OG’s Summer 2018 Anime Picks

As always I announce my anime picks early. Also as always should there be any last minute additions before the season starts I’ll update the list accordingly.

Used the following two charts:

Happy Sugar Life Poster


Happy Sugar Life: I’m sure for many Yuri Nation members, specifically ones who can handle “Kuro Yuri” shows and (meaning they can take all the drama, angst, violence etc KY shows usually bring), are most excited for this one. A show starring a lolicon lesbian yandere and her beloved facing off against psychopaths who would attempt to destroy their little paradise. Of course there’s more to it than that but we’ll find out when the time comes. Having said that there’s one anime I’m even more excited for than HSL.

Harukana Receive Bikini.jpg

Harukana Receive: Now we’re talkin’! All-Girl beach volleyball anime BABEH! Fans who followed me in 2016 know how much I ended up loving KEIJO!!!!!!!! Not everyone felt the same way or could get into it (which is fine) but you all know I loved every single minute of it and it broke my heart when the manga was cancelled. Here we are in 2018, about to get what is to be the closest thing to a successor. Of course it won’t be as over the top but it doesn’t need to be. I repeat, ALL-GIRL BEACH VOLLEYBALL! Nuff said.

Asobi Asobase Poster

Asobi Asobase: I don’t know what to expect from this one but it looks like a Girls Club show with slapstick humor akin to Mitsuboshi Colors. Sounds good to me.


Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight: A show about theater that looks to be to Hinako Note what Hibike! Euphonium was to K-ON! (meaning it’s a less comedic take on a similar concept). This show has been getting hyped by Yuri sites and pages in Japan so we can at least expect a lot of material to work with.

Yama no Susume 3rd Season.jpg

Yama no Susume 3rd season: I don’t need to go into detail on why this is a must watch show around here. It just is.

Ongaku Shoujo Poster

Ongaku Shoujo TV: Fans of the Ongaku Shoujo OVA from a couple of years ago were hoping the anime would be a continuation of their story. Instead we’re following a new group. No biggie. I’m sure the new girls will be fun to watch doing idol things as well. Besides, the two OVA leads are confirmed to appear on the show so there you go.

The BanG Dream and third season of the Cinderella Girls Gekijou shorts should be fun watches as well so I’ll be checking them out in my spare time.



Hanebado!: I really want to be excited for this badminton show but as the pic indicates there are male trainers…again. Here’s the deal. If the guys are similar to Trainer Guy from Uma Musume -Pretty Derby- then we’ll be alright. HOWEVER, if it’s like Two Car then we have a BIG problem. Two Car made me very angry.

Jashin-chan Dropkick.jpg

Jashin-chan Dropkick: I’m getting Dokuro-chan vibes from this show and Dokuro-chan is my 2nd most despised anime of all time. I’ll give it the two episode rule. Internet law states it’s three episodes but I’m THAT wary of this one.

Chio-chan no Tsuugakurou.jpgBack Street Girls

Chio-chan no Tsuugakurou and Back Street Girls: I have a feeling these two shows will fill the “WTF AM I WATCHING!?” role like Mahou Shoujo Ore did in Spring 2018. Both intrigue me.

I’ll watch Attack on Titan 3 when it’s finished or halfway done since I don’t think YumiKuri will get as much time to shine as they did in S2.

I think that about covers it. Summer looks decent but really it’s an appetizer for the main course that is the Fall 2018 season.

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48 Responses to OG’s Summer 2018 Anime Picks

  1. cirno9fan says:

    if Hanebedo is what i think it is, it’s as harem as they get. But I might be mixing it up with another manga. Either way, I’m waiting till others talk about it before I touch it.

