me.

The Last of US Left BehindMainstream appeal: Take 2.

The main reason I suddenly changed my mind and am considering picking up The Last of Us sometime in the future is because of Left Behind. I have a feeling it won’t end well for these two but any Western yuri in gaming media outside of Bioware games should at least be worth checking out. Long story short, I feel the same way about Mainstream Sweetheart games as I do about MS anime.

Time and EternityTime and Eternity is not the worst RPG of 2013 or the previous console generation.

I’d rather play this game than Ride to Hell: Retribution. Sure the gameplay’s repetitive and the animation (lip synching inconsistencies) could have been done MUCH better but to say this is the worst game of 2013 is an exaggeration. It won’t appeal to a lot of people but the storyline and presentation are at least worth one romp or two to see both sides. Maybe it’s because I’m an animeniac and love JRPGs but I still stand by this opinion.

There you have it. Whether you’ll still want to be my fans, neighbors or stalkers after this post is up to you. Feel free to share your thoughts (agree or disagree) on any of these opinions.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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28 Responses to OG’s Unpopular Anime and Gaming Opinions

  1. ninetybeats says:

    I think the reason Tamako Market is gettng a movie is probably because the sales were good. Tamako Market was decent, but not as good as K-ON! was, which is one of my favorite slice of life series.

    The monogatari series is overhyped in my view. There were good moments, but the overall execution feels rushed and the whole theme is presented originally yet difficult to understand.

    I also don’t see the problem in Moe. I consider this generation moe as a graphic evolution. What was considered moe in the 90’s was perhaps visually different, but the core is the same and follows a certain design to match the taste of the era it is in. Just like moe now it follows a certain design language that is appealing to audiences. There are, as you said, always showes aimed for more serious audiences.


    • Overlord-G says:

      It took K-ON two seasons to get a movie and TM gets it only after ONE!? PAH!

      Monogatari is good ONLY when it focuses on the women (except Shinobu because she sucks, more than Hachikuji). When it’s about the other characters it loses its luster.

      Not to mention that this year we’re getting the next entry in the excellent 2012 Jojo’s Bizare Adventure reboot and Durara 2 to name some shows so some people really need to get their heads out of the gutter.


  2. Frozenrain says:

    Hahaha, pretty interesting and fun post truly.

    I agree with you that Citrus is somehow a bit overrated, as you say is good but not that good to call it the next major on yuri manga.

    I don’t think so that moe is bad in any form, I mean a moe design doesn’t really affect or turns soft a plot, Madoka or Genei taiyou are good examples. I think that the most people thinking this are the ones that grew up with what was moe before. Nineties and so on.

    I like to play as female characters in games too! It’s way more fun to watch and move a girl on the screen while she saves the world, also is more epic, besides there’s this concept that girls are fragile and cannot overcome a guy, I don’t like at all that thinking. I share completly your thoughts about this.

    On the rest of things I declare incompetent


    • Overlord-G says:

      Yup. Say what you want about Gen’ei but it was no kids show or lighthearted in the slightest.

      Yup. It’s more fun playing as women than rescuing them.


  3. SilverFox says:

    On my break and this was a pretty good read. I agree with your opinion on Citrus. The art is pretty but the storyline isn’t “out there” or unique to the manga itself. Plenty of others have the same types of plot ideas in there. I had no idea it was being talked about as being the “next big yuri manga.” No thanks.

    I’ve only seen a couple episodes of TM and it was cute. Moe anime is NOT killing anime at all. In fact the people who think so can go shove forks in their eyes. There’s plenty of anime out each season to cater to everyones likes and dislikes. Don’t like Moe, don’t watch it. I appreciate those shows because my daughter actually sits and watches them with me sometimes asking for more episodes when there’s only one out.

    Female toons in games are my preference as well. they’re more fun to play and more fun to dress when you have to change their armor around. Also, female protagonist are usually pretty badass. Plus a lot of male characters get on my nerves fast.

    As for Time and Eternity, I went and bought it a few months ago. i’m only a few hours into it but it’s a pretty good game. The multiple styles of animation this game uses make it pretty unique in my opinion. Definitely not the worst game of the year, but what can we say when the majority votes just because they don’t like JRPG format games.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Oh yes, Citrus is apparently THAT popular and it baffles me.

      TM being cute is undeniable.

      Exactly! There’s a different show for all tastes each season. That’s a cute additional reason to enjoy shows with moe.

      Yup. That’s how I feel about female video game characters too.

      The reviews come from Western gamers but it was not exactly well received in Japan either. However, it was not scoffed at over there as it was in the West.


