OG’s Favorite Video Game Moms

This is sort of a sequel to my previous Fav Anime Mothers list. Also, make sure to check out the awesome dood who motivated me to make both these lists, Judge, and his list of the hottest moms in anime and his Top 10 Video Game MILFS

Now then, here are MY favorite video game moms. This was as difficult to make as my fav anime moms list because I do not know as many gaming moms as I do anime ones, but I did my best and this is what I came up with. Consider this a second Mother’s Day special post. Also, expect some cheap choices.

Sophitia AlexandraSophitia Alexandra (Soul Calibur series)

As of SC5, she is the mother of Patroklos and Pyrrha. Sophitia is a woman whose entire storyline is build around fighting for her loved ones. All the decisions she has made and the sides she has taken were for her husband and children.

Michelle ChangMichelle Chang (Tekken Series)

Yes, Julia Chang is adopted, but that’s still enough to label Michelle a mother. Not much is known about Michelle other than her love of nature is what inspired Julia to continue her mom’s research. She also taught her daughter her badass fighting style, which is a combination of Chinese kenpo and professional wrestling.

RosalinaRosalina (Super Mario Galaxy)

A mother in the figurative sense, Rosalina’s “children” can grow up to become planets or even entire galaxies. As for Rosi herself, she’s kinda like a sexy guide/mentor figure for Mario in his intergalactic quest to save the universe and princess (for the umpteenth time) from Bowser (also for the umpteenth time).

ShikiShiki (Samurai Showdown 64 and some SNK spinoff titles)

Shiki is a brainwashed assassin trained from a young age to serve the dark master Yuga. Although she was eventually freed, she would later be influenced back to serving Yuga by the dark specter Asura. They somehow fell in love and Shiki gave birth to Mikoto. There you go.

KisaraKisara (Suikoden 5)

Suikoden 5 is the only Suikoden game I’ve ever played and is also one of my favorite PS2 RPGs of all time. Kisara is a citizen of the houseboat village of Raftfleet and she uses a rope as her weapon of choice. The following is a very rare sight in video games in general. Kisara battles foes alongside her husband Logg and daughter Lun. Oh, and Lun was also properly nourished.

Jun Kazama and UnknownJun Kazama (Tekken Series)

Another Tekken mama. Tekken has three of the sexiest moms in fighting games but I only like two of them. Anyway, besides being Jin Kazama‘s mother, she also has a dark side called Unknown. With a family like the Mishimas, it’s no wonder she would develop a dark side.

SindelSindel (Mortal Kombat series)

Her popularity as a mom all depends on which timeline to look at, be it the original timeline or the 2011 reboot timeline. Other than that, she’s a zombie banshee who is the mother of the warrior princess Kitana

samus_and_baby_metroid_by_zgul_osr1113-d55xl02Samus Aran (Metroid Series)

Samus adopted a baby Metroid in Metroid 2: Return of Samus.

LuluLulu (Final Fantasy X)

Final Fantasy X is the only FF game I’ve ever finished and Lulu is the only likable female character in the game, imo.

Polka's momPolka’s mom (Eternal Sonata)

I really like the game and wanted to reference it somehow. There you go. As for Polka’s mom’s role as a mom…ehhhhh, could have been better. She’s hot at least.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Any gamers out there with a fav mom of their own that I have not mentioned, share away. Oh, and MILFs are still better than lolis.

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4 Responses to OG’s Favorite Video Game Moms

  1. Feith says:

    So true. MILFs are better than lolis. While lolis have no meat on their bones, and a certain innocence, depending on what you view, MILFs have actual chests, and experience. I’d take a MILF over a loli any day. Wouldn’t want to have to teach the female about sex, it’s awkward enough asking for it.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Pretty much why young adults and experienced adult women are preferable to kids who have no time to care about sexual things. Let them enjoy their youth and worry about the harshness of real life much later.


  2. glothelegend says:

    Umm…..what about Fuckhead’s mom from Pokemon? (I named my character Fuckhead one of the times I played).


    • Overlord-G says:

      The only mom I care about in the Pokemon universe is Delia Ketchum from the animated series and she’s already in my fav anime moms list.

      Funny. When I saw your avatar, I was expecting you to mention the mom from Bioshock 1…or was it 2? Heck, even Elizabeth’s mom. The reason I say this was because of your Bioshock Trilogy recommendation review. I haven’t beaten 1 and will wait till Infinite becomes a “Greatest Hit” or it gets a price drop before picking it up.


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