Otaku Elf Episode 7: Lucky Trip

My homie was saddened by the lack of Koyuzu screen time last episode so how about we kick things off with a first half devoted almost entirely to her.

Koyuzu buys fish

We joined Koyuzu at the wholesale section of the market buying top quality fish. Guy who didn’t know her thought it’s weird but she’s their favorite customer.

Koyuzu watches Koito workKoyuzu thought it’d be great to make Koito’s favorite snack together as a reward for working hard but Koito’s too busy to hang out. The next day she hoped Koito would have free time as she asked for help with an assignment. she had to ask her grandparents what their favorite childhood games were. Unfortunately grandpa was busy as usual.

Gamer Historian EldaFortunately they had an equally knowledgeable gamer historian. It’s funny they pointed out how helpful she’d be because all she did was play games.

Sly EldaIf my back weren’t in great pain I would have laughed my butt off from this joke. Brilliant.

Elda wishing the girls a fun trip while she staysAfter Elda shared examples of old-school games still being played today she got to bubble blowing. The sisters wanted to go to the park but of course Elda chose to stay inside so they elected to play in the yard.

Koyuzu master bubble blowerThe older girls weren’t good but Koyuzu was a master bubble blower. When Koito asked if she had enough info for the assignment Koyuzu revealed it’s all a well planned lie to hang out with her dearest onee-chan like the old days.

Koito pampers KoyuzuKoito got the message and promised to play with her in the weekend. Koyuzu’s joy was bliss.

Excited EldaThe next segment had Elda waking up from a vintage Elda nightmare. She wanted a gold frog tank action figure. Koito recalled a raffle that had the froggy as a prize alongside a trip to Hawaii. All they needed were shopping stamps. Elda tried to have Koito go on the trip but it’s she who wanted the action figure so Koito lured her out. Luckily Elda came prepared for the trip. My poor gut.

Akane at Kado's barThey decided the last stop on their trip would be for manjyo at Kadoi’s bar. They thought it’s closed but Kadoi said she had a surprise guest. Dr Akane was her bestie. They hid it behind “Not by choice. We’re just stuck with each other” but we knew the truth.

Kadoi and Akane rig the raffle for EldaAfter lots of adult babe banter our heroines got the last stamp and were off to the raffle. Dr Akane was salty she didn’t win the trip to Hawaii (which she couldn’t go on because she’s a doctor) but got the golden frog tank. The very thing Elda wanted. Our heroines won the frog but it’s soon revealed that earlier the babes rushed over to rig it so all the winning balls were black for gold frog.

Kadoi and Akane homiesLike I said we knew the truth.

Good stuff as always.

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13 Responses to Otaku Elf Episode 7: Lucky Trip

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  2. chikorita157 says:

    Koyuzu makes it obvious she wants bonding time with Koito, but it’s nice to see them do things together. After all, Koito is doing a lot and not enough bonding time with her little sister.

    Funny how Koito used the stamp card event to get Elda out of the house. Akane and Kadoi makes a good pairing, although surprising to see Akane all drunk.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Koyozu is so precious! such a gift to the world.
    The bonding moments in this episode are so cute as well. Sometimes you just want to hang out with your siblings like the old times.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. K says:

    I’m with the fine people of the fish market, Koyuzu is an adorable cinnamon roll. It’s funny how she goes the extra mile when it comes to playing or constructing a ploy just to hang with Koito. Interesting historical trivia as always and I loved how Elda presented herself as the solution to the sisters’ “problem”. I also liked the look on her face while she watched those two.

    How very nice of Akane and Kadoi to let Elda win that Golden Frog Panzer. She and Koito didn’t need to know how it came to pass, so no harm, no foul 😉 . I loved how the parishioners watched over their elf goddess.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Little Viktoria says:

    Best girl adorable Koyuzu ^^

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  6. Nick says:

    Love to see Koyuzu back again! She was greatly missed last week! So adorable!

    I really liked the first half with Koyuzu wanting to spend time with her big sister Koito. Really heartfelt stuff.

    The second half with the raffle was hilarious. Elda doing whatever it takes to get her golden frog tank, her passion for collectibles is unmatched. Also great to see more Akane and Kadoi in this ep too.

    “They hid it behind “Not by choice. We’re just stuck with each other” but we knew the truth.”

    Oh yes, we know. Only the cultured ones will pick up on that subtle cue.

    Looking forward to next week!

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  7. yurimylove says:

    “Not by choice”, but by fate 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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