Yuri Quickie: Kageki Shoujo!!

Like most of my reviews and Quickies my opinions focus on what I saw in anime adaptations. What happens in the source material is not paid attention to. Kageki Shoujo is no different.

Kageki Shoujo

When this anime was announced the one thing I hoped it would be is a grounded show about stage girls centered around the girls studying up and participating on stage delivering various kinds of performances as they deal with personal drama and teachers that range from supportive to occasionally harsh (to prepare them for the harshness of the entertainment industry) or in “Phantom-Sensei”s case, tricky while viewers learned important details on what it takes to be a performer that are applied to not only all-women plays but on broadway or all other kinds of theatres. Something like Action Heroine Cheer Fruits but with a little more grounded. That is exactly what we got here. The girls’ personal obstacles include feelings about others, themselves, peer pressure and over/underestimating their talent among other things. Then there is Ai’s. Let me put it this way. When viewers get to Ai’s it is highly recommended to not have eaten anything or have strong willpower…The other girls’ are for the most part manageable.

Sarasa morning hairThere is one thing I need to point out. It will be different for others but I felt a majority of the first half was carried by the lovable giant Sarasa. Her mannerisms, cheerful but willing to learn more attitude and most importantly her morning afro were most enjoyable. Even my #1 girl who we will get to near the end did not get to show her true power until around the 2nd half, aka after Ai’s icy heart defrosted.


Sarasa tries talking to Ai againSpeaking of Ai after she took a chill pill she became Sarasa’s equal in awesomeness. I will not spoil how but she was glorious as both the co-protagonist and narrator of the story. Of all the girls on the show there was only one I was not much of a fan of. A certain second year who, while her personality makes sense for her character still annoyed me. On purpose, yes, but does not mean I liked her knowing she wanted to be disliked.

Ai meets SarasaSo the big question. Is this anime yuri? The short answer is “close enough”. The long answer is that there is het here and there. Most of the girls are het with some being at least bi. Without spoiling anything trust me when I say the main het is FORCED! I am not saying this because of my yuri bias. The show pretty much confirms its main het is forced. The side het is fine in comparison though pay close attention in the last few episodes. There is a nice surprise. As for our main duo. There is without a shadow of a doubt something there.

Sawa BallerinaLastly the best gift this show gave me was Best Girl Sawa. She is fantastic. Even during the early episodes where Sarasa had to carry the load Sawa showed signs of brilliance and later unleashed her true power after Ai’s heart defrosted. Thank you Sawa you magnificent sexy beast.

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7 Responses to Yuri Quickie: Kageki Shoujo!!

  1. skydragonx8 says:

    I really enjoyed Kageki Shoujo a lot, it has very deep moments and can show just how tough this industry of acting can be.

    The characters were a ton of fun especially Sarasa, she was super loveable and all in all a fun character.

    I also loved it when Ai finally opened up and started to be less cold towards everyone especially Sarasa, it was cute! And her story as to why she is so cold really hit me hard.

    The yuri though subtext I still did like and it gave us some nice ships!

    Overall this show was a lot of fun and I would so like to see more especially since the ending was very open plus there is more to adapt to my knowledge so please more!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. opaco1234 says:

    I am sure the bond between Sarasa and Ai will increase and win in the end

    Liked by 2 people

  3. yurimylove says:

    a good stage girls anime with strong character drama, that does not need sci-fi or supernatural elements to make it interesting to watch.

    Liked by 1 person

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