OG’s Summer Anime 2013 Picks

This list is old, especially because the Sailor Moon reboot was postponed. I’ll update the list when an official lineup is released. For now, my picks are based on Googling.

No personal life schedule comments here. I’m simply sharing my picks for the Summer season. Nothing more, nothing less.

One last thing before I continue, Summer looks like it’s going to be SOOOOOOOOOO OG-TACULAR!


Ongoing shows I’ve liked from the Spring Season will continue into the Summer.

Anyway, the list will be divided between “must watch”, “curiosities” and maybe. No pictures this time because I’m lazy.

Must Watch

Hyperdimension Neptunia TV. This will be the very first anime adaptation of a source I have actually played. I predict this show, like the game series, will be dropped or criticized by 99% of the aniblogosphere. As for me, I’ve been waiting an entire year for this one. All I ask for is no male leads or hetero harems. Otherwise, I have a ticket to Japan and machete ready. Hopefully Japan is less forgiving of anime adaptations of video games than Hollywood is. Then again, there’s very little to horribly screw up with Neptunia other than what I’ve mentioned.

Tamayura: More Aggressive. Weird subtitle for a very lighthearted slice of life show like Tamayura aside, I still have to finish the first TV season.

Milky Holmes 3: The more serious 2 episode OVA wasn’t bad but Milky Holmes is popular for being hilarious, random and insane, which is what I am expecting more of in the 3rd season. Still, how can the gloriously hilarious 2nd season be topped?

Symphogear G: Personal wishes: 1) Have Hibiki and Miku confess their love for each other and kiss on screen. 2) Pair up Chris and Tsubasa. If you think about it for a bit, the pairing kinda makes sense. Other than that, more awesome musicals, ass kicking and fanservice.

Servant X Service. It’s from the lady who wrote “Working!”. I do hope there will be another breakout star like the legendary Mini-Goddess, Yamada.

That Magical Girl Show starring Ilya Einzbern: This show will mark the official anime debut of Luviagelita (Carnival Phantasm doesn’t count.). OG likey the cocky and haughty wrestling aristocratic magician rival of Rin Tohsaka very much. That is the only reason I want to see it.

Free! I’ve already talked about this one but to sum it up: It’s a Boys’ Club show coming from a studio worshiped for its moe-ness. The so-called fans are outraged, that makes me happy.


Stella Jougakuin Koutou-ka C3-bu: Sounds like an ECCHIMANIA show, with less fanservice. Hey, it’s a show where cool and sexy ladies kick ass. Fine by me.

BTW Gainax, WHERE THE HELL IS PANTY AND STOCKING 2!? Oh, and for the comments, if you’re going to explain why, do not flood the section with explanations. A simple one is enough.

Love Lab: This one could end up being yurirific but I am not holding my breath.

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou. The #1 curiosity on this list because I am only basing this pick on the girl and her mirror self. That’s it.

Kiniro Mosaic. A Girls’ Club show starring Japanese and English girls. My cup of tea indeed.

Silver Spoon. Sounds like one of those rare epiphany inducing SoL shows. Interesting.

Kitakubu. More anime starring a group of girls doing whatever nonsense they can think of. I can already hear the sound of angry critics running their mouths and clamoring for “the old days”. Poor, uptight fools.


Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou. It all depends on the quality of the male lead’s suffering. I have a feeling this will be a harem. Anyway, if he is physically and mentally tortured in creative ways, I might give it a shot. The summary doesn’t do much for me. It’s all about the quality of the male lead torture sessions.

Arakawa 3. My list is already packed so this one will have to wait.

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20 Responses to OG’s Summer Anime 2013 Picks

  1. Feith says:

    Can’t wait for Swan Song. Best part is, it’s coming out in my birth month.


  2. Dang, I might have time for 3 of these, max. Have you at least seen the last two episodes (12 and 13) of Binbougami Ga! ? I have a couple of other recommendations for you, but can I PM or email you them?


