October Yuri Game News and Updates

That time again for more yuri game news and updates with a few blockbusters.

Mary Skelter Finale Concept ArtNeptunia X Senran Kagura Ninja Wars

First up reminders that Mary Skelter Finale and Neptunia X Senran Kagura Ninja Wars are coming very soon.

  • Mary Skelter 3 on September 30th NA and October 1st EU on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. (Alongside the returning married couple from MS2 a potential new one is introduced in 3)
  • Nep X SK on October 26th NA and 29th EU on PS4. (Yuri potential unknown but it’s Neptunia and Senran Kagura so there surely must be some)

Click on the above titles to visit their respective homepages for more info. (Spoiler warning for MS3)

Keylocker Turn Based Cyberpunk ActionNext up are some Kickstarters. First is Keylocker: Turn Based Cyberpunk Action.

Keylocker is a Cyberpunk tactical rhythm JRPG inspired by the Mario&Luigi RPG series and Chrono Trigger, in which you play as the singer and songwriter, BOBO. Fuel your moves with the electric power of music in this unforgiving planet by using real-time execution of moves in rhythm game style! Battle the authorities, unlock the secrets of Saturn, play on your own bands’ concerts and hack into the network to bring an end to this corrupt system, for better or worse.

As the trailer shows (It is an old trailer so some things could have changed in the present demo) the game is a turn-based RPG with a rhythm game twist inspired by the likes of Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero. Makes sense as the main story is music themed.

Sharp eyed viewers will notice the familiar style of the game. That is because the game is being developed by Moonana Games. The group behind the excellently challenging Virgo vs The Zodiac. Like that game there will be yuri. In Keylocker there will be yuri dating/romance options. Otome ones will be included too.

Visit the Kickstarter page HERE for more information and if possible to help support the game. Demo included in the Steam page.

Night Cascades

The 2nd Kickstarter for is Night Cascades by Hanako Games. (A Little Lily Princess and Cute Bite among others) I mentioned it before but it is time to check out the campaign.

Diane Carter never expected her folklore degree to get her a job offer from the local police department, but when a rash of occult-themed fires sets the city on edge, she is called in as a special consultant on esoteric religion to help find the culprit.

There’s just one problem: the woman she’s assigned to work with. She’s cocky, beautiful, and far too familiar.

Can Diane and Jackie overcome the obstacles of their past and find the truth?

Set in an alternate New Age 1980s where belief in paranormal powers and secret Satanists is at its peak, but same-sex love is still taboo.

Night Cascades is a linear visual novel with minigame elements as the detectives search for clues and interrogate suspects to solve their case.

The Kickstarter was already funded but check it out HERE to learn more. Maybe there will be stretch goals.

Next Kickstarter is Evil Roses (respawn) by Tokyo Dream.

The story begins:

A.D 2029, the Covid has circled the earth several times and ended up decimating 75% of the world’s population.

During the last 5 months of the year 2028 , Tokyo was one of the most affected cities and this is where this story begins …

Ayaka tries to find love while completing rescue missions because she is the only one with mysterious power (I won’t tell you anything else here, it’s your challenge to find out what’s in the story!)

More tolerance towards sexual minorities:

Many characters are lesbians in this game, and this kind of game is called YURI (also called Girls’ Love) in Japan. It might shock some people but we have to evolve in today’s world.

What’s about this father who refuse to see his daughter anymore because she is a lesbian?

In a world where some countries are still at war, is it really so bad that his daughter loves another woman? All he gets is that he will no longer see his own daughter…

The idea based on the KS description is it is an interactive Visual Novel with branching paths and other features beyond the token Multiple Choices. Also some of the ladies, including the main protagonist, identify themselves as She/They.

To learn more check out the KS link HERE. No demo included though.

Next is a free yuri game. Get in the Car, Loser! by Love Conquers All Games (Co-creator of Ladykiller in a Bind).

Everyone knows the story of how the great hero of legend Agi of Roses fought the Machine Devil and used the Sword of Fate to seal him away for a thousand years. Now, hateful Machine Devil cultist edgelords are spreading terror in order to summon him again, and the Divine Order that rules over our world claims that fighting them before it’s too late would be “just as bad as them.”

Obviously that won’t stand, and that’s why three young attendees of the local Academy of Order and one renegade angel from the Divine Order are heading off on a road trip to take the fight to the Machine Devil and his cultists. Will you succeed in your mission to save the world for another thousand years and hit every diner along the road on the way, or will you just be a useless gay disaster?

