OG’s Fav anime of 2013

Most of the shows I wanted to watch in 2013 that didn’t make this list are mostly 20+ episodic shows and I failed to finish them before year’s end. There are some 12-13 episodic ones but from what I’ve seen, they wouldn’t make my list.

For newcomers, keep in mind that I do not limit my list to only 10. I have far too much happiness inside my weird psyche to let loose and share with the world.

Honorable mentions

Attack on Titan


Shin Sekai Yori

Railgun S

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Chihayafuru 2

I really wanted to finish watching these in 2013 and give my opinion on them but other than Chihayafuru 2, what could I possibly say about the five other shows, especially Titan, that hasn’t already been said? I’ll still review them sometime next year but other than C2, I don’t know how meaningful my opinion of the shows everyone and their grandmother have already seen and made their peace will be.

Stella_Women_s_Academy_High_School_Division_Class_C3_Stella Jo-Gakuin C3-Bu

Stella Academy. This show was the one that made me realize that I dislike Cerebus Syndrome. I get what the writers were going for with the serious second half of the show, I really do, but that still doesn’t make the show any better. That storyline would have been better suited in a full fledged military anime, something similar to Gunslinger Girl or possibly Flag, not an action-comedy sports anime like C3 was. On the bright side, there were enough fun parts sprinkled throughout the show to make it moderately enjoyable.

Most disappointing show of 2013

Galilei DonnaGalilei Donna

I am not known for getting legitimately disappointed. Usually when I express this emotion when dealing with anime is because yuri couples did not end up the way I wanted them to but that’s just part of being a yuri fan. I REALLY had high hopes for GD. However, Cerebus Syndrome struck again. Unlike C3 whose serious second half at least made sense, GD’s serious second half not only came out of nowhere but the show became both worse and more confusing afterward. Backstage politics aside, this show started off good but ended up becoming a jumbled mess.

And now for the shows I legitimately enjoyed this year.

vividred-operationVividred Operation

I bet most people who watched this show immediately forgot about it afterward. Not me. Watching it a second time was just as enjoyable as the first. The show was a hybrid of Power Rangers and Strike Witches complete with girls refusing to wear nothing longer than briefs. No Megazords though. The action was fun, the characters were neat, the villain was a douche and there was glorious yuri subtext material to work with. I’d say it was time well spent.

Yuyushiki CastYuyushiki

I like anime starring girls where most of their time is spent talking about trivial matters. Yuyushiki was not only one of these but also a yurified light version of . It wasn’t all perverted lesbian jokes but those were definitely highlights alongside Yui and her harem of potential female lovers. This show also taught us a lot of things about life, useless trivia and most important of all, the power of cougars.

love-live 2nd SeasonLove Live!

Idol anime are not well regarded by serious animeniacs and I didn’t really think much of them myself. However, after watching and enjoying the first season of AKB0048, I figured why not give this one a shot. The girls are pretty cute. What I got was one of the most enjoyable “Working hard to achieve one’s goals” storylines I’ve seen this year. The girls were likable, the comedy was cute and the song numbers were pretty good. Even though the only girl I didn’t like very much was Nico, I still ended up respecting her in the end. I look forward to the second season and more lovely yuri pairings. SCREW IDOL FANBOYS AND THEIR “Idols are not allowed to date” NONSENSE!

Love Lab CoverLove Lab

It’s interesting how two shows with the word “love” in their title ended up being equally enjoyable. Whereas Love Live was a really good show about hard work, good songs and good comedy, Love Lab blew it out of the park in the comedy department for me. The chemistry between these five girls was impeccable and viewers were treated with MANY hilarious jokes, lines and sketches. The only parts I didn’t like much were the ones with the boys and the buildup to the predictable climax but the comedy more than made up for it and both Riko and Maki were great protagonists.