      • SilverFox says:

        Most Western gamers that do these reviews drool over CoD, Battlefield, and Titanfall games. Games that get negative reviews but are in the genre that I like, I give em a shot. I wanted to add that I didn’t want to watch SAO for the first 12-13 episodes that came out because so many people were watching it. however, i ended up watching it in a “What anime do you think I should watch?” swap with a friend. I told him Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere and he told me SAO. Not gonna tell you to watch it, but I totally don’t regret it.

        I started watching KLK from the get go because the animation style caught me and then the characters did. I could care less that it’s considered MS and that it’s just an awesome anime!

        I think I tried watching something from the Nisemonogatari and I could not even finish an episode of it. Just didn’t draw me in.


      • Overlord-G says:

        Not really. They drool more over Western games to be exact. The only time they cut JP games some slack is if they’re from the big gaming companies like Capcom, Square-Enix and the like. They’re usually not kind to niche games, which you and I enjoy more.

        I’ll stick with picking up Log Horizon instead. It looks more appealing. I guess you enjoying SAO is a good thing because there’s a second season coming up.

        Indeed. KLK rules!

        It’s understandable. The “Monogatari Saga” is an odd little creation that has a certain charm to it aside from the sexy ladies. When the women aren’t obsessing over Araragi’s wiener, they have layers worth exploring that delves into their human psyche and outlook on life. THAT is what drew me into Bakemonogatari and why Nisemonogatari pissed me off so much.


  4. mhazaru says:

    Totally agree with your Nisemonogatari take. Shows like that make me want to vomit. I don’t hate harem animes, but the quality of them has gone down. Tenchi-muyo compared to this, completely different class.

    That leads well into this though: I’d disagree with the cancerous moe thing. The reason something like Attack on Titan is incredibly popular is because it goes against the current grain of the highschool-girls-with-infant heads trend. More adult looking characters + grimmer stories like that were what drew a lot of people to anime initially back in the day – all the Evangelions, Akira’s, plethora of mech titles, etc. But eventually that changed for the same reason that there are complaints of moe-anime today: over saturation of a particular genre or style.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with moe anime/style in itself. It’s just reaching the point of over-saturation. It’s essentially the exact same phenomenon that happens in the traditional art world. Periods and styles like Impressionism, Fauvism, etc. arise to essentially combat what came before it, because people were getting bored with whatever the current art trend was. I’m sure the next trend we’ll see in anime is more Attack on Titan/Madoka’ish titles, and then that will reach a point of over-saturation, then there will be a new trend, etc.

    One thing I will say though – today’s moe is definitely not the same as yesterday’s moe. Moe as a whole today has favored characters that look younger and younger over the years, adults included. Compare an old “moe” title like Jubei-chan to pretty much any moe’ish title today: there used to be more distinction between individual characters (adults especially), the animation quality was higher/unique and more consistent, and the most “moe” characters still seemed like they fit their actual age. You rarely see many girls like Iria anymore that actually both look adult and are adult.

    Individual artists have experienced that phenomenon as well. For example, check out the early chapters of the Saki manga vs. the recent ones (essentially 100 chapters later). The characters haven’t gotten older, they’ve gotten younger, and younger, and younger (and bigger in certain areas). It’s most evident with characters like Hisa, the adult characters, even Nodoka. I’m definitely not the first one who has noticed/wrote about it either.

    This is illustrates what I’m talking about as a whole concerning old and new anime:

    Hisa back then: http://www.mangahere.com/manga/saki/c002/30.html

    Hisa now : http://manga.animea.net/saki-chapter-80-page-8.html


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’m hoping there was less “craving for schlong” and more exploration of the female characters’ sexiness and psyche in Monogatari Second Season.

      I don’t read the Saki manga because tabletop sports anime are best seen in animated form rather than drawn imo. I can tell the difference between the way anime characters overall, especially the girls are drawn then and now.

      On the bright side, the characters at least still look human, even with the bigger pupils, compared to basic Western cartoons that don’t make the big screen. I can tell adult women apart from younger ones…although Mother Clarissa from Saki 2 does look younger than what she seems. Oh well, she has gray hair so she at least looks like she’s in her late 30’s to mid 40’s. Kinda like Steve Martin.

      I would have posted another unpopular opinion regarding my dislike of mecha anime (Unless the protagonists are female) but didn’t feel it necessary. Anyway the serious shows are still there, they just aren’t as rampant. I think it’s better that way because the serious crowd will appreciate them more. I still don’t see eye-to-eye with the mainstream on most things but any anime or show that’s worth anything deserves to at least make a reasonable profit.