    My current list:
    Overlord III -Second season had a terrible start (lizard arc), but got a lot better and opened up for a lot.
    Chio-chan – I’ve only read the first volume, but it was very amusing, so I look forward to it
    Happy Sugar Life – The hype is very high for this one!
    Harukana Receive – I think I’ve read a few chapters of this, and heard many good things about it, so very excited!
    Jashin-chan Dropkick – read a bit of the manga, and was really hilarious XD I also liked Dokuro, sot there’s that.
    Asobi Asobase – will try it out, but not much to go off of yet
    Revue Starlight – I have waited SO VERY LONG for this anime….
    Ongaku Shoujo – Hopefully it can be ever better than the ova was!
    Tsukumogami Kashimasu – This seems interesting, and I love my yokai
    Yama no Susume S3 – As you said, it’s yama no susume, enough said
    Bang Dream Girls Band Party Pico – It’s a short, and it’s bang dream, so it should be fun
    Yami Shibai 6 – I will never give up on this series!

    Hero Academia – Though I think it’s idea of a hero is uneappealing, and it feels like the series wants to encourage irresponsibility, saying that’s what makes a ‘true hero’, which I disagree with so deeply.
    Layton – mysteries are fun, and katrielle is fun!
    Gegege no Kitarou if it’s still running, love me my yokai~

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  2. LuzeriP says:

    About Hanebado the coach is indeed a boy (I think he’s a college student) also there couple of his boy assistants. It’s not a harem show or the girls fighting over him. Although I don’t rule out that maybe one of the girls have a crush on him (I kinda forgot). But nothing more than that. The story is mainly about the girls fighting to go the national just like any other sports show with some obstacles here and there. I could be wrong, maybe the director changed the story, I don’t know. But better just check out few episodes. I’ll watch all of it thou, I like badminton and it’s a popular sport in my country. I’ve been waiting for badminton anime since forever.

    My anime list for the summer, I haven’t checked all of it yet. But I’m sure almost the same as yours.

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    • cirno9fan says:

      I probably mixed it up then. I used to search all over raws sites for manga, and thus got a little confused because of all the different manga I checked out.

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      • LuzeriP says:

        That’s just my opinion after reading like 7-8 chapters. I don’t know anything after that. I stopped following the manga.

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    • LuzeriP says:

      By the way, maybe some people got confused about the picture above, but the short red hair is a girl. Also in the PV at some angle she looked like a boy but no, she’s a girl.

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  3. chikorita157 says:

    Definitely watching Harukana Receive since it’s a Manga Time Kirara series and looks fun. Maybe I will also watch Ongaku Shoujo as well.

    I didn’t realize there is like another season of Free! again. I probably won’t cover it, although I might watch it for completeness.

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  4. Mauron says:

    Must watch:
    Attack on Titan Season 3 – I’ve been following the manga of this one, so it’ll be fun to see it animated.
    Yama no Susume Season 3 – Not much needs to be said.

    Sounds great:
    Harukana Receive – I can get behind that premise.
    Asobi Asobase – Looks silly and fun.
    Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight – Interesting enough premise, and that image gets bonus points.
    Ongaku Shoujo TV – I hope there’s plenty of the original two girls.
    Jashin-chan Dropkick – Sounds funny, definitely worth a watch.
    Chio-chan no Tsuugakurou – That’s a great premise.

    Back Street Girls – I might try it, but it depends on how they handle it.
    Happy Sugar Life – I would skip it entirely if it didn’t call itself a yuri series.
    Hanebado! – Umamusume almost lost me with its trainer guy, so I don’t particularly feel like jumping into another right away.

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  5. Slifer the sky dragon says:

    Tambien Asagao kase san ova je


  6. Alexis says:

    Es increíble como se está terminando la temporada, siento que hace poco estábamos estrenando Comic Girls y Mahou Shoujo Site.

    Interesante selección, Happy sugar Life será agregada pero la serie por la que tengo mayor hype es Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight… tiene un ambiente “uthenesco” y por lo que veo en los trailers por lo menos vamos a ver una pareja que si no pelean no están felices (las ojou-samas) y muy probablemente un triangulo amoroso por la protagonista, espero mucho de esta serie. En cuanto Harukana Receive… no lo sé, no he visto el manga, tengo la injustificada sensación de que algo lo va a arruinar, pero siempre se puede aplicar la vieja confiable de verla 3 capítulos y luego abandonarla.

    Nos seguimos escribiendo.


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    • OG-Man says:

      HSL sera el show que muchos estaran viendo con gran interes.

