450th G-View: Blue Reflection Ray

Like Girls Club shows another genre I never get tired of watching is that of magical girls along with female centered Moepocalypse shows. This next one is a magical girl anime with a dash of moepocalypse. Find out what I mean as we take a look at an anime based on a video game series, Blue Reflection Ray.

Genres: Drama, Magical Girl, Moepocalypse (sort of), Psychological, Yuri

Themes: Family, Emotions

Number of Episodes: 24

G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: This is a story of connecting shining emotions.

Joy, sadness, anger. Feelings are a power, invisible to the eye, that every person possesses. Sometimes this power is even capable of changing the world.

Hiori Hirahara always has a positive attitude and can’t leave people in trouble alone. Ruka Hanari is socially awkward, she wants to get along well with others, but she doesn’t know how to go about it.

How will the meeting of these two wildly different girls change not only them, but the world itself?

The first question some will surely ask is whether newcomers need to have played the Blue Reflection video game before watching the anime. Mostly “no” but a little bit “yes”. No because the anime does a solid job explaining most things pertaining to the world of Reflectors, the magical girls of the story. Yes because it will help understand their world better. Also is it a sequel to the game? In a way “yes” but more like the events of this story were influenced by what happened in the game. That and some characters from the game appear on the side aiding the anime heroines. However, the events of game are not directly referenced but hinted in a way that does not disrupt the flow of the anime story.

Basically not really but it helps viewers better understand how things work in this universe even though the anime does a decent job explaining it over time.

Like most magical girl anime Reflectors’ powers rely on their emotions/state of mind. Depending on the side, blue or red, they must either have more positive or negative emotions. Not only happiness and optimism or rage and sadness but a balance of either side. Based on the girls’ personality, outlook on life and determination to do what they believe is right regardless of side the ring responds to their power. The reason I bring this up first is because as mentioned in the themes and plot summary emotions play an incredibly important role in the story. The red Reflectors, who I referred to as the Red Ring Gang, go after girls who are either depressed or struggling with something deep in order to steal their negative emotions for their master plan. It is up to the blue Reflectors to stop the RRG from achieving their goal along with trying to heal the girls suffering using either their powers or simply listening to them and help as best as they can. Sometimes it works, other times not.

The struggles all the girls on the show, be they civilians or Reflectors on both sides range from challenging such as social awkwardness, neglect or confusion, difficult but not impossible to heal such as conveying one’s true feelings to “messed up does not begin to describe how traumatic of an experience this girl went through”. Some viewers may consider the early girls’ struggles easy to solve but the thing is all humans think and act differently, meaning what is easy for one person to overcome is a great struggle for another. The show does a good job exploring many kinds of emotional struggles that even after finding happiness still linger and take a while before truly dominating the pain. Sometimes all a person needs is someone to hear them out while other times it is not only very specific but someone who can relate with their pain. While not 100% a Moepocalypse as not all the girls’ emotional struggles are horrifying but there are some who as mentioned above “messed up does not begin to describe how traumatic of an experience this girl went through”.

Another theme mentioned was family. Without spoiling anything let us just say the relationship between girls and their parents plays as important of a role as emotions. Viewers will be surprised how many times it comes up and the connections characters have because of it.

Fortunately the anime is not all gloom. There are many fun and cute scenes among the heroines as their friendship grows stronger. They help to lighten the mood. I went d’awww or laughed on multiple occasions s do not think going into this show it is all sad and painful.

The presentation is admittedly an art style I am not familiar with in all my years watching anime. It is difficult to describe. The scenes where it feels like time stops in the real world, a twilight dimension called Leap Range, gives off Madoka Magica vibes, The character designs feel especially unique to me. It may take some getting used to for some but I quickly grew to like it thanks to one girl I will get to soon.

Meanwhile the magical girl fight scenes are pretty cool featuring radical sword fights, traditional magic beams of justice/injustice and other neat visual effects. The soundtrack has some nice tunes, particularly one dramatic theme and the two OPs and EDs are very nice.