  5. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    “Mainstream appeal lowers a show’s value for me.”- Now I can tease you, too, for being slightly hipster 😛

    Totally agree on Citrus and Nisemonogatari.


  6. x says:

    I like to say that I hate Nisemonogatari for not having a good story line and all the girls and his sisters want to sleep with him. I don’t see why they made it so popular with a lot of seasons.

    I also like to play with female characters in the games and agree with the words you say

    moe will never kill anime but make it stronger. space dandy I don’t get it so I drop it

    Citrus is ok for now but when I read the whole thing i’ll know what to say

    TM is a good anime but the movie is mostly about her finding love and I think she will go with the guy at the end


    • Overlord-G says:

      It’s because of T&A dood, T&A. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

      All the more reason for me to not care about the TM movie.


  7. Hanneman says:

    I think i may as well give my opinion on the subject you brought up.

    About the mainstream part, i don’t really have that problem, yet i’m pretty picky about what i’ll see. I’ll give you an example: i tried to watch AoT just because of the Giants. They looked cool and all, so i gave it a chance. I only decided to watch it entirely by the end of the first episode, when Eren’s mother is eaten.

    Now, SAO i didnt picked up for a single reason: i hate everything that animated or live-action tries to do with videogames. Every goddamn thing. So i didnt even bother to look up.

    Now onto videogames, where i have a more decent opinion.

    Nintendo is dead ever since the Wii. Almost every Nintendo franchise doesnt appeal to me. I don’t like Zelda, nor DK to spend my money on it (but the Country version of the original Super Nintendo was awesome). I dont like Mario anymore, because there are so many games of him that it makes me sick. The only franchise that still have a little bit of my attention is Pokemon, and its the only reason for me to buy a 3DS.

    As playing as a female character, it’s not my thing, but my main Dark Souls character is a female. The reason is because i wanted to see if there was a difference in the movements between the female and the male characters (and there is). I ended up making it my main build for the game.

    As for mainstream gaming, again i dont have that problem, i just play them. If its fun i play it. I’m a huge Battlefield fan, already played Last of Us. You could say im a mainstream gamer as well. And that’s where i dont get you. I understand not liking mainstream anime, because their fanbase is stupid, but gaming? I really dont get it. Isnt it fun regardless of the people that are playing it?


    • Overlord-G says:

      You’re done with Nintendo. That’s fine. I’ll never get tired of the stuff myself, so yeah.

      You pick whomever you want to play as. I happen to prefer female characters.

      Like I said, it’s complicated. I’m half-hipster, I guess.


  8. Hanneman says:

    If Nintendo made other franchises and kept the ones i said, i wouldnt have a problem with it. Look at Sony and Microsoft. Each one of them, in each beginning of generation, made new games of their already stablished IPs, but made new ones as well.

    Well, there are some franchises i dont play, like Call of Duty and Assassins Creed because they launch a game a year and without many changes. But ill wont extend this any longer. Each one to their own, i think.


    • Overlord-G says:

      That’s a subjective opinion that would lead to a debate about franchise mascot appeal.

      I don’t play Military FPS games and never cared about Assassin’s Creed.


  9. Silvachief says:

    Unfortunately I haven’t seen many of the shows you talk about so I can’t comment on those. For what’s left…yeah, I disagree with most of them XD

    Having only seen Chuunibyou and K-On!, I have to say that Chuunibyou was a lot more entertaining for me. Neither of those shows were amazing in my opinion, however.

    A dislike for something simply because other people do like it baffles me. I try not to get into direct conflict with others’ opinions but it is one that I simply cannot stand. Many of these mainstream shows are mainstream because they’re good…and i’m just not sure why that means you should avoid them. Yes, shows like SAO aren’t perfect and have (sometimes major) flaws but their experience as a whole is very enjoyable and that’s why others like them so much. The idea that what others think should impact on your own opinion is just…odd, for me.

    Nintendo…haven’t made anything i’ve really enjoyed playing for a long time. The only reason I picked up a 3DS was for the new Pokemon games and I haven’t even played it since the week after I got it. Are all of there games bad? No, certainly not. But they don’t release enough good games to justify buying their consoles.

    While I do agree that Time and Eternity wasn’t the worst RPG of last year or the last generation, it was still pretty darn bad. It’s a shame, really, because I actually enjoyed the unique style of presentation and would definitely play another game like it.

    I apologize if any of that seemed confrontational. I may disagree with your opinions but I recognize that they don’t stop you from being an awesome fellow =P


    • Overlord-G says:

      That’s why the word “unpopular” is in the title. I knew this would happen.