      Revue Starlight tiene mucha potencial.

      Mi emocion para Harukana no hay igual durante el verano.


  7. Kris says:

    I’m so excited for Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight because I really loved Hibike! Euphonium, and I’ve been seeing this series being compared to it a lot recently. I’m also extremely excited for Ongaku Shoujo TV, mostly because I can’t get enough idol animes.
    I’m not sure if you’re into manga as much, but have you checked out Blooming Sequence? It’s a series that started late last year about a couple that meets through their university film club. It’s honestly one of my favorite new yuri series because their relationship just seems so realistic, and because we get to see them go from complete strangers, to friends, to more.

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    • OG-Man says:

      To me it sounds like a more serious version of Hinako Note and I liked HN so I’m down.

      Ongaku Shoujo TV is definitely one to look forward to.

      I’ve seen fan pics of Blooming Sequence floating around. Will consider checking it out when able. Also it’s a Manhua/Manhwha. Basically it’s not Japanese.

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  8. Nice summer list you got there. I have a handful of anime to watch next season such as Harukana Receive, Yama no Susume, Starlight Revue, Asobi Asobase and Dropkick, Now there are some anime in your list that I find to be questionable.

    Ongaku Shoujo – This started off as an OVA with a handful of yuri. Unfortunately, this could be turning into another Idolmaster wannabe because the anime could have its own male producer, judging from the anime’s premise and latest trailer. Feels like a Little Witch Academia-tier slap in the face. Inb4 “he is just a father figure,” “no girl likes him,” and “he is just like the trainer from Uma Musume” responses. The absolute state of yuri fans since OG Idolmaster anime. Anyway, let us hope that guy is just a one-off guy.

    Hanebado – There is some yuri and fanservice in the manga but the male coach is heavily involved. At least unlike LWA, Uma Musume, and Two Car, the coach’s presence was already revealed since the very beginning. I am actually going to give this a try but I cannot recommend this for the yuri. If you are curious for something, be sure to check out its original source to see if it is worth anticipating.

    Also, I find it irritating that Two Car made you angry because of the male coach and yet the one from Uma Musume does not. I want to know your logic of that. That trainer is there because there is a mobage coming later this year with his role in it. Are yuri fans actually seeing series like Idolmaster and Uma Musume as yuri classics? Is yuri about girls loving girls who can be dated by the male producer/trainer/admiral/sensei/etc.?

    As for Chio, Backstreet Girls, and Happy Sugar Life, I am going to watch them for how bizarre they will get. Especially for Chio since it feels like Hinamatsuri going crazier.


    • Cannibal says:

      The coach in Two Car was the love interest of the MCs and was their sole motivation for the whole series. The trainer in Uma Masume is not a love interest for any of the horse girls. The only woman who showed romantic interest in him is the female trainer. The horse girls have all paired up into duos and focus all their affection on that other horse girl. Trying to predict the shows relationships by stereotyping the game has been fruitless.

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      • Yeah and it is very stereotypical of yuri fans to assume that just because a work features two girls or more means it is 100% worth for yuri. I guess Idolmaster is yuri for you because the producers do not look like love interests for the girls at all. Fun fact is that those producers got their own episodes and Uma Musume has some of the Idolmaster staff working on it. I despise the Producer-san concept very much but he is an integral part of that series and yuri fans will always be the minority of it. Same thing is apparent for Uma Musume and if the trainer was not so important, he would have been a featureless player like from Love Live SIF. Brutal honesty, I am hoping for the trainer to get his own episode because yuri fans seriously need a wake-up call and a reality check about these mobile game anime.

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    • philipbaxton says:

      There’s plenty of anime where guys are featured but that never stops people from loving the yuri couples. Kannazuki, Nanoha, LWA, and many others have male characters but they don’t interrupt the girls getting together at all. The trainer of Uma Musume isn’t in love with any of the girls nor does any of them love him. I don’t see the problem. Also the mobile isn’t even out yet so I’m not sure how you can make comments about how it’s not for yuri fans.

      I respect your opinion and must admit I used to think the same, which is why I never watched Girlfriend Beta, but I dont agree with you.


