OG’s Summer 2012 Anime Picks

Well, it’s that time again. Summer’s right around the corner and with it, new shows to check out. Which ones will The OG-Man be sinking his razor sharp teeth into?

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way:

Rinne no Lagrange 2. The 1st mecha show I’ve enjoyed in a LOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNG time. Here’s hoping the 2nd half will continue catering to my needs. I’m still worried of there being male love interests.

Joshiraku. Supposedly written by the same mangaka that brought us Zetsubou-sensei…sold.

Yuru Yuri 2

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 2. While this show’s politics are a bit hard to follow, the rest is a glorious mixture of different genres with a cast, though large, is amusing to watch. Oh, and of course I want more MalgaXMargot goodness. LynnXJenny set the bar for best moment of 2012 so far. How will the super awesome seraphic lesbian witches top that? I’m pretty sure they’ll find a way.

Moyashimon Returns. It hasn’t been that long since I saw this show but it certainly has been a WHILE since the prequel aired. Those who have read my review of the show know how much I enjoyed it. Bring on more insane chemistry!

Dog Days 2. The 1st season, while nothing spectacular, was enjoyable. It had a very easy to follow plot and nobody made me want to strangle a lolicon. The ending still pisses me off and is one of the most ridiculous mcguffins I’ve seen in anime. Not even anime logic could have lessened its lameness. In spite of that, I’m looking forward to this one. Oh, and the more Leo the better. Oh baby.

Tari Tari: Yes, I know the trailer showed possible male love interests, but it’s an SoL. My forte.

Shows that intrigue me:

Binbou-Gami ga: The main girl’s hot.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous. I haven’t been invested in a hetero romance since Chihayafuru (More on that later). I’m willing to give this one a chance at impressing me.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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24 Responses to OG’s Summer 2012 Anime Picks

  1. Tari Tari looks intresting as well as Binbou-Gami ga looks like a novel.. Thanks for this G-Man 😀


  2. @fkeroge says:

    You should try reading some of the season previews floating around. You might find something else you wanna watch.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’d rather find out for myself more about the shows I know nothing about. These picks are the ones that immediately grabbed my attention in terms of my own interests. There are others I can see being more generally accepted and the token epiphany inducing one but I’ll save them for later.


  3. Only sequels really interest me. I’ll see what I’m still watching half way through the season.


  4. blazerj says:

    Hi G-man my first comment , I love your blog and another anime that I recommend you to see is otome wa boku ni koishiteru futari no elder is yuri too. I can´t wait to see it


    • Overlord-G says:

      I haven’t seen the TV show but all I know is it stars a trap and I’m not interested in traps. Why do you think I also skipped Maria+Holic?


      • blazerj says:

        Well Maria+Holic wasn´t so bad, for me was more like yuru yuri only on comedy.I saw the first serie of otome wa boku the serie and sometimes had exciting parts but that depends on preferences


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’ll consult senior nation members for their thoughts on Otome wa Boku. Maria+Holic just sounds mean spirited. I could be wrong but I’m not in the mood to take a chance.


  5. Rincewind says:

    After a quick glance, I would watch Horizon II, posibly Lagrange II when its finished, Joshiraku because Kumeta… and of course the second season of Yuru Yuri.

    If something turns to be really good I will catch it later as always.

    PD: Hetero romance? The last one that I watched and liked was Clannad. But Key is awesome, of course.


  6. yurimylove says:

    Yuru Yuri 2 is definitely on my to-watch list, and Horizon 2 for MalgaXMargot of course. I thought that Milky Holmes 2 is also coming this summer? If so I’m definitely watching that one too.


  7. Justin says:

    Yep, looking forward to Tari Tari as well. Hopefully the comparisons to Hanasaku will stop once it airs…in a good way 😀


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  9. Stevie Nix says:

    Well besides my must watch shows of YuruYuri, Lagrange, and Horizon, Joshiraku has rather peaked my interest. So has Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita and Kokoro Connect. I will probably try Tari Tari though maybe that might be a marathon show after its over if the hetro romance gets too annoying. I’m rather on the fence on Total Eclipse, partly because at its core, its a dating sim series (though I will admit there has been dating sim series anime that I really liked), and because I’m not really into kill them all endings as from what I gather is the overall tone of the franchise.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Good picks. I’ll keep a close eye on Total Eclipse and the other two you mentioned. Yurirific they won’t be, but you never know.


      • Stevie Nix says:

        You know, I really kind of hope there is nothing that pings Yuri goggles in Total Eclipse. After Another I can’t really stand the thought of picking up on a possible couple, and then they die (at least maybe it won’t be quite as random…).

        I forgot to mention, hopefully someone does get Moyashimon Returns along with the original (maybe Funimation since they oddly enough got the live action version long ago).


  10. Stevie Nix says:

    Funimation just announced they have licensed and are going to stream Binbou-Gami ga by the way. I think I’ll give it a try.


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