    • Overlord-G says:

      Not yet. I do have plans on finishing the show before the Summer season starts.

      You can either post your recommendations or PM them to me. It’s up to you dood. My hotmail address is in my About Page.


  3. well give summer 13 anime coming give trying keep it few yet so far on my watching list been

    high school DxD s2 (yea i know too YES YES YES)
    Symphogear g (the singing madoka anime is back again)
    Blood Lad (give bit wonder on it)
    ro-kyu-bu s2 (give still wonder if really coming this summer yet if happen more little girls basketball)
    magical Illya (with fate series going magical girl story hmm 50/50 on if seeing it)

    notice lots some are continue anime with new season yea sorta like plan summer anime to watch give waiting for fall 13 anime especially on wrestling anime Sekai De Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!


    • Overlord-G says:

      I did not care much for Ro-Kyu-Bu so, meh.
      I am unsure about Blood Lad.
      I have heard good things about High School DxD. Maybe I’ll consider it someday.

      Ah, so there’s a female wrestling anime coming up. Hopefully it’ll be better than the atrocious WWE Divas Division or the on life support TNA Knockouts.


      • agree that female wrestling anime http://myanimelist.net/anime/11763/ really need to be more to watch give women wrestling on tv these days are yea better go watch anime female wrestler this fall.


      • yurimylove says:

        ummm, just curious… why is WWE Divas atrocious? Not being a big wrestlin fan I only watched a few WWE etc. wrestling episodes when I happened to catch some on TV, even less of the Divas ones. But I’m wondering why you think the Divas are worse? Is it the wrestling action not good, or some other reason?


    • Overlord-G says:

      I could write an entire post explaining what is wrong with the WWE Divas Division, but the short answer is, WWE hardly gives the fans a reason to care about the division. Sure, the girls are hot but nobody cares about the girls. Their matches are short and forgettable and several other reasons.

      This isn’t a wrestling blog, as I’ve noticed very few of my fans care about wrestling in this blog. As for the TNA Knockouts being on life support, TNA treats their ladies with a bit more respect, but the problem is that the division needs a reboot. Bring in new female wrestlers and give the division a fresh start with said new women competing for the gold while also looking pretty.


  4. mutopis says:

    this looks like a good summer.


  5. Rei says:

    Tamayura is a must watch. It’s going to be the anime that will make me feel at peace again.. I shall re-watch the first one again.. Ooooo!! The MEMORIES!!

    And where is the Monogatari series? WHY U NO mention about that?


  6. darkness447 says:

    Reblogged this on Just my guilty pleasure reblog..


  7. Miku says:

    It’s a chick who created Working! not a dude. Just throwing it out there!


  8. Overlord-G says:

    Summer Anime list updated to Version 2.0


  9. Stevie Nix says:

    Right now Summer 2013 will beat Winter 2012 for the number of series I want to see. Besides my two definite must watch, Symphogear G and Teekyuu 2, I really want to see Kiniro Moasic, Stella Women’s Academy High School Division Class C3, Kitakubu Katsudō Kiroku, Love Lab, and Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya. Too bad Sailor Moon got pushed back. Hopefully we will be rewarded because of it.

    Since a lot of the people who worked on Love Lab worked on YuruYuri, I have hope for it.

    Your post is the first time I heard about Gen’ei o Kakeru Taiyo and the PV on the official site peaked my interest. I’m almost wondering if there is a BRS type situation going on, the girl’s other selves are fighting in their world, and it leaks over to the regular one somehow.

    Fantasia Doll is right at that point where the little I know about it (A Sci-Fi story about “dolls” that power up using magic cards) has caught my eye and I am waiting for more info to see if it will good or not.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Perhaps I’ll add Fantasia Doll and that other show about a strange hikkikomori girl to my Curiosity section.

      We shall see how LL holds up when it premieres. The same can be said for the other shows we picked.


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