OG’s Winter Anime 2013/2014 Picks

January is almost upon us and some REALLY important shows are coming up. Before that though, I’ll start with a quick Fall 2013 final impression.

So Fall was a decent season for me. Sure, there were some really good shows like Non Non Biyori and Kill La Kill, some decent ones like I Wanna be The Strongest in the World (It got better in the 2nd half), Kyoukai no Kanata and Nagi no Asakura but it didn’t “WOW” me as much as the Spring and Summer seasons did. Winter looks a lot more promising in my eyes.


This looks like a well enough updated schedule of what to expect this Winter.


Sakura TrickSakura Trick. No description needed.

Saki Zenkoku-HenSaki Zenkoku-Hen. I am confident this season will continue delivering great “superpowered lesbian mahjong wrestling” action but there’s another reason I had been waiting 5 long years for this season: A Hell in the Cell Match of epic proportions with the fate of the entire universe on the line. I will be DAMNED if I am denied that Death Match! I have TOO LONG to see those two girls beat the bloody bejeezus out of each other! I don’t mind who the 3rd and 4th wrestlers are but the two I want to see tear each other apart had BETTER BE IN THE FINALS! Heck, I’d even accept an exhibition match between those two. JUST HAVE THEM FIGHT A BLOODY MATCH!

PupaPupa. The delay only increased my desire to watch this show. I have no idea what to expect but I am attracted to this show. I see something amazing coming from this. If I’m wrong, I at least want to be left speechless, for better or worse.

Wake-Up-GirlsWake-Up Girls. Despite the fears from some animeniacs due to the show producing this one also having produced Fractale and Kannagi (I think), I am still optimistic that this will be an interesting idol anime. It should hopefully keep me entertained till Love Live 2 airs in Spring.

Robot Girls ZRobot Girls Z. The pilot episode for this one showed me everything I needed to know about it: slapstick insanity. Sure, the episodes will be short but girls clobbering other girls is funnier than boys clobbering girls.

Seitokai YakuindomoSeitokai Yakuindomo 2. I need to watch the OVA midquel to prepare myself for more sex joke goodness. I am curious to see how many more jokes they can dish out because I don’t think it’s easy to get away with a show revolving around sex jokes for more than 1 season.


Official Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Poster by MovicSailor Moon 2013 (Now ’14). Like Pupa, I am hoping the SM reboot (or remake) won’t get delayed again.

Chuunibyou 2Chuunibyou 2. I am more interested in the comedy than the serious moments in this one. My imagination is still alive and kicking. It has not gone away and it never will.

sekai seifuku bouryaku no zvezdasekai seifuku bouryaku no zvezda. Look at this cast of oddities. How could I NOT be intrigued!?

Super SonicoSuper Sonico TV. Her breasts are too big for me to get a raging otaku boner from seeing her in a bikini. Still, I’ll check out her show. I predict it’ll be similar to Miss Monochrome with Super Sonico having 3-5 minute episodics. If this show gets 20+ minute episodes, I’ll be surprised.

That’s it. If anyone out there sees another interesting show worth my time this season, let me know. Don’t mention the latest Precure though. I still have to watch Heartcatch, Suite and Doki Doki.

Space DandySpace Dandy. First of all, this guy had BETTER have the catchphrase “aaaayyyyy”. Also, I get the feeling this show was inspired by this:

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22 Responses to OG’s Winter Anime 2013/2014 Picks

  1. Baka says:

    This reminded me to continue on to finish watching the first season of Saki, and to start Seitokai Yakuindomo. Also, the most wanted show for yuri fans is coming. I do hope that the Brazilian subbers work on this show, for it not to be like Non Non Biyori.



  2. Cytrus says:

    Fear not, this Saki season is almost guaranteed not to cover the finals (the manga is in the middle of the semi-finals). xD The recent key visual has both Teru and Shizuno, though, so who knows what the producers are thinking xD.


    • Saki Fact says:

      Saki related Anime has a consistent history of out-pacing its respective Manga, considerably.


      • Overlord-G says:

        Someone will bleed. Someone MUST BLEED!


      • MarkS00N says:

        It has consistent history but never that much of content…
        Even first season filled with original content (which accepted by Ritz, so it is canon) instead of overtaking too much future content…

        With Training Camp confirmed to be re-animated, I think this season will have only that and quarterfinal plus several filler episodes (mostly, as Ritz said, flashback of other teams’ members which she failed to include, one of them – I suspect – to be Jindai).

        However with Satoha seems a central figure in the new poster, maybe we will get SemiFinal, but I doubt it…
        I think we will simply get a camoe…

        Still, this season is worth to watch for understanding why Saki is a Miyanaga…


      • Overlord-G says:

        “Mumbles”, fine. you guys win. I can wait another 5 years for my bloodbath. Party poopers.


    • StormSeeker says:

      Here’s an idea:
      Zenkoku-hen part 1 – Training camp to End of Semi-Finals (to sync with Achiga-hen)
      Zenkoku-hen part 2 – Finals and Individuals


  3. Captain Hussain says:

    No Space Dandy? Shinichiro Watanabe is the director of that anime.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I do not base my choices on directors or studios. SHAFT used to be an exception but not anymore since they’re focusing too much on the mainstream audience now. I do admit that the character designs look weird enough to interest me. Maybe I’ll pick it up…maybe.


  4. MR.KLAC says:

    well give 4 fall anime i’m watching of Freezing s2, yuusha magical best buy anime, multi-choice, & OF COURSE the female wresling anime series (indeed i knew this is hidden good to watch).

    as for winter 14 batch hmm too early to tell give still check eps numbers of those show but i got on my watch on Chuunibyou s2 & maken-ki s2 to watch for now.


    • Overlord-G says:

      The only one I’m watching that you are also is the wrestling show.

      The ONLY good thing I got from Maken-Ki was Kodama.


      • MR.KLAC says:

        yea well give wrestling anime had it long road to climb sure from begin training to conquer the boston crab then it got BETTER to watch when sakura vs rio rematch, jackal, “blue panther”, etc make it finally YES YES YES to watch.


  5. Psychopath says:

    we need more Yuri”ish anime . .seriously


  6. Yurimylove says:

    when I saw the sekai seifuku poster the first thing that came to mind was:

    no wonder previous dictators have never succeeded in conquering the world — look they’re all missing the robot chick, the evil loli, and the bikini-clad thief in their strategist cabinet 😀


  7. o0oghosto0o says:

    Hm… True be told, I haven’t make a list for this season yet, too busy these day.
    Sakura Trick is, of course, already on my list from the moment it was announced. Others then that, I don’t know. You wouldn’t mind if I take your pick list as a reference, would you ?


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