Hiori and Ruka, main heroines.

The cast of characters on both the blue and red sides are cool or take some time before becoming likable. It depends on viewers’ patience. Hiori and Ruka are great leads, Ruka once she opens up more. Ruka is also the character I alluded to when I referred to one helping me get used to the character art quickly. She looks and acts SO CUTE before and after opening up!

While the Red Ring Gang members are all fascinating girls with equally fascinating stories to tell…yes indeed…the one who I enjoyed watching the most was Uta here. She is both very simple and complex at the same time. Without giving anything away she is the epitome of chaotic neutral, neither good nor with evil intent. She simply enjoys what she does with a passion. While there are very small hints of concern from time to time her desire to achieve her personal delight far outweighs any concern. It is this desire and how she expresses herself that I could not help but enjoy. Basically she’s a lot of fun to watch. Not in the “love to hate” sense. I legitimately thought she was entertaining.

Most of the cast are great, even the cameos from the first and sequel games. While not getting the spotlight very often they are delightful when on screen. Even Yuzu and Lime who do not do very much compared to the first game. They are cute twin guardians.

Lastly, as always we have the yuri. It is mostly soft yuri but far from subtle. Long story short most, if not all the girls on the show are gay. Some of them hook up with each other. They do not say the magic words but as is often the case in anime not featuring a yuri tag in the genre actions speak louder than words. Furthermore some of the girls’ emotional struggles either include or are centered around their feelings for another girl.

Lastly despite the anime taking place between the first and second game it has a conclusion. No “play the game to see what happens next” cliffhanger. Some girls will appear in the sequel game Blue Reflection: Second Light and there may be some connections with events in the anime but again no cliffhanger ending.

Overall Blue Reflection Ray is in the middle between magical girl and moepocalypse. It finds a good balance between the two and delivers a very enjoyable watch provided the viewer has the patience and interest to see where it goes next. The girls are mostly enjoyable. As much as I really enjoyed it I cannot guarantee others will too. The show will either keep your interest or lose it over time.

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15 Responses to 450th G-View: Blue Reflection Ray

  1. skydragonx8 says:

    I knew about the series thanks to the game though I never played it and honestly I enjoyed Blue Reflection Ray, it is alright ofc but for me personally, I really enjoyed it.

    I enjoyed the characters and their interactions with each other a lot tbh especially during the funny moments and the cute moments. The many ships were also great as well, I enjoyed Hiori and Ruka the most and their relationship slowly building as the show went by was nice.

    Overall Blue Reflection Ray isn’t anything too amazing but I enjoyed it and honestly want to play the first game and ofc I will be getting the second game when it comes around cause I like the world and the characters

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  2. Alexis says:

    Muchas cosas que comentar, en lo general me gustó la serie, la temática es buena y lo particular me gustó como manejó las referencias hacia el lado oscuro/luminoso. La serie nos dió dos villanas trágicas Niina y Shino, lo cual cumple con aquella frase “la sociedad crea los peores mounstruos”. No puedes culparlas por lo que son. Espero que sean bien recibidas en Yuritopia. La siguiente es Uta, que al final terminó siendo Uta, tal vez haciendo alusión que donde hay luz también habrá oscuridad por eso continuó con el anillo rojo. Me pregunto si una serie donde Uta sea la protagonista sería una buena premisa, tal vez co una premisa parecida a la del Joker de Joaquim Phoenix, donde a pesar de las buenas intenciones de Uta termina convirtiendose en agente del caos, uno donde un día puede ser tu leal aliada y al otro patearte el trasero, donde Niina sea su contraparte, hará lo que sea para detenerla pero ambas tendrán sentimientos mutuos donde un día terminan en la cama y al otro tienen un duelo de espadas y así por siempre…

