Yuri is My Job Episode 7: Gyaru Game

The first chapter of what I like to call the “Gyaru and The Beast” arc had begun.

Cafe Liebe's Stars

Last time Miss Mai referenced an important election coming soon and hoped our main duo would settle their dispute before then. Lucky for her they did so it’s time to go all in on said election, the Blume Election. In the setting of the story that inspired the cafe it’s to determine the Blume/Flower der Liebe, the pride of the school. In simpler terms it’s a popularity contest.

Mitsuki wants Hime to vote for herThe voting process was as unnecessarily complicated as real world elections so let’s skip that and focus solely on our heroines allowed to vote for themselves or their peers. After hearing it’s a popularity contest and the personal voting rule she wondered who to vote for. Mitsuki’s like “You’re my petite soeur so it’s only natural to vote for me. Your character should do that after all…” Her pouting for affection was lovely.

Sumika approaches KanokoThe main focus of the episode were of course the titular gyaru and beast, Sumika and Kanoko. As we recall Sumika found Kanoko’s phone she left behind. Like most people she took a peek after noticing it’s easy to unlock and found the blue maiden’s treasured collection. The next day after the meeting she watched Kanoko interact with Hime as if to confirm her suspicion. She then approached her to return the phone and asked if she wanted it now or later. Kanoko nervously said later when Hime came back. As if she felt some small relief Sumika realized Kanoko wasn’t afraid of her but too nervous to talk to anyone other than Hime. Hime tried to encourage Kanoko to open up with their coworkers but the blue maiden wasn’t as brave as the little one.

Kanoko imagines Hime schemingWhile working Mitsuki approached Sumika to encourage her to run for Blume der Liebe. Not sure how much of the following were Hime’s thoughts or Kanoko speculating what Hime’d think but the little one wondered why Mitsuki encouraged Sumika to run right after she told Hime to vote for her Onee-Sama. She threw her hat into the ring and announced she’d run herself. Again not sure how much of Hime’s scheming came from herself or Kanoko’s thoughts.

Kanoko steps up to SumikaSumika again noticed Kanoko fondly worship Hime and possibly as another test to confirm her suspicion flirted with the little one. Kanoko nervously stood between them. She calmly backed off.

Beast Kanoko alarmedAfter work Sumika returned Kanoko’s phone and again teased her closeness with Hime. It’s then Kanoko noticed Sumika staring at her. She wondered if all this time her target wasn’t Hime but herself. The inner beast became alarmed at the thought of Sumika knowing her secret love for Hime. Would she blackmail her? To her surprise when Miss Mai came to discuss the votes so far she took her to the back and left Kanoko and Hime to themselves. The blue maiden wondered if she’s an enemy or not as Hime encouraged her to thank Sumika…for the phone. Sumika’s like “Oh, right. The phone” and left.

Kanoko enjoys HimeWhile reading up on the novel to better understand the election Hime fell asleep. Kanoko still worried about Sumika sought her source of relief, cute photos of Hime. After taking one she took the opportunity to put into practice a “fitting” paragraph to describe their relationship. Little did she know Sumika was behind the door. With her suspicion confirmed she called it a day.

Sumika's glasses are fakeThe next morning however, another hurdle. Like Hime Kanoko too was surprised to meet the real Sumika. Unfortunately her reaction was more unfavorable. Hime tried to tell Kanoko Sumika wasn’t shady just because she’s a gyaru but there were some stings in her words. When she got her glasses Sumika revealed they were fake and only part of her mature beauty character. Same goes for the books which she wasn’t reading. Kanoko became more suspicious.

Kanoko about to step in againAfter a dessert update from Hype Chef Nene Miss Mai had more election updates. Sumika said she may vote for Hime after asking Kanoko who she’d vote for. As the two were about to shake hands Kanoko’s like “You don’t have to bother. Hime’s already good with my vote”. Miss Mai saw their truffle as prime stage material.

Not only was Kanoko puzzled by Sumika’s motives but became more wary of her upon learning she’s a gyaru. Discrimination lass. Not good.

Arrogance and PrejudiceThis continued on stage as Kanoko wondered if she’s slacking off after revealing her secret. It didn’t change as she surprised Hime and Kanoko with a passionate description of the wonders of books followed by an eloquent summary of the above book. Kanoko wondered if she’s lying. The parts Sumika mentioned felt like indirect jabs to Kanoko’s unfounded prejudice of her.

By the way. That book may be a foreshadowing of their relationship going forward. Pay attention whenever they talk about it.

Nene lays down the lawAs I had hoped my dear hype chef Nene is finally getting more screen time. Hime and Kanoko again talked about Sumika when Nene laid down the law calmly slamming them for misjudging the gorgeous gyaru without knowing a thing about her.

Kanoko about to understand Sumika a littleAfter the glorious scolding Kanoko went to check the book to see if Sumika made up the summary but it’s spot on. She also revealed the reason she pretended to read, besides to be in character, was because the books in hand were ones she already read beforehand. She didn’t read at work because she’s a bookworm and could risk becoming engrossed in the story. Finally Kanoko asked what her deal was with her. For now she got a simple “I just wanted to be more friendly with you”. At least now the blue maiden would stop misjudging the hot gyaru. Meanwhile Hime took reading the Liebe source book more seriously inspired by Sumika’s work ethic.

Good stuff as always.

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10 Responses to Yuri is My Job Episode 7: Gyaru Game

  1. I knew Sumika was my favorite for a reason, so very nice to get so much of her this episode alongside Kanoko. She certainly was being quite judgmental of her just because she was a Gyaru. I hope now she understands that she’s much more than what she seems. It was nice to get a little Nene screen time to reinforce that too.

    I’m definitely looking forward to see how this is going to unfold. Good stuff.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. chikorita157 says:

    It’s nice to see more focus on Sumika and Kanako. It’s obvious that Kanako being worried about her looknig at her Hime photo collection. I guess in a way, Sumika knows a bit too much about Kanako’s secret and even teased her, especially with that book given how judgmental Kanako is and Kanako becoming overly defensive when Sumika made an advance on Hime. Thankfully it’s good that Kanako realize she is not bad, although I wonder if Sumika will actually use the knowledge of Kanako’s Hime pictures as blackmail.

    Also Kanako playing with Hime’s hair makes it obvious how obsessive she is with Hime, although I don’t think she stands a chance against Mitsuki. Also, Nene being overreactive over Hime and Kanako talking about Sumika makes me wonder if she knows more about Sumika that hasn’t been revealed yet.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It all depends on what kind of love story will be told between Sumika and Kanoko.

      Yes. Kanoko’s love for Hime is a bit too strong based on her actions so far. She’s a Blue haired third wheel so she has no chance against Mitsuki.

      I’m happy because it means more Nene screentime.

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  3. yurimylove says:

    I hope Sumika can help Kanako overcome her unhealthy obsession and eventually win her heart, but I fear it’d be an arduous journey.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Sumika being a bookworm is a nice surprise, as a (former) bookworm myself, yes, reading and being absorbed in a nice book is the best!
    Breaking Kanoko’s obsession would be difficult to say the least. HOpefully we get a backstory reveal soon for her!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Nick says:

    Time for the Sumika and Kanoko story!

    Going to be a challenge for these two to hook up, it’s not off to a easy start.

    Always find it funny when anime characters can’t see past a simple change of appearance like glasses or different hairstyle. It’s not like Sumika even looks all that different really.

    Excited to watch the next ep!

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