OG’s Fav Anime of 2012

First of all, some announcements. Skip the yellow text if you are only interested in my picks.

It’s a long one, sooooo…yeah.

I’m sorry to say due to a sudden urge to play video games again during the Fall season, I failed to watch any anime during that timeline. That means my list will consist of mainly Winter-Summer 2012 shows. I will begin watching and reviewing the Fall shows on my schedule next week…but I will also replace some shows as well. “To-Love-Ru Darkness” and “Sakurasou no pet na kanojo” will be replaced with Code;Breaker and Shin Sekai Yori.

The next announcement is that I’ve changed the deadline for the Yuri Awards and Yuri Couples Festival from January 7th to January 1st. that means all of you who haven’t voted yet have till whenever I post the results this Tuesday.

Real, or hoax

The third announcement is currently a rumor. In Summer 2013, a Nanoha spin-off anime starring Hayate Yagami will air. This is somewhat confusing as most Nanoha fans have speculated that if a new Nanoha anime were to air, it would star Vivio, namely Nanoha Vivid. In case the rumors are correct, I’ll make a post on it ASAP.

Unlike most bloggers who have (had) a hard time finding shows to post in their lists, I had a hard time picking only 12. It should be no surprise to my fans/followers that I am less judgmental or harsh on the shows I pick and when I’m legitimately upset by a show (coughNisemonogataricough), I won’t hold back my anger. However, this year was a pleasantly good one for me.


As usual, no particular order…until we get to the top 5, that is.

Honorable mentions:



While most were greatly disappointed by this one, I enjoyed it for what it was. Instead of being a horror classic, it turned into “Final Destination: the animated Series.” My main gripes with the show were that many of the background characters only served as cannon fodder and all my favorite characters were killed. It was a decent show, but not good enough to make my list.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 2Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II.

The 1st season was one of my favorite shows of 2011. while the 2nd season was also enjoyable, it felt like a rehash of the 1st season.

Okay, here are the shows that I picked. Seriously, only 12? NAH!

Beach cuties of Natsuiro Kiseki

Natsuiro Kiseki: After thinking about it last night and taking Marina-chan’s and Kai’s

opinions into consideration, they were right. This show DOES deserve more respect than I initially gave it. After all, despite using the classic “4 girls doing cute things” formula, they spice things up with the VERY important addition of the magic wishing rock. The wacky antics and lessons learned with each wish are what make this SoL show special and worthy of making my list.

Last Exile Fam the Silver WingLast Exile; Fam-The Silver Wing: Yes, I know the show aired in 2011, but in ended in 2012, hence its addition to my list. I haven’t seen the prequel but I really enjoyed this sequel despite its apparent flaws, namely the anticlimatic finish and Fam as a character, among some of the complaints I’ve read. Besides, it brought back memories of one of my all time favorite JRPGs, Skies of Arcadia. Nostalgia being a factor or not, it was a great show.

Jormungand (and hopefully Perfect Order as well): Tons of Grade B violence (Grade A is like the Fist of the North Star OVAs or Akira), dark side of humanity, questioning the difference between right and wrong in the criminal underworld, a sneak peek at what goes on in the black market, hot assassin babes and of course, a beautiful, adorable and deadly bodybuilding lesbian…Oh, and LOTS of creepy Joker Smiles.

Karuta Roromiya

Inu x Boku SS: Yup, another so called mainstream disappointment. Why this show is on my list is incredibly simple: I laughed my head off watching this show. If you were next to me watching this one, you’d want to leave right away due to being annoyed by all my incessant laughter. I could go further by naming the likable characters and the not so bad main romance but the laughter is what got this one on my list.


Milky Holmes II

Besides the same reasons as Inu X Boku, it was a superior sequel. I think I laughed EVEN MORE in this one than Inu X Boku.

Strike Witches the Movie

Strike Witches: The Movie

It was tough choosing between the K-ON and Strike Witches movies but in the end, this one was superior. What person, who has seen this movie (shame on you Stevie_Nix for delaying this one), Yoshika reached a new level of badassitude in this movie.