      We talked about our differences in opinion about K-ON! a while back. Chuunibyou’s also a good show.

      That depends on how many games a person can afford and which console has better exclusives. I feel the same way you feel about Nintendo as I do about the XBOX.

      I don’t expect many people to understand the whole “ignore a show because everyone else likes it”. Another clue I can give is that it’s a pet peeve of mine.

      I never said Time and Eternity was a good game. I just disagree with it being labeled as the worst game of 2013 or the previous console generation. It’s between mediocre and passable to me.


  10. MarkS00N says:

    But sir, everything is better to be played than Ride to Hell: Retribution 1%, that’s cheating!

    But I don’t think it is too much unpopular really (maybe Citrus isn’t great is unpopular based on its popularity, but at least you always find people who agree with your sentiment) at least I agree with most of it (though I’d take Chuunibyou’s Christmas OVA than K-ON! S2 anytime – S1 is my all time fav for KyoAni)…
    By the way, you should take S2 of SnK if it every comes out, half of SnK’s fans are coming from the material that would make S2 (the glorious YumiKuri! Though if they keep material from manga and only add instead of remove like what they did with some important moment for the ship in S1) and I myself become a fan for that sole reason…


    • Overlord-G says:

      I don’t expect many to agree with my sentiments on Citrus.

      I like K-ON! overall. I don’t have a preference between the first and second season.

      Like I said, I do plan on picking up SnK sometime in the future. I just don’t know when I’ll feel like doing so.


  11. yurimylove says:

    As you already know, i have similar tastes/opinions in anime especially regarding moe/slice-of-life etc. But the one difference would be “Mainstream appeal lowers a show’s value for me.” You mentioned it’s a pet peeve of yours, and I do get that part of the reason is they invariably come with a lot more loser fanboys (simply because the much larger fanbase if nothing else).

    However, it doesn’t bother me. Sometimes I may even be one of those loser fanboys. If I don’t care for some of those stupid opinions/demands, I’m able to ignore them without affecting my enjoying of the series in the least. And from a pragmatic standpoint, I actually wish that the shows I really like will become mainstream favorites, because then there’s a much highter likelihood that anime producers will make more similar kind of series in the future. Sadly, (for reasons that’s painfully obvious from my handle) that’s not likely to ever happen. But at least Sakura Trick seems to me to have sufficiently widespread appeal that it’s not doomed to be a financial disaster like Aoi Hana before.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Sakura Trick certainly has its share of loser fanboys right now and I GUESS that’s a good thing as far as its potential sales figures go. That’s really what I care about most when it comes to ST and the mainstream, that it sells enough to send a message to anime studios out there but we’ve already talked about this many times.


  12. chikorita157 says:

    I’d rather play this game than Ride to Hell: Retribution.

    While I haven’t played Time and Eternity for myself, I despite Phil Fish for the fact that he states in front of a Japanese developer that Japanese games are f****** terrible. I think he is a stuck up ***hole (no offense) especially when I feel that there are a good amount of terrible western games with little to no redeeming quality. I saw Angry Joe’s review of Ride to Hell: Retribution and that game is horrible. Of course, there are also the increasing amount of western companies who are doing questionable practices such as always-online DRM, microtransations and having a lot of game-breaking bugs. Sure, there are always going to be bad games from both side, but at least there are some redeeming quality in Japanese made games even if they aren’t perfect. If you consider Microsoft’s decision of putting always-online DRM on the XBox One before they retracted it, it does show everything whats wrong with the western gaming industry, especially with Mobile gaming, don’t get me started with how terrible that is. :p

    Aside from that, some of your opinions I agree for the fact that they are similar.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Besides their unappealing exclusives, their bizarre practices are additional reasons why I was never interested in picking up an XBOX. Sure they had Vesperia and Eternal Sonata but the PS3 versions have more stuff in them and I plan on ordering PS3 Vesperia once the English fan patch is FINALLY finished.

      I don’t judge between Eastern and Western games I just want to play games that appeal to me personally.

      Oh, Phil Fish is the controversial guy who made Fez. Best of luck with his future endeavors and all but he can keep his opinions on JP games to himself.


  13. o0oghosto0o says:

    OK, nothing complicated, I can’t think of much to offer about your opinion and I won’t judge it either (most of your opinions are similar to mine anyway), but this: “I prefer playing as female characters.” yep, what you said about this part is totally the same as my reason to play as female character, it totally made me want to call you “comrade”!


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