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This is where all my anime reviews will be posted. Don’t expect anything of Masako X or JesuOtaku quality, just an average Joe’s opinion on shows he did or didn’t like. Be warned, some of my reviews contain mature content and cussing, not suitable for cubs or baby chicks: Mostly the negative reviews.

471st G-View: Machikado Mazoku S2

No long introduction necessary. It is the second season of Machikado Mazoku. Let us see how it is compared to the last one. Review of the first season HERE.

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470th G-View: Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club S2

I stated in my review of the first season that the 3rd generation of the Love Live! franchise is my favorite so while I am always excited for every anime installment since the 1st generation I was especially hyped for … Continue reading

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469th G-View: CUE!

Last time I saw a female centered seiyu/voice actor anime that I am aware of aired was Sore ga Seiyuu! in 2015. I have not seen Girlish Number yet though. The former was a look in the life of aspiring … Continue reading

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468th G-View: RPG Real Estate

Ecchi Moe anime being rare is no big deal because when we do get them they feel all the more special. Here we are with another one. Let us find out whether it is more than a visual blessing as … Continue reading

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Birdie Wing Episode 12: More Prepping

With the Birdie Wing Twitter heavily hinting a second season it is a relief because in this episode the tournament had yet to start.

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