      • There are popular yuri series that have males but unlike self-insert series (Uma Musume, Kancolle, Fate/Grand Order, Granblue Fantasy, and Idolmaster which will always favor male avatars) they prioritize yuri above all else. Kannazuki and Nanoha presented noteworthy moments for yuri while LWA did damage control to not upset the yuri fans. What makes you think Uma Musume should be recognized as darn “yuri” worthy? No amount of justification is going to distract from the fact that the trainer is the one existing controversial figure that is upsetting some of the yuri fans. Also, this is a Cygames series that we are talking about and that company does not have a positive treatment of yuri and fans. Just look at GBF anime and at Rage of Bahamut: Manaria Friends that was abandoned years ago.

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      • philipbaxton says:

        In the Fate Grand Order game always you to play as a woman and the game even has characters acknowledge your character’s gender. There are even lines where some of the women say they still love you regardleas of gender.


    • Cannibal says:

      Why hope for the girls to crush on the trainer? You dont care about “waking” up yuri fans, you just want your initial judgement of the series to be right. You judged the series early on and after being proven wrong you cant just admit it.

      There is two episodes left. The trainer isnt going to get a harem any time soon.

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      • Cannibal says:

        Also, its funny how you point to Nanoha as doing it right when the yuri is only confirmed by word of god and the original Triangle series had Nanoha dating Chrona.


      • Do you actually believe that Uma Musume is a property of yuri fans? Have you forgotten that this is a series that mainly targets the (mostly male) otaku fans who want to put themselves into the shoes of a guy so they can “date” the girls of their choosing? This anime is a part of series that focuses on the horse girls AND the player character known as the trainer. Justify the anime’s trainer all you want but he is there to please those otaku fans. It is the same ideal that Idolmaster popularized and yuri fans latching on them is one of the reasons why there are not many real yuri anime that sell well in Japan. It is like they consider those otaku-pandering series to be two of the greatest “yuri” series of all time. Also, you do not seem to know Nanoha. Nanoha also had a thing for Yuuno (male) but she ended up having a family with Fate (wife) and Vivio (daughter).


    • Cannibal says:

      This series is as much as a yuri series as any other CGDCT that we watch for the subtext. Youre just delusional at this point if you think the trainer is a stand in for the audience. He is a unique looking character with a bizarre hair cut with an actual personality that not a single one of his team has blushed at. He isnt a stand in at all. Youre just plain wrong, and your desire to get a trainer episode for the girls to fall for him shows that you aint got any evidence to back it up but wish you did.

      And, please, dont you dare claim I dont know much about Nanoha if you have no idea what the Triangle Heart series even is.

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      • The fact you, a “yuri fan,” are sucking up to a self-insert guy shows the absolute state of yuri and fans in this generation. It proves more that for many people, yuri should be better off as a subtext genre and not a romance genre. This is also why Japan enjoys toying with fans of Girls Love, latching on any series they perceive as yuri without giving a second thought. Hence we have yuribaits selling and real yuri flopping every year.

        And do not worry, I know Triangle Heart all too well, It is just that it is so forgettable, I pretend to not know it at all. You sound like you enjoyed that pre-historic Nanoha series more than the main Nanoha series because you must be a Nanoha/Chrono shipper. Sorry if Nanoha ended up with Fate and Vivio.


      • What is next? Are we going to claim that Hanebado as the single greatest yuri anime of all time?


    • Cannibal says:

      And there it is, your delusions has fully taken over any shred of logic you had. You have no evidence on how the trainer is a self insert and now you pretend to have known what Triangle Heart is. You have yet to realize the irony on how obsessed you are with the trainer and yet blow off the fact that the original series had Nanoha dating Chrona. If Nanoha dating a guy didnt stop the reboot from making her a lesbian then why are you so afraid of the trainer spontaneously forming a harem out of the horse girls? Just watch the show and enjoy it, stop feeling threatened over every little y-chromosome. Hell, even shows like Love Lab and Amanchu went het without any men for the majority of their run, knowing that, should I never enjoy the subtext in a CGDCT ever again by fearing it going het in its second season? Will Kou and Aoba find boyfriends in season 3 of New Game? Dont know, but that isnt going to stop me from watching it.


