OG’s Top Anime Endings That Made Him Cry

I am known for being a short tempered person but what some people don’t know is that despite my sometimes getting easily irritated I am also a big softie. I admit that as I get older there have been some shows, anime, cartoons, movies etc, that had moments where I legitimately cried. I am a big, 27 year old (as of this writing) hairy man from head to toe who is not ashamed to tell his fans he has cried during certain scenes in shows and I am about the top anime that made me tear up. So join me as I have my loyal fans question my masculinity while also imagining me crushing their heads like a grape.

WARNING! This post will contain spoilers for certain shows by hinting at the tone of their endings so be careful.


Kannazuki no Miko

I mentioned this one in one of the “Awards disguised as Q&As” nominations I got as one of the shows that made me tear up. It’s a fact that the show isn’t perfect, even I said ChiMeko was the main draw and everything else was average at best (even though some had valid arguments defending everything else) but man oh man. I stand by the belief that ChiMeko, controversial episode and all, is one of the best yuri couples in history and the last episode when the two let it all out, heck even the final battle before the big confession was epic. The confession itself…feelz doods, feelz.


A Tiny snow Fairy Sugar

This anime is special for three reasons.

1: It is the anime that began my aniblogging career. It was the first anime I ever reviewed.

2: It is one of my all time favorite anime.

3: It introduced me to the absolute badass that is Greta.

4: Despite the rocky start between Saga and Sugar, the cliche “You annoy me. You annoy me too” initial relationship between the two, when they got over it it was adorable to the very end and once again the finale had me in tears. It didn’t help that my favorite song in the soundtrack was playing during that moment. AAAAAAAAAAH!

Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru Cover

Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru

Another all-time favorite and a recent one during this post’s write up. What was initially perceived as another unfairly misjudged “Madoka rip-off” became its own beast and no matter how viewers feel about it or its ending it most definitely made an impact. Speaking of the ending, well this show actually had two moments that made me cry. One involves singing and the other is the finale. Yes the ending’s controversial and I already heard all of the complaints to the point that I lost interest in debating it. NEXT!


Angel Beats

It can be argued that any of KEY’s works is bound to produce waterworks in sensitive viewers but this is the first KEY show I watched before I even knew about the company. Don’t have much to say. I really like the show and again the ending got me, though there was another moment that had me. It involves a certain shrimp.


Ano Hana

Gotta be honest here doods and peeps. The first time I watched this one I enjoyed it despite the abundance of angst. That angst however was also why I didn’t enjoy it the second time I watched it. I’ll give it props, the first time I saw the ending it was heavy…mainly because of all the waterworks. Unlike the previous shows I mentioned however this one’s only worked once on me but figured it was worth mentioning.


Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl

Funny story about this show. I got teary eyed the SECOND time I watched that certain exchange between Hazumu and one of the two girls (excluding the bonus OVA).



OH GOH! While writing this list I remembered this one’s ending…mother of pearl just thinking about it hurts my kokoro. An underrated gem imo and the second (well I’ve only seen two) baseball anime I’ve seen next to Taishou Yakyuu Musume. Maybe I should check out Princess Nine sometime.

Nanoha A's Cover

Nanoha A’s

There’s a good reason why is this heralded by fans as the best season in the Nanoha franchise. I mention the TV version because having already seen it that even though it was equally powerful in the movie version it wasn’t as effective. Still its ending got me too. Kudos to the really good writing.


Honey CrushHoney Crush

Not an anime but yeah this one too.

I think those are the ones that popped into my head while writing this post. Obviously others will have different anime that gave them the “feelzies” or none at all. I figured why not share mine. There you go. Convenient that I reviewed all these.

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12 Responses to OG’s Top Anime Endings That Made Him Cry

  1. josefcd904 says:

    I agree with you for the ones that I have seen. Had to skip the reason for Kannazuki no Miko since I started to watch it yesterday after seeing that award post. Already half way. It is good so far.


  2. b100darrowz says:

    Definitely agree with the ones I’ve seen that you’ve got listed.

    For me some of the biggest emotional responses have been from episode 18 and 19 of Saki, and then when Toki goes to far in Side-A.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Overlord-G says:

      Saki did always have great characters (for the most part) to get emotionally invested in their struggles and will to win.


  3. Fipse says:

    I agree with most of them but Kashimashi? I was raging because of the silly original end that got then changed in the OVA to please manga readers.


  4. yurimylove says:

    a good list, brings back nostalgia. speaking of KEY, I also teared up over Air in my early days of anime watching…


  5. animelover32 says:

    Now let’s see how KEY will make us cry this time with Charlotte ;-;


  6. animelover32 says:

    And nice list.


  7. the_elevator_man says:

    I’m not dead! Just somewhat alive after 40-50C heat somewhere nice!

    As always, great list. But there’s one addition. You see, a few years ago I got into a debate with a wise blogger who said that there was one yuri pairing in the feels department that beat even KnM with their theme “Will you kill someone you love because of love?”

    I’m not sure if I was convinced that Kagura/Yomi is like “a certain other tale involving priestesses…only worse,” but if it gives me time to think, then GR0 is an easy #2 on the list.


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