Tari Tari Beach Girls

Tari Tari: so many emotions went through my head watching this one, both positive and negative. This show definitely warmed my heart with its Glee-esque story, but better overall (Thanks KLAC for the reference). It was almost as good as Hanasaku Iroha…almost.

danshi-koukousei-no-nichijou castKimi to Boku

“Insert Macho Man, by the Village People, here”

Danshi Kokusei no Nichijou and Kimi to boku II. Both are for the exact same reason. They both depict stories of high school boys just doing whatever they felt like doing. Just your average group of macho men chilling out and causing trouble for one another, just like real life groups of high school boys. While Macho Nichijou excelled at humorous machismo, Kimi to boku 2 excelled at showing dudes developing their characters. However, the most important fact of all (Besides the best romantic tale ever told in Macho Nichijou), both shows taught people around the world, ONCE AGAIN, that not every man’s brain is located under their bellies.

I and a few fairies

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita: Random, silly, hilarious, enchanting and thought provoking at the same time. Nuff said.

Yuru Yuri 2

Yuru Yuri 2: Another superior sequel. It’s so good, it got people who didn’t like the 1st season (and were curious) admitting it was enjoyable. It also introduced us to The Dark Lord, greatly developed the tsundere lovers in denial’s relationship. There was something else it accomplished by I can’t remember what.

Sakura IchigoBinbougami Ga: Kana Hanazawa’s best role in my opinion, as the sexy and short tempered lucky girl, Sakura Ichigo. Well done anime parody jokes, jokes in general, a very simple plot, very simple drama every now and then, and did I mention how awesome the slapstick duo of Tittyko and Momiji are? Well, now you know. I’m not familiar with Gintama, but I don’t need to be to have enjoyed this one.

Up next, my top 5:

Black Rock Shooter TV#5, Black Rock Shooter TV. Nobody knew what to expect from this show, until it was revealed to be a retelling of the BRS OVA, much to the dismay of some. This show was so insane, so confusing, so melodramatic, so violent and gory (Grade A violence, believe it or not), so yurirific (no kissing though), that it was brilliant. Of course you can’t please everyone (When can you?) but as far as I’m concerned, it succeeded in keeping a smile on my face, shocking me and SCARING ME! This show scared me a couple of time. Ridiculous? Yes. Lacking logic, absolutely, but so does almost every anime in existence.

Please kiss in season 2

#4, Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Magical girls trading their skirts, dresses and wands for skin tight armor and badass weapons. No complaints here. I heard the original script had a different story in mind and while I’m curious how that would have turned out, what we got instead was no slouch. Musicals (Well, not exactly a musical) can be badass without a Marvel or DC superhero needing to be involved, you know? The Power of Song Compels all evil, except Chris Brown.


#3: Rinne no Lagrange. Any character that can convince me to watch a Mecha anime of all things, is worthy of praise. That’s what Madoka Kyouno did. I haven’t seen a mecha show protagonist as badass and likable as Coop before Madoka showed up. She’s a social worker, 17 year old jailbait, a pro wrestler, a sexy defender of justice, a chick magnet and of course, is married to two women. Besides Madoka and her bigamy, the show has a decent plot (plot holes aside), a mostly likable cast, awesome fight scenes (As mecha shows are known for) and just enough emo crap to remind viewers that “yes, this is a mecha anime”. This one was definitely one I won’t soon forget.

Loved this moment

#2: Chihayafuru. The anime that’s so awesome, I couldn’t review it. For now, the best I can describe it is: Think Tari Tari and all the emotions that I felt, except you replace anger and loathing with excitement and passion. I really don’t know what it is about sports anime that have nothing to do with balls or trading card games, but I was excited for every single tournament (big or small) match that took place in the first season. I was literally cheering for Chihaya and her friends to win their respective matches and also felt divided when team members faced each other. If an anime can accomplish that, then there must be SOMETHING it’s doing right, isn’t there? I’d better stop here before I write a whole essay on this show’s greatness.