  9. philipbaxton says:

    I can’t wait for Happy Sugar Life. The manga is great and it’s been awhile since we had an actually yuri anime of this genre. I’m also looking forward to Harukana Receive because I enjoy all Kirara anime.

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    • jenetic6 says:

      Same. I avoided the manga for quite some time just based on the disturbing premise (considering I have a hard time reading Murcielago) but now I wish I had read it sooner. It’s both unhinged and wholesome and I have mad respect to the author for managing to have such a well constructed balance. I hope the series does well and someone picks up the English manga rights, I want hard copies.


  10. Yama no Susume S3 – Sad that it is still a 15 min anime but this easily the most favorite.

    Harukana Receive – Finally, an all-girls sports anime. Hot, sexy girls playing good ol’ beach volleyball.

    Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight – Girls and stage plays. Almost like Takarazuka: The Animation.

    Dropkick on My Devil: This is shaping to be a cute monster girls anime. Snake girl is cute.

    I sure do hope that none of the shows below Yama will throw an unwanted twist or curve balls, if you know what I mean.


  11. You sound like you are SEETHING hard to get my point and you comparing two different entities sounds laughable. Still cannot accept that Uma Musume is a reskinned Idolmaster? Yuri fans like you are so frustrating to deal with. No wonder many people like to ridicule them for fawning at the sight of two girls standing next to each other. Perhaps having yuri goggles on all the time is bad for your health.

    One is a leading magical series that started off from a hetero romance visual novel and eventually became a decade-long favorite for yuri fans everywhere. It has some fair share of het and the males are actual characters but it knows the yuri fans very well, with the strong vibes and even with a happy yuri family to boot. Even that het spin-off got shafted for being different (I bet you do not know that). It paved way for other series like Madoka and YuYuYu. And unlike Uma Musume and Idolmaster, all three series treat yuri fans with value and see yuri as top priority, both fanon AND canon.

    The other is another average mobage series that is literally three months old and is about the horse girls….. and the trainer. That premise should tell you that this is a simulation series focusing on the relationship between the audience and the girls. Which is the reason for the trainer guy’s existence in the anime. In fact, just him guiding them is good enough for the otaku fans to consider him as a self-insert character. If he did not exist, they would have ignored this anime and the upcoming game. Even if the anime shows no romance, they can make the hetero stuff themselves. The same thing happened to Idolmaster CG which is worse because that Producer-san became unreasonably popular with fans.

    Tell me, what has Uma Musume ever done that is comparable to anything that Nanoha or a yuri classic has done? Special Week’s claim of “having two moms?” Special and Suzuka’s relationship? Those buttloads of fanon stuff where the majority of “yuri” came from? No amount of yuri is going to overshadow the importance of the trainer. If Uma Musume really does care about yuri, it would have scrapped the trainer concept altogether and it could have been more than just another average mobage series. Sadly, this is one where the yuri fans are once again the secondaries to the self-inserting otaku fans.

    Love Lab made it clear that the girls wanted boys from the beginning and the boys did not show up until later parts of the manga and anime. Amanchu’s author blatantly does not like yuri and was not pleased with her work being mistaken for one which is why it went het as well and also why OG cancelled his Amanchu coverage.


    • Cannibal says:

      No, the only yuri fans people hate are like you. Yuri fans should enjoy subtext when they get it, but we have to deal with fans like you constantly whining about every y-chromosome that dares show up on screen. People dont care about fans enjoying content, its fans who wont stop complaining who annoy everybody else.

      Your hypocrisy over Nanoha is just repulsive. Treat with respect? When has Nanoha and Fate kissed on screen? Never. Yuuno and Chrona were just as viable as a romantic partner as Fate in the original series. Add in the fact that Nanoha dated Chrona in the original Triangle Heart series and where do you see the yuri? Even to this day the Yuri in Nanoha is still just subtext, we rely on the creators word in order to hold the series up as an example of yuri.

