OG’s Top 8 Favorite Visual/Kinetic Novels of 2016

As I mentioned in my New Year‘s celebration post looking back at 2016’s good points in regards to yuri, there were many visual and kinetic novels starring and/or featuring lesbians. I figured why not make a list of the six I enjoyed “plreading” most. Do keep in mind that there were some like A Kiss for the Petals: The New Generation and Ne No Kami Part 1 that I was not able to finish before year’s end. Basically this list will feature VNs and KNs I have finished and reviewed in 2016.

Despite the games’ orders based on my enjoyment, ALL are worth checking out.

Note: “plread” means “Play-Read”. I do not need to copyright it because I doubt many other people besides myself will use it frequently.

Love, Guitars and the Nashville Skyline

Coming in at #8 we have Cosmillica‘s Love, Guitars and the Nashville Skyline. This will be one of two KNs with a similar motif, two women going on a road trip and falling in love. The story of a workaholic Latina in Amanda forced to take a vacation and Juliet, a drifting musician. After meeting in a bar and the foggy events that followed later that night, the two go traveled through different parts of the United States on a journey of acceptance, familial struggles, painful stigmas and overcoming bad habits to name some of the hurdles they needed to overcome before finding out if they were really meant for each other or not. Oh and the story stars an age-gap interracial couple. Hoozah!

Get the game on Steam (all-ages) or Denpasoft (uncensored).

A Little Lily Princess Header

At #7 we have Hanako Games‘  A Little Lily Princess. This tale, inspired by the book A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett stars Sara Crewe, a rich girl with a heart of gold who does not waste time bragging about her riches but rather tries her best to make friends with the other girls and if lucky, win the heart of one of six lucky “bachelorettes” as I like to call them, each with a varying degrees of yuri love from lots of snuggling to more intimate affection. The Raising Simulator gameplay is hit or miss but fits with the story and is not annoying. Make the right choices and against all odds Sara will find happiness and love.

Get the game on STEAM or Hanako Games.

Strawberry Vinegar Header

At #6 we have ebi-Hime‘s Strawberry Vinegar. The story stars the cynical young lady Rie Sakuraba and the happy as can be adorable demon Licia who happens to have a “bottomless pit”. She threatens to take Rie’s soul to the Netherworld if she is not consistently fed delicious meals. The VN has a Koufuku Graffiti vibe going for it complete with “food porn” visuals, not the erotic kind mind you but more the “watching/playing this is making me very hungry” kind. Rie and Licia are more or less a tsunde/genki pairing and seeing Rie warming up the adorable and literal “hellspawn” (provided the right choices and meals are made) is most delightful.

Get the game on Steam here.

Nurse Love Addiction

At #5 we have Kogado Studio‘s Nurse Love Addiction. The story of Asuka and her fellow cute and sexy nurses as they aspire to become great nurses while also being yurirific. However, as the story progresses not all is as it seems…oh is it ever not that simple. Saying anymore would ruin the fun…yes, let us call it fun. Hehehehehe. Anyway let us hope this title’s predecessor, White Robe Love Syndrome will get localized as well someday.

Get the game on Steam HERE.

Highway Blossoms

At #4 we have AlienworksHighway Blossoms, the second KN about two women going on a raod trip and falling love. Join Amber and Marina on their road trip to find hidden treasure and working out their constantly rising feelings for one another while also dealing with a group of rival treasure hunters led by Mariah. Of course there is more to it than that but that should be enough to entice peeps who have yet to pick this surprise hit of the 2016 Yuri community.

  • Get the game on Steam HERE.
  • Get the itch.io version HERE.
  • Get the game on Denpasoft HERE.
  • Get the Uncensored patch for the Steam version HERE. Make sure to check the README file to find out how to install it.

Starlight Vega Logo

At #3 we have Razzart Visual‘s Starlight Vega. A tale of demons and sorcery where our serious heroine Aria may either end up falling in love with the voluptuous and seductive crimson Netherworld princess with a heart of gold Lyria, her adorably sexy magic whiz brah Melody, the ice queen whose heart is very difficult to defrost Scherza…or all three. Picking a favorite is hard. Heard some “plreaders” had trouble due to some annoying bugs. Hopefully this was eventually resolved.

Pick up the game on either Steam or Itch.io


We are at the home stretch now with #2, Innocent Grey‘s FLOWERS -Le Volume sur Printemps-. Easily one of the most beautifully drawn yuri VNs I have ever played. Imagine Maria-Sama ga Miteru with no men, more yuri and solving some mysteries here and there and you have FLOWERS 1. The story itself is also engaging as we join Suoh in her quest to come out of her withdrawn shell and be braver around people. Howeveer, considering her troubled past it is easier said than done. Add the struggle with sexual identity and getting the one she loves to reciprocate her feelings…depending on which of the two was chosen, and you get the beginning of what promises to be a most interesting 4-part series that as of this writing I cannot wait to see how it will continue in FLOWERS 2 -Le Volume Sur été

Here we are folks, my #1 favorite yuri visual/kinetic novel I “plread” in 2016. Fans of mine can easily guess which one it is but for the sake of fun let us build a bit of suspense. This title is a visual novel I spent the longest time “plreading: long after seeing all the events, 73 hours worth of play time and I do not regret a single second.










kindred-spirits on the roof cover

Yup. At #1 is Liar-soft‘s Kindred Spirits on the Roof. Yuna, in order to help two ghost girls in love, sets out to find and help as many girls and women as possible to find love with one another so that the ghosts can take notes on how to…you know. Seven yuri couples, each with their own kind of love story and resolution, including our leading lady Yuna. Whether “plreaders” will enjoy one or all the love stories there is enough yuri lovin’ for all in this title. While visually simple compared to a title like FLOWERS, Kindred Spirits still packs quit ethe punch. Despite repeating some events I personally was not bothered by it since it was neat seeing the same event from a different perspective. I also commend “those scenes” for fitting into the narrative and not feeling out of place at all. What more can I sy that I have not already in my review in the above link? Oh yes, I am perfectly fine with the girl Yuna fell in love with.

Buy the game on Steam or on Mangagamer.

Well that is my list. Here’s hoping for even more GLORIOUS yuri titles in 2017…actually from what I have seen 2017 already looks like it will have plenty to offer from both the East and the West.

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8 Responses to OG’s Top 8 Favorite Visual/Kinetic Novels of 2016

  1. tenshi_a says:

    If nothing else, 2016 was a great year for yuri VNs!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. yurimylove says:

    a nice run down of the top yuri VNs of 2016. I’m currently enjoying A Kiss for the Petals: The New Generation, probably about half done. Am planning to dive right into Starlight Vega afterwards.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. maengune says:

    Seriously missing out with Kindred Spirits! I need to remedy that – pronto!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. The GAT says:

    Thanks for this list! There were still two titles on it that I didn’t know about (Starlight Vega and Strawberry Vinegar), although the latter seems more like a pure friendship yuri VN between kids/demons?!

    Well, bought both just now! Also didn’t know that there was a 18+ patch for Highway Blossoms. I seriously loved that VN, especially the ending. Not sure if i even want any H scenes in there, but I guess I’ll try it out…

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Hope you’ll enjoy both titles.
      So you would think about Strawberry at first glance. See for yourself.
      HB’s love scenes are sexy and delightful.


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