And now, the #1 show I watched this year. while it’s predictable which one it is, there’s only one word I can use to describe it…









Yes ladies, it's time for a paaaarty, ice cream paaaarty

#1: Mouretsu Pirates. Shocker, right? I meant what I said and I said what I meant. This show was PERFECT! If anyone were to ever ask me what’s the perfect anime in my opinion? I would answer Mouretsu Pirates, then the first season of Saki. What can I say that I haven’t already said in my review? EVERY character has a purpose and doesn’t feel tacked on, there are both hot teenage girls and adult women, the best MILF of 2012 is in this show, the space battles are both epic and scientific, you get so much detail that would make a sci-fi nerd orgasm, a progressive plot that has no linearity and can still be enjoyed, one of the best female protagonists I’ve seen in anime who acted like a total badass WITHOUT THROWING A SINGLE PUNCH to an adversary…oh, and of course…

Best anime character of 2012

Yes, I am a very easy person to please.




Queen Yoshinoya

Please forgive me, my queen. I did not mean to leave out your god-tier anime’s 4th season. Time, school and video games took so much of my time away from you. Fear not, for I’ll redeem myself by writing a proper review for Hidamari Sketch X Honercomb.

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20 Responses to OG’s Fav Anime of 2012

  1. Marina says:

    Hehe, it makes me extremely happy to see someone else who enjoyed Mouretsu Pirates 🙂 For the most part, I felt alone in really loving this show. I also enjoyed Lagrange, though mostly for its characters. Madoka and Midori in Nendoroid form are so adorable!

    I had a lot of fun reading through your list. It’s refreshing to see someone who honestly puts out what they like regardless of the popular opinion on the shows. This is why I usually prefer “favorite” lists to “best” lists. And yes, please do a review on Honeycomb when you get around to watching it. I adore the anime and would like to see your final thoughts on it :3


    • yurimylove says:

      if you visit the shoujoai.com forums you’ll find A LOT of Mouretsu Pirates fans there. I’m one of the big fans too.


      • Overlord-G says:

        Yes indeed. Both Lagrange and Mouretsu Pirates are popular shows in The Nation. Have you seen how dominant both shows and its cast are in my yuri award polls?


    • Overlord-G says:

      I meant it when I said MP is the best anime I’ve seen since Saki, and even Madoka, because MP speaks to me personally. If you need more proof, read my review of the series or if you can find all my episodics on the show (I’m too lazy to put them in order), you’ll notice how I enjoyed the show from top to bottom. Same goes for all the other shows I mentioned in this list.
      My favorite character in the show is a side-character for Pete’s sake. Thankfully my fandom paid off as her importance is eventually revealed.

      Yes Marina-chan, I will not overlook Hidamari 4. It DESERVES to be praised. Stay tuned.


  2. yurimylove says:

    What an excellent review/summary article! I do have a question to ask. I’ve wanted to watch BRS for a while and have finally gotten both the OVA and anime series. In your opinion, is it better to watch the OVA first (since it came out first), or is it better to watch the anime series first?


    • Overlord-G says:

      Well, the TV show is a retelling of the OVA so yes, check out the OVA first so you can understand what changes were made to the TV version and how they progressed the story.

      Long story short, the TV show is both a retelling and continuation of the OVA’s storyline.


  3. MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

    well give one you mentions give seen

    Jormungand series give finish both of it yea so loco to watch yea looking forward to dub on it.
    tari tari aka anime glee yea nice feel to watch.
    jinrui the real show stealer to watch indeed those fairies only missing crocker http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=35636998 on it.
    yuru yuri s2 more better & yes “her” as appear the yuri has finally rise.
    Binbougami yea kana hana has really finally MAIN EVENT it all yea really take it all.
    Symphogear singing with super powers yea s2 on way what next dub?

    as for rest i seen
    Gokujyo yea school girl life take whole new yea level.
    DxD my favs to watch this year with s2 & dub coming on YES YES YES.
    kill me baby can we get the high stoned ninja a spin-off?
    Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai! anime a real feel good to watch.
    acchi aka konata is a cat girl nuff said.
    fujiko anime yea it’s her turn to be the LEAD.
    medaka cena yea we know give hmm if plan more of it?
    Natsuiro Kiseki aka sphere version of yuru yuri.
    Girlfriend X whole drool thing still disturb me.
    qb’s rebel sorta new story for it to watch.
    sankarea zombie love nuff mention.
    sengoku collection too many characters & different stories.
    arcana yea mam noto & her mob harem.
    Campione yea at least the harem want the guy.
    chitose yea too short but went out as a blast.
    Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai aka DxD jr version of it.
    dog days s2 more same with more characters on it.
    hagure the example of the BOSS of main guy of this year.
    koi chocolate yea mix slice life & conspiracy?!
    kono naka who search for the sister this need to be on maury.
    muv luv hmm bit action, f-service, & huh that all.
    Oda Nobuna yea another of those at least bit ok.
    btooom aka survivor with bombs on it give more on it bit “hmm”.
    Busou Shinki combine chobits with angelic layer & slice life.
    chuunibyou yea nice with all slice life, fun, drama, etc all together.
    girls panzer yea show stealer (wait til march for finale).
    Onii-chan Dakedo yea reveloution for it.
    Sukitte Ii Na Yo am i watch degrassi?
    Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun it bit sort fine just huh to watch.

