Birdie Wing Episode 20: Real Pro Challenge

With Aoi’s confidence restored it’s time to face her toughest challenge yet.

Young Aoi plays Golf

We began with a flashback of a young Amane meeting Aoi. The megane cutie was not thrilled about to become her caddie at first but Aoi’s unbridled joy and as we’d see in a followup flashback later on, lack of concern for the adults’ plans, sparked something inside Amane. More on this later.

Confident ReikaAt last it’s time for the Finals. Aoi vs Reika. Reika’s at a big advantage going into the duel. Aoi would have a to score at least an 8 Under Par to stand a chance. Reika showed early on she’s the current best in Japan. She’s like “You’re good enough to win a tournament and go pro…but that’s the next one because you’re not beating me.” Our heroines didn’t like their chances until it started raining.

Reika's focus ruined by the rainAmane and Aoi’s strategy was to hang on till the rain arrived. We’d find out it’s because Reika’d had a tough time playing under rainy weather.

Aoi goes all out even in the rainAoi meanwhile had no such issue and went all out. Although Reika still put up a good fight the rain clearly messed with her game and she made big mistakes. Aoi took advantage and caught up with only 1 Under Par. Reika’s like “I-it’s cool. As long as the rain doesn’t stop the course will become too hard to play on, the judges will postpone the game and I’ll be back to full force when we resume.”

Aoi wins the National tournamentUnfortunately Amane’s good at reading the weather and knew the rain wouldn’t last long. No sooner had Reika finished plotting her comeback did the rain stop. Aoi took advantage and won the game with one of the biggest comebacks in Japanese golf history (in that universe). Our heroines may not have stood a chance against Reika during a sunny day, not with that strong of a lead, but using the “Ash Ketchum” method of thinking outside the box they were victorious.

Aoi grateful but sadAfter a long day of interviews along with Aoi giving Amane just as much credit for the big win our heroines had a touching moment in the hotel. As Amane was ready for what’s ahead Aoi revealed she knew about the deal between the megane babe and her mom. Amane would be freed of her contract once Aoi went Pro.

Amane enthralled by Aoi's golfAmane basically said she wasn’t thrilled at first but thanks to Aoi showing her how beautiful golf was, specifically her golf, she realized how good she had it working for the Amawashis. She wanted to stay as Aoi’s permanent manager and caddie. It’s that or she’d go to Reika.

Aoi overjoyed to have Amane as her permanent caddieIn an alternate timeline Amane would have accepted Aoi’s love and we’d have got a golfer x caddie couple but here she and the audience knew there’s only one person destined to win Aoi’s heart though she didn’t want to admit it.

Another Blue BulletMeanwhile our other pair of leads rejoiced to hear Aoi win the tournament though Eve was bummed her love rival won the challenge. Remember Eve challenged her to see who would go pro first. Does this technically count as Eve’s first on screen loss? No time to think about that as our heroines prepared for their own pro qualifier tournament.  As they studied the difficult foggy terrain they’re shocked by a speeding golf shot. Not just any golf shot but a Blue Bullet! A seemingly stronger Blue Bullet than Eve’s!

Eve meets AishaOut of the fog came Leo ready to have his convoluted revenge scheme against Eve Papa by having his new apprentice Aisha take her down. He trained Eve just so he could later train another girl with stronger techniques to beat our heroine once she recovered her memories and was at the top of her game. At least that’s what I gathered. We’ll see if that’s his plan all along. It’s the classic shonen trope of a main protagonist’s toughest opponent either being an evil/robot clone or someone with similar/the same moves as them. It’s similar to facing Rose but without handicaps this time. Has Eve finally met her match?

Good stuff as always.

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10 Responses to Birdie Wing Episode 20: Real Pro Challenge

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  2. chikorita157 says:

    It’s nice to see Aoi managing to stage a comeback a win the thing. It’s not too surprising as she has needs to win to fulfill her promise with Eve. Still, find it funny how Raika got a bit too confident just to loose it all in the end. Also interesting to learn more about Amame’s past, although I have my doubts about a Aoi and Amame pairing as we know destiny with the other pairing.

    Not too surprising to see Leo again, but it should be interesting the lady he trained will fare against Eve.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. It was great to see Aoi come into her own and come back stronger than ever for her battle against Reika. However, as she admitted herself, she couldn’t have done it without Amane. They make a great team, and I really like how Aoi was able to turn what started as an obligation to actual joy for Amane. She came to truly love Golf and was happy to be Aoi’s personal caddy. So, no surprise she wanted to stick around and help Aoi shine as a now pro golfer. I doubt Aoi could find anyone better. For sure in another universe, I could see an Aoi x Amane ship, but here, Eve is the only true love for Aoi and they will definitely connect their feelings by the end.

    As for Eve, seems she’s got quite the tough road ahead herself. This new girl Leo trained seems to be at least as competent, if not a bit more than Eve, so Eve is rightfully disturbed. She can tell she and Leo didn’t come to play and that she’ll be in for a true fight. It’s so serious, she even remembered her caddy’s name!

    Good stuff, as always, can’t wait to see Eve rise up for her next challenge.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Great match and great seeing Aoi and Amane come together to form a powerful team. In another timeline they could have become the “IT” couple but not in this one.

      Oh yes. We know Aisha’s legit because Eve remembered Ichina’s name.

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  4. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Aoi really needed to be in a funk early in the tourney to give Reika a lead lol
    Amane using the weather to their advantage is masterful!

    Leo reveals to Eve his new apprentice!
    Golf Char here having a dark-skinned woman as an apprentice reminds me of Gundam’s Lalah Sune, who also worked under Char and was very powerful indeed.

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  5. Nick says:

    Aoi with a wild comeback win this week, all thanks to Amane’s careful planning. Seriously banking on the rain to throw off Reika to help Aoi get back in position to take the lead was insane.

    I’d also love to see that alternate timeline with Aoi and Amane. They make a really good couple and together they’d be ready to take on the whole golf world. But yes, in this timeline we’ve got another couple to cheer for.

    Not much Eve this week but she’s clearly go her hands full for next time. Oh man, that’s gonna be another wild ep. As they pretty much always are.

    As we enter the back half of this ep things are only going to get more intense from here on in. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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  6. yurimylove says:

    lol “certified weatherwoman” makes the best golf caddie

    Liked by 1 person

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