Gatchaman Crowds coverGatchaman CROWDS

The Dark Knight meets The Social Network. That’s the best way I could describe this “whack” yet strangely hypnotic anime. The show’s connections to the Gatchaman franchise are in name and references only. No experience with the aforementioned franchise is necessary to watch this show. What I liked about the show is the messages it had about the blessing and curse that is the internet, the human spirit and superheroes. I don’t normally go for “brain food” shows but when I stick to one that interests me it usually ends up being a wise decision. Besides, I got the goofball genius in Hajime and the sexy petite beauty in Utsutsu out of watching this show. Oh, the panda and OD too.

Fate-Kalied Liner Prisma Illya CoverFate/Kaleid Liner Prisma☆Illya

I initially wasn’t impressed with this show but as soon as it got to the first major fight scene, I knew this was a vintage Fate series anime. Besides the fights, the jokes got funnier afterward, Luviagelita’s television debut along with her rivalry with Rin were excellent, the fight against Dark Saber is one of the best anime battles of the year for me and of course there’s Illya X Miyu.

Kiniro MosaicKiniro Mosaic

It’s an ultra moe/omega kawaii anime. Why would anyone be surprised I loved this show? Not much else I need to say other than this is the show The Ayaya is from.

Team Symphogear vs Team FISSenki Zesshou Symphogear G

Two years in a row and Symphogear is still an awesome anime series for those who can stomach it like yours truly. The fight scenes are still awesome, the songs are impeccable, our heroines still rock, the villains are a mixed bag (except for one) and HibiMiku grew even stronger. Hopefully the third season will grant the yuri nation’s greatest desire with this series.

hyper-dimension-neptunia-the-animation-coverHyperdimension Neptunia TV

I don’t know about newcomers or other fans of the franchise but as far as I’m concerned, not only was this a faithful adaptation of the original video game franchise but it is also one of, if not, the best adaptations of a video game I’ve ever seen. Then again, screwing something so easily adaptable up would have taken an insurmountable amount of incompetence. Sure the writers crammed three games into one original plot 12 episode anime but all things considered, it turned out quite well.

SekaiSekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!

Watching this both reminded me why I’m still a wrestling fan after 2 decades and of Queen’s Blade. Behind all the sexy big breasted women, excessive fanservice and not so amazing budget, lies a really good storyline about the honor of combat and the will to become the best with a dose of fighters who each have their own outlook on life and drive to thrive. The first half was a bit rough to get through with the excessive submission holds and choppy camera but once the big rematch took place in episode 6, it was smooth sailing from there and even the submission holds had purpose and were more varied. Again, the best women’s wrestling I have seen in YEARS and Sakura Hagiwara’s entrance theme, Sakura Victory, is one of the best women’s wrestler theme songs I’ve heard in years.

Non Non BiyoriNon Non Biyori

You all knew this one was coming. How could I describe the greatness of this slice of life. It competes with Kiniro Mosaic with being the best SoL of 2013. No ifs or buts. The atmosphere, feeling and calmness of the countryside were captured perfectly, the girls were all wonderful and one Hotaru Ichijou’s quest for yuri love was most enjoyable.

Mako, goddess of all existenceThe first half of Kill La Kill

This face of a supreme deity of deities should explain all one needs to know about why I loved this show so much. It competes with Love Lab as one of my favorite comedies of the year. As an action show, it’s 80’s to 90’s nostalgic goodness.

There you have it folks. The shows I enjoyed most this year…that I’ve finished. I’ll do my best to finish the honorable mentioned shows next year and share my opinions with the people who would like to hear them. Agree with some of the shows I mentioned or not? You know the drill.

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34 Responses to OG’s Fav anime of 2013

  1. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    Mako, salt and bread.
    Also, Neko-kun got excited to see that wrestling anime on your list. I have the hunch you two will become great buddies…


  2. Naru says:

    Haven’t seen most of the anime you’ve listed, but I did appreciate Love Live and its songs.

    And you weren’t a Nico fan? FOR SHAME.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I am not much of a tsundere person and I mainly wanted to see Nico fail. It wasn’t till near the end where I finally warmed up to her.

      My taste in anime usually differs from everyone else because I rarely care what the majority deems worth watching.


  3. x says:

    I only saw have of the anime shown hear but if they make another season of attack on titan it will so be yuri


  4. Avalon says:

    hei, have you seen anime OVA’s of Zetsumetsu Kigu Shoujo: Amazing Twins?