      You clearly have not watched Uma Masume. The relationship between Special Week and Sazuka easily stands up to that between Nanoha and Fate. Your self insert argument just falls apart. Yuuno and Chrona were Nanoha and Fates trainers and guides, and yet you dont call them self inserts. And yes, the explicit plot detail that Special Week has two moms easily compares to Vivio having two moms.

      Compared to Love Lab, Uma Masume has the trainer there the whole time and not a single girl has showed interest in him. That doesnt stop you from complaining. And with Amanchu, you can only claim that because of what happened in Amanchu. Dont try to act like it was well known that the author hated yuri. You also cant make that claim about Uma Masume, you dont know if the writers or director hates yuri.

      Your obsession with the trainer is just getting pathetic at this point. Again, its clear you havent watched the series. If you had then you would know how little danger the trainer poses to the relationships between the girls. Yuuno posed a much greater danger, he even lived with Nanoha in her room and caught peeks of her changing, but no its the completely platonic trainer who is the otaku self insert? Hahaha

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    • chikorita157 says:

      I have to apologize, but you are the one that are making Yuri fans look bad. The constant whining of male characters showing up screen and telling that people who enjoy these series are not real yuri fans. To me, it’s obvious that you are doing this to start a flame war or that you are an internet troll to provoke people on the internet. I don’t know what your motive in doing this and yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but you cannot keep hijacking the comment section and going off topic just to go off on your soap box that X isn’t a true yuri anime and only have yuri bait and that those who watch it are not true yuri fans. There are probably many readers on this blog that are annoyed by your behavior. If you did this on most forums, anime blogs or even on Reddit, they will not tolerate this kind of behavior as this is toxic to the community.

      Remember, Free Speech is only protected by the government and that people don’t have to listen to your non-stop complaints about self-insert characters, male characters, yuri bait, etc. Most will want to show you to the door like in this xkcd comic about free speech: https://xkcd.com/1357/

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  12. I’m afraid only the Theater really caught my attention.


  13. jenetic6 says:

    As excited as I am for HSL (which is a lot, I freaking love the manga), I’m counting seconds until Yama no Susume. Focused on one of my hobbies, in an area of the world I will hike before I die, enough subtext to fill a mansion and overall just a beautiful series. Seriously, can’t wait.

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  14. Giack31 says:

    Happy Sugar Life: Not sure I’m looking forward to this but I will watch it. I read part of the manga and it sure gets “intense” at times.
    Harukana Receive: Cool, will probably check it out
    Asobi Asobase: could be interesting. Girl with glasses is a plus but I read that the blond girl has an American accent which is usually pretty annoying
    Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight: Probably one of the most promising one
    Yama no Susume 3rd season: never heard of it, but I guess it’s good since everyone is freaking out about it
    Back Street Girls: That’s such a weird story. Kinda intriguing

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    • OG-Man says:

      I leave that decision to you.


      Should be fun. I loves me some Engrish.

      Tons of potential.

      Highly recommend checking out the shows and specials.

      It will hopefully be delightfully bizarre.


  15. yurimylove says:

    question: why is Dokuro-chan your 2nd most despised anime of all time… and who is the most despised?


  16. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    I can handle Happy Sugar Life but I can’t handle KY that much but still excited for this one…just excited 😛 Harukana Receive yes! That’s what I’m most excited about since it has the 2 things I like most yuri and volleyball, oh yeah! Yuri and sports, the best combo ever for me. I agree with what you said about Asobi Asobase, it does seem similar to Mitsubishi Colors so I’m going to add this one to my list as well. Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight really looks promising for me especially since it seems to be the serious type. Ongaku Shoujo TV, I’ve been really hoping for the anime since I watched it years ago and now here it is 😀

    For Hanebado, I am excited for this one because it’s sports and looks like there’s yuri. I’ve been reading this one and the coach in my perspective so far…hmm let’s see…he’s more similar to Trainer-san from Uma Musume but with a small pinch of the Two Car coach.

    Chio-chan no Tsuugakurou I’m looking forward to this one LOL though I admit there’ll be WTF moments but still funny for me. And for Back Street Girls…I’m just curious for this one.

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