    Tres buenos personajes me hicieron recordar una vieja telenovela donde la esposa del galán estaba desausiada y tras descubrir que el galán se siente atraido hacia la heroina, la esposa le pide a la heroina que enamore al galán porque a pesar de todo quiere verlo feliz y ella va a morir. Esta premisa es muy buena y me hubiera gustado verla en la relación Ruka-Ryoka-Amiru y de hecho se trató muy superficialmente cuando Amiru encargó a Ruka que cuide de Ryoka. La química estaba ahí, se me hace muy coqueto cuando Ryoka le decia a Ruka “pequeño cervatillo”. Como lo hubiera hecho yo: para agregar un buen drama (cosa que les gusta a los japoneses) es tomar algo que tienen en común las chicas principe: su elevada moral y en el yuri la lealtad por su pareja es incuestionable, por lo que el conflicto moral de Ryoka hubiera sido un buen detonante para unirse al lado oscuro, Amiru fallece y Ruka tendrá que traerla de nuevo al lado luminoso. Lo que me lleva al siguiente punto, Hiori, lo cual no me convenció al 100% como prota, no sabría escribirlo con detalle, tal vez porque en ocasiones era un tanto molesta, por eso me causó gracia cuando Niina le quiso pegar con su mochila.

    Esperando un próximo review


  3. cirno9fan says:

    I will continually say that watching blue ray before playing the original game…is not a problem to your blue ray experience, but will pose a problem to your original game experience. That’s always been my point: If you plan to play the first game, then hold off on this anime. It WILL spoil the story of the game.

    I do think it’ll be pretty linked up to the game, as if the “now loading” screen at the end wasn’t enough of a hint that it was leading into the second game, you have Mio and her mysteriousness at the end, and of course Uta, and her not being done at all with being a reflector (though her ring seemed a bit different…..I can’t explain it)

    From start to finish, I just really enjoyed this show. And the budget was garbage from start to finish. But that didn’t make me unable to love my time with it~

    Miyako was best girl, and showed just how much she was with her final scene ❤ I really hope she has some sort of spotlight in the second game, and glad that she’s still very much hanging out with Yuri~

    So excited for Second light!!

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  4. yurimylove says:

    for me the “filler episodes” of CGDCT are most enjoyable.


  5. chikorita157 says:

    While it started off rough as the first episode especially was confusing and turned off a few. I think the show turned out well in the end as the story and character development was interesting. It’s like fine wine, which gets better as time goes on. While I only played up to the 6th chapter before watching this show, but of course it’s not entirely spoilish to the overall story, although some important details about the Common, Yuzu and Lime, and the meaning behind the fragments are going to get spoiled. As for the animation, well it could have been better.

    Still, I wonder what the game will entail. I’m pretty sure there is more behind Uta’s past than shown in the anime.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Eh. Viewers who watched the anime must have known there would be such risks while watching. Game spoilers I mean.

      Personally the animation is too different to judge. You either like it or don’t.

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  6. K says:

    This was a slow burner kind of show in my eyes but I liked it. I really got into when the 1st half was almost done, to be honest.

    The girls and their various issues and struggles were interesting. Miyako’s my best girl. Despite having no powers, she was a great help to the Reflectors, willing to go the extra mile to give them a leg up in protecting everyone’s feelings. I really liked her spunky personality.

    Family was a major theme here but it’s a bit funny to me that we didn’t really see anything about Ruka’s family. I know she’s not the only one, but still. At least you can say that she didn’t have any family-related trauma.

    My brother bought the 1st game on Steam a few years ago but we haven’t gotten around to playing it yet. Gaming backlog and all that. I won’t deny that this anime might make me want to push it up the list, though 😉


    • OG-Man says:

      Let me guess. The Niina episode.

      Miyako was a lot of fun and did the “Powerless but strong ally” hero archetype justice.

      I did say family was a major theme but not that everyone was emotionally scarred by their relatives. Ryoka and Amuri weren’t for example, nor was Uta (as far as we know).

      Finally got the game myself recently.


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