A lesbian road trip RPG by the co-creator of Ladykiller in a Bind about fighting for love and justice in the face of indifference, and “discovering yourself” as a useless gay disaster.

Readers familiar with Ladykiller or who read the description can expect a story with a “Give no f’s” sense of humor and narrative with a strong message hidden underneath as the heroines battle a cult of judgmental scum.

The main game is available for free HERE but there is a paid DLC bonus campaign with unlockable costumes and an extra story with tough battles.

The Summer in Trigue beta release by Winter Wolves Games (At Your Feet and Summer in Haven among others) is available for purchase on itch.io. Think of it as something like Early Access. Coming soon to Steam. Until then the interested can add that version to their Wishlist if they choose to wait. Otherwise go for the itch version now.

Protagonist catches her girlfriend cheating with another woman. Decides to go on planned island vacation by herself. Finds several lovely ladies who catch her fancy, including her ex.

Graveyard Girls CGGraveyard Girls, by Delphinium Interactive. A game about two women, both grieving over a great loss, becoming closer in the process. How close I leave to the interested to see for themselves.

Grief isn’t a low. It’s a terrifying high, atop a mountain I never climbed.”

Visiting her father’s grave on Halloween was never the plan, but inexplicably, Elle finds herself drawn to the local cemetery.

Hoping to find a semblance of closure, she arrives at his graveside with a notebook clutched to her chest.

Sitting against his headstone, Elle talks to her dad for the first time in years.

Drowning in a downpour of memories, she closes her eyes and focuses on breathing.

Daylight slips away, but before Elle can leave, a stranger approaches.

When Elle and Lucia meet on Hallows Eve, two grieving worlds collide…

Graveyard Girls is available for free HERE.

Life is Strange True ColorsLife is Strange: True Colors is the third main entry in the franchise. Unlike Life is Strange 2 there is a yuri route in this one.

The story follows Alex Chen, a young Asian-American woman who – after eight years in the Oregon foster care system – reunites with her brother Gabe in the cozy midwestern town of Haven Springs, Colorado. Her fresh start at Haven is shaken by the sudden and mysterious death of her brother.

Alex hides her ‘curse’: the psychic power of Empathy, the ability to absorb the emotions of others. When her brother dies in a so-called accident, Alex must embrace her power to find the truth.

The game is now available on PS4/5, XBOX One and Series X/S, PC and coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022 alongside Life is Strange Remastered.

Rune Factory 5 CoverNow for the main event. The biggest surprise eagle-eyed fans of the series spotted during the September 2021 Nintendo Direct.

Same-sex marriage and parenting confirmed for Rune Factory 5! Not only that but there will be animated cutscenes for Alice’s weddings with her potential wives along with the day they are blessed with their child. I assume Alice’s lines will be mostly unchanged per wife at the wedding but these scenes existing at all is more than I could have hoped for. Similar to the recent Story of Seasons games (Friends of Mineral Town and Pioneers of Olive Town) how same-sex couples have children will be different from het couples. Players will have to find out themselves when the game comes out. Japanese fans won’t be left out as they’ll get a free update patch with this addition after the release of the Western version.

Rune Factory 5 is a 3D life/farming simulator with action RPG elements. Check out the XSEED page on the game HERE to learn a little more. It is scheduled for a March 22nd, 2022 release on Nintendo Switch.

As a great bonus read check out the devlog on how XSEED and Marvelous made this dream come true for many fans.

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  1. qorl says:

    That Keylocker trailer was rad AF, holy s***.
    Here’s hoping they’ll port RF5 to pc like they did with HM.


  2. qorl says:

    The RF blog was an interesting read, thanks for the link. I’m very happy that apparently we have that team to thank for same-sex marriage and children. Although I kinda wish with the girl couples they could get like…spontaneously magically pregnant with each other, but I’m sure whatever they came up with is good too. I also like both girls have wedding dresses, my one gripe with Stardew Valley was during marriage the bachelorette wore a dress and you were stuck with dumb farmer clothes

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  3. qorl says:

    OG have you featured the Evil Roses KS? Looks interesting and needs help

    (I apologise for the triple post…)

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  4. rvn says:

    Thank you for your service lol. Summer in trigue looks ok gonna check that out


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