    yea all fresh i seen this year new batch of anime.


  4. hoshiko says:

    I should’ve done the honorable mention too! I agree with what you said about Another and Tari Tari – word for word. Seriously.

    Loads of people seem to enjoy Mouretsu Pirates very much. Maybe I should watch it too.

    So are you ready for a new year filled with new titles?


    • Overlord-G says:

      I should add Natsuiro Kiseki to the honorable mentions too. Maybe tomorrow.

      Yup. There are some shows I’m looking forward to in the Winter. I don’t know what Spring has in store, but Summer will be a can’t miss season for me.


  5. SilverFox says:

    Moretsu Pirates is an awesome anime. I watched it shortly after it ended and loved every minute of it. Marika and Madoka are the best heroines ive seen this year. I’ve even recommended it to friends to watch when they ask me about some anime. Also BRS was crazy but I loved it. Dead Master and Black Gold Saw area two faves.

    I just started watching Inu x Boku Secret Service and I laugh my ass off at each episode. Only up to 6 right now but, wow, the comedy is just great!

    I’ve added a few anime to my watch list thanks to this review. This’ll give me something to do while waiting for the new akb0048 to get subbed.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Ah yes, a lot of people like BGS. I wonder if it has anything to do with her human self, or BGS just looks so boss? Dead Master is a fan fav.

      I’m glad someone understands why Inu X Boku is a comedy gold mine…despite it not taking full advantage of its supernatural elements.

      I do hope you’ll watch both seasons of Milky Holmes if you thought Inu x Boku’s funny. Believe me, MH, especially season 2, will make your gut explode.


  6. MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

    hmm all mention of space pirates give yet to seen it with dub version coming in jan 2013 with got Luci Christian as Marika Kato & movie in 2014.

    yea check it pirates in 2013.


  7. SnippetTee says:

    Mouretsu Pirates beats Chihayafuru, really?! I actually dropped it lol…. But I do see your point OG, the more yurilicious always wins. 🙂 It’s just that when I was watching the Pirates, I wasn’t too fond of the sci-fi and battlefield themes, likewise with Rinne no Lagrange’s mecha. But who knows I might just wake up one day and start re-considering those shows–kind of like what happened to me with Kannazuki no Miko in which I ended up really liking.


    • Overlord-G says:

      You’re just not as much of an astro-nut as me Snippy dear. Still, Chihayafuru made the top 5.

      Besides, yuri pirates and planet exploring astronauts take priority over a karuta playing beauty and her team of determined warriors.


  8. Stevie Nix says:

    That’s how I would describe Bodacious Space Pirates too, Perfect! ^_^ It managed to hit all the right notes as a SciFi action series for me, so much so that even if Sato hadn’t delivered, it still would be in my all time top five.

    As for Strike Witches, I’m waiting on CR or Funimation to get it like the TV series.


  9. lostty says:

    Glad to see Chihayafuru on your list!

    I also like our mutual appreciation for Inu x Boku! The OVA was so great! I felt it delivered the most laughs for me.

    I actually quite like your list, although there are some that are simply not my taste, I started watching Milky Holmes and it deserves so much more love than it gets and I’m going to start Yuri Yuri soon, which looks to be great as well!


    • Overlord-G says:

      Chihayafuru was DA show and I’m eagerly anticipating the 2nd season soon enough.

      Yup. Inu X Boku was a laugh out riot.

      I understand. We each have our own taste for shows. I do hope you’ll enjoy YY.
      Milky Holmes is a comedy gold mine that should be noticed by more animeniacs.


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