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Birdie Wing Episode 13: Tournament Starto!

With the 2nd season confirmed for Winter 2023 (LET’S FREAKIN’ GO!) I decided to postpone the G-View till the show is officially over, similar to my Magia Record coverage.

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Birdie Wing Episode 12: More Prepping

With the Birdie Wing Twitter heavily hinting a second season it is a relief because in this episode the tournament had yet to start.

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Birdie Wing Episode 11: Hardcore Training

With most peeps knowing where the story was heading after the Doubles Tournament was announced it’s only a matter of when for our main duo.

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Birdie Wing Episode 10: Ego Putt

Eve had trouble getting used to her new residence and needed some help.

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Birdie Wing Episode 9: The New Course

We joined Eve on her new journey. What challenges awaited her?

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