OG’s Fall Anime 2013 Picks

With “The Summer of OG” slowly nearing its conclusion, I figured I’d start looking into the Fall lineup and getting an idea of which shows I know I’ll pick up and which shows pique my curiosity.


Like last time and from now on, all my seasonal anime picks won’t include any pictures besides the chart.

In case there are any changes, I’ll post them later. Also, check out this TV Tropes link for short and sweet descriptions of every Fall show so far.


Must Watch

-Coppelion: Hopefully it won’t be a Resident Evil clone because the concept sounds neat.

-Blazblue After Memory. I like Blazblue. Hopefully the adaptation will be as good as Neptunia’s. I wouldn’t bet on it though.

-Galilei Donna: Three female descendants of Galileo are wanted fugitives. I’m sold.

-Kill la Kill: Yuri subtext potential plus lots of fighting between women.

-Miss Monochrome: The girl looks cute.

-Non Non Biyori: The Token Girl’s Club anime of the season.

-Sekai De Ichiban Tsuyuko Naritai: A show about women’s wrestling. Nuff said. This will also be my number 1 show to focus on this season.

-Tesagure Bukatsumono: Probably a 3-Minute Warning anime but it’s an all-girl cast, so…


-Kyoukai no Kanata: I’m not so sure about this one but you never know.

-Kyousogiga: I need to watch the ONAs again before jumping into this one.

-Little Busters Refrain: The first season is in my leftovers list.

-Pupa: I have a gut feeling this one could end up becoming THE “Mainstream Sweetheart” of the season.

-Super Seisyun Brothers: Sounds promising.

That should do for now. If there’s a show I haven’t mentioned that my fans, friends and foes think would pique my interest, by all means share.

By the way, Log Horizon and Outbreak Company…both sound like shows that Señor Frog and Mr Chikorita would pick up.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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15 Responses to OG’s Fall Anime 2013 Picks

  1. Sben says:

    Wish I could actually read the chart in its entirety, because no matter how many times I try to magnify it, the text is ridiculously minuscule.


  2. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    Kyousogiga is a very nuts show. The ONAs didn’t make much sense. I’ll wait to see if the series makes more sense. There are so many shows this season to watch!


  3. froggykun says:

    How did you know I would be interested in Log Horizon?!?!

    Anyway, I’m loving how all my favourite shows got sequels which all ALL will be airing in the Fall. Hell yes, my body is ready.


  4. well give having a buffet watching this summer anime season.

    for the fall give early watchlist there are 2 for me to see are the s2 of Freezing anime & sekai female wrestling anime!!!

    indeed YES YES YES so wanting to see those 2 to watch.


  5. darkness447 says:

    Reblogged this on Just my guilty pleasure reblog..


  6. Hey, I don’t know where to write, i just wanna say thanks bcos of your blog i can know many nice yuri anime :D.
    From the fall anime list above, Walkure Romanze and Freezing Vibration have some decent Yuri scene. Even though Freezing season 1 doesn’t have yuri subtext and the male protagonist is so annoying, the season 2 is definitely worth to watch 🙂


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’ll take your advice and check out the two Freezing seasons. I didn’t really give Freezing much importance but I’ll check it out sometime. I am fully aware of the lesbian character in Walkure Romanze. I should probably talk about her one of these days.


      • The First season is a major turn-off tbh. When i watch it for the first time it still ok and that time i wasn’t a yuri fan. I re-watched it yesterday and all i could think is how boring and annoying the MC’s, but the action is still good, and it has so much cool female characters. Season 2 is gold XD the plot is more developed and has decent yuri hints and scene, the MC’s not as annoying as before.

        Yep, that Kendo Girl is totally gay for Celia, spazzing and daydreaming everytime someone mention Celia’s name.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Understood. I’ll take that into consideration when approaching both seasons of Freezing.

      She is adorable when fantasizing about Celia and continues doing so after her duel against Celia.


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