  5. x says:

    I’ve seen Zetsumetsu Kigu Shoujo: Amazing Twins it’s very good


  6. mutopis says:

    Zetsumetsu Kigu Shoujo: Amazing Twins looks promising.


  7. Kai says:

    I had been pretty preoccupied this year, especially in the first three quarters of the year, I try to skip anime whenever possible, and it really shows – I barely reached half of what you had watched here. Anime like Gatchaman and Symphogear were close to being skipped too (Out of the “pentalogy of sci-fi yuri anime” last year, Symphogear was one I liked least, so I wasn’t pretty hyped for it’s sequel).


  8. MR.KLAC says:

    well quite batch you seen in 2013 compare i seen there were

    boku next aka rise of rika & fall of yozora
    GJ-bu hmm decent show
    kotoura really hidden show stealer gem to watch
    maoyuu ya whole PLOT on it & biz talk moving on
    ore no kanojo another decent
    problem childrens yea izayoi is a BOSS & beware of bunny girl
    senran kagura ninja doobi anime
    vividred rangers series nuff said
    aiura random watch
    maou-sama from demon lord to mcdonald worker is a YES
    stony cat anime quite bit ok
    muromi mermaid total HA HA HA to watch
    photo kano take pic of the females
    sparrow hotel short & worth it
    yuyushiki another world of yuru yuri
    dragon girl anime series aka endless eater of syrup kana hana
    blood lad aka vampire otaku
    fantasista dolls i know card theme & dolls team it keep remind of MEGAFORCE rangers season
    fate illya yea it’s the magical girl era
    genei aka illya the tarot card girl
    DxD s2 yea wait for dub & s3
    neptunia anime did ok yet wonder on it’s dub in the making?
    sunday god fine decent series
    kimi machi why remind me of DEGRASSI
    Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku is random & ha
    kin-iro indeed japan & uk united together
    love lab quite ha & huggy where are you?
    watamote hmm decent
    ro-kyu-bu s2 yes for little girls basketball
    symphogear s2 yea whole singing madoka series & hammy evil of ver-STARSCREAM wonder s3 idea?
    c3 club from nice to fall & redemption of series
    Ecstatic Family quite the show steal especially characters from main family to mam noto’s ben 10
    freezing s2 yea did sorts now wait for dub
    non non yea finish watch quite nice good to watch
    multi-choice series yea oh poor kanade with his choice
    sekai wrestling YES YES YES to watch
    walkure horse series almost done yet why remind of princess lover?
    Yuusha from hero in training to best buy worker yea did well.

    wonder 2014 be like?


  9. Kitsu says:

    Good job OG, my fav anime top will be similar as your except with Doki Doki in the Top


  10. Yuri fangirl says:

    I’m literally having a seizure of happiness.


  11. glothelegend says:

    Kill la Kill is awesome. That is all I have seen really.


  12. chikorita157 says:

    I haven’t watch a lot of the Anime you watched mostly because I was busy this year, although there are few on the list that I watched and also enjoyed. However, I do need to finish Love Live, but in short, I am enjoying it.


  13. Baka says:

    I really need to finish KLK and start Vivired Operation. I got a feeling that this year was preety good, huh? It’s funny because i can’t seem to find the Best Anime of the year. Although, it would probably be between Kiniro Mosaic, Non Non Biyori and Love Lab.

    And, last but not least, Happy New Year, OG. May 2014 be as yurirific as it seems.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Try to catch up with KLK as it’ll continue this week with episode 13. If you enjoyed Strike Witches, Vividred should be fun too.

      Great picks for your anime of the year.

      Happy new year to you as well dood.


  14. Yurimylove says:

    well when you put it this way… 2013 does seem pretty decent for the nation. Grouping all the good ones together in one post really helped quantify the total amounts, which at first didn’t seem as bountiful when I was just following a small handful at a time per season. I’ve watched all the series you covered here except for Neptunia and Symphogear, but I do intend to watch both of them sometime in the future. Life is good when there’s always more yuri anime to look forward to.


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