Reasons why I like Milla Maxwell

This can be classified as both a “Filler Post” and an addition to OG’s lists. Also, this praise is directed towards the English version of Milla.

BTW, this is only after playing through the prologue.

Milla Maxwell swimsuitReason 1: Milla, imo, is the most attractive Tales protagonist in the series so far. Hotter than Tear, Chloe, Sheena, Rutee and Pascal. I haven’t played any other Tales games than the ones these lovely ladies star in.

Minae NojiReason 2: Minae Noji. Some complain about Minna’s English voice actress being too low and not befitting. A troll even called Milla a transvestite because of this. Honestly, giving her a low, adult voice adds to her sex appeal. It not only makes me take her more seriously when she’s being serious, but being voiced by a (as of this writing) 40 year old Asian-American cougar who’s still got “it”, imo, also adds bonus points. Maybe it’s my attraction to MILFs and Cougars doing the talking but I don’t care.

milla_maxwell_by_lrpanda-d4xekfhReason 3: She’s a summoner and a spellcaster. She starts off pretty darn strong but after the prologue…I’d say her progress to becoming strong again will be an interesting one.

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MillaMaxwellCutInReason 4: Funky hair. That’s it. Her hairstyle is both funny and mesmerizing at the same time. So much so that after buying her excellent Swimsuit DLC, I didn’t bother to change her hairstyle or make her wear the straw hat.

Reason 5: The fact that she doesn’t exactly come off as cold. She’s more serious than cold blooded. I don’t know if she’s going to loosen up later on in the game but knowing the “cold” stereotype, she may. I don’t mind, seeing her soft side will be equally interesting.

ShaniaReason 6: She reminds me of Shania from “Shadow Hearts: From The New World” because she looks like a tribal chick and is kinda similar in both personality, powers and…measurements.

Reason 7: If Milla “Yovovitch” and Dr Jude “Law” do end up together…I wouldn’t mind. Jude Law looks like a likable male lead.

I think that about covers it for one hour of gameplay. Maybe my opinion will change over time, but for now, Milla Maxwell, reincarnation of the ruler of Spirits (Reason 8), has my undivided attention.

P.S.: Look up Maxwell and it’ll be made clear why I also find this choice for a human form funny. No spoilers here, as this is revealed minutes into the prologue level.

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3 Responses to Reasons why I like Milla Maxwell

  1. SilverFox says:

    I splurged and bought the game yesterday. I’ve only played it for a couple of hours but I do agree with your points on why Milla is awesome. I haven’t played any of the other tales games but I’m loving this one. Her being a spellcaster/spirit summoner made my choice for picking her from the start. And, yea, her hair is pretty damn cool.


  2. Overlord-G says:

    Oh. I do hope Xillia will be worth the splurging. Milla FTW!

    Then let me say this, instead of the Final Fantasy X,X2 HD Collection, save your money for the Tales of Symphonia HD Collection instead.
    Of course, it’s up to you Madame Foxy. I just like the Tales franchise more than FF.


  3. darkness447 says:

    Reblogged this on Just my guilty pleasure reblog..


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