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This is where all my anime reviews will be posted. Don’t expect anything of Masako X or JesuOtaku quality, just an average Joe’s opinion on shows he did or didn’t like. Be warned, some of my reviews contain mature content and cussing, not suitable for cubs or baby chicks: Mostly the negative reviews.

300 Years Killing Slimes Episode 8: The Stuff Episode

Stuff happened this episode. Fun stuff, yes, but still just stuff.

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Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 8: Tensions Flaring

The Tri-Harsh Arc comes to a close in a big way.

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Shadows House Episode 8: Shadows Garden Part 3

The Dolls’ quest to rescue their Shadow Masters and pass the debut continued still.

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Yakunare Mug-Cup mo Episode 8: Mug-Cup Mizugi Time!

Right off the bat viewers should know this episode didn’t advance the main story at all but for peeps who paid attention to the preview they know exactly why it was still very hype.

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Super Cub Episode 7: Third Cutie

Eagle eyed viewers noticed the third cutie pop up here and there throughout the show. The time has come for her proper introduction.

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