405th G-View: Kandagawa Jet Girls

In 2018 the anime world was blessed with an anime about beach volleyball, guaranteeing that most, if not all episodes would be beach/swimsuit themed. In 2019 a similar show premiered, only this time it was centered around jet ski racing and was set in what I like to call Kenichiro Takaki’s “Ecchiverse” (Senran Kagura, Valkyrie Drive etc.). This meant the sexiness was of the highest quality and a bit over the top…hence from the very start the show is not recommended to “Good boys and girls” (or “loli-holics” to put it nicely) who cannot handle shows that prioritize fanservice (especially the uncensored broadcast). However, as longtime fans of the “Ecchiverse” know the anime and especially games are more than “tiddy waifu games”. The question was what would the following show bring to the established universe to set it apart from its predecessors? That is what we are about to find out as we take a look at Kandagawa Jet Girls.

Kandagawa Jet Girls.jpg

Genres: Ecchi, Racing, Sports, Tournament

Themes: Combat Racing, Jet Ski, Shooting, Water Guns, Yuri

Number of episodes: 12

G-Rating: 10/10

Plot Summary: Rin Namiki’s mother was a legendary PWC (Jet skis with water guns combat racing) champion and she dreamed of one day becoming a great racer like her. Years later she moved from her Southern island to the big city in hopes of becoming a jet racer. Fortune smiled on her when she met the cool and serious beauty Misa Aoi.  Thus began their tale to become the best of the best…and maybe something more.

Misa back in the game

Rin (yellow) and Misa (blue) in action.

Let us get the obvious out of the way first. The KJG anime is pretty much a commercial for the video game of the same name (released in Japan a week after this review was written), and it did an excellent job showing viewers what to expect. Without going into detail it is about sexy girls racing in pairs of two (one drives and the other shoots) competing in jet ski combat races. This being an “Ecchiverse” series expect clothes getting blasted revealing the ladies’ fantastic bodies of various shapes and sizes. Here this action is called the “Safety Feature”. The show does a pretty good job showcasing that along with other features such as the “Boost” and the arcade racing game tradition of weight classes (Light, Medium and Heavy) which affects racers based on their combined height and weight. That or the weight of the jet skis. Races occur sporadically instead of the previously expected one race per episode. The races are all excellent, thrilling and have stories to tell, be they revolved around our protagonists and/or their rivals.

Rin pouncing on Misa

Highly recommended watching/looking up the uncensored version of the show. I do not know if the uncensored episodes are still available on HiDive or are timed exclusives.

The pacing of the show has one/two episode/s dedicated to fun times, sexiness and character development followed by an episode where half or most of it is the race. The “Wet and Wild” tagline applies to both the action and ecchiness during races. When not racing the sexiness is of the typical PG-13 caliber so those who thought the ecchi in Valkyrie Drive Mermaid was too much need not worry. It is not borderline hentai at all. Like its fellow “Ecchiverse” predecessors races are triggered by our heroines having something to prove or the simplest of reasons such as the right to claim a charm.

“I want the charm!”

“No I want it!”

“Let’s have a race for it!”

Non-racing episodes feature Rin and Misa meeting the other teams as they along with viewers get to know them better. Unlike previous “Ecchiverse” shows no one’s lives are at stake so apart from competing the ladies do their thing from the twin sisters Dina and Ziyu’s idol work to the foreign girls Jennifer and Emily having fun wherever they go.

On to the presentation. The animation excels where it counts most, the racing and sexiness. The races, some CGI here and there, are very well animated and the girls bless viewers with all their glory on multiple occasions. Some will make viewers wait but rest assured the wait pays off big time. The OP is one of my favorites of Fall 2019 and the year overall. The ED and the rest of the soundtrack are quite nice. #KickAss

As always this is the part of the G-View where we get to what readers look forward to most here in my humble abode.

Hell's Kitchen Swimsuit Tops

Dina and Ziyu.

The twin sisters Dina and Ziyu make up the popular idol group Hell’s Kitchen. They are nice in front of the camera and public but like any idol working their butts off consistently they have a bit of a mean streak deep down. When not working or competing they have a very intimate relationship.

Emily and Jennifer at the cafe

Jennifer (pink) and Emily (tanned blonde).

Jennifer and Emily are the fun loving foreign students. Like most anime foreigner archetypes expect plenty of glorious Engrish and in Emily’s case samurai and ninja honorifics. They are the least intimate couple but they make such a great team they need not prove their bond. It is clear as day they are set for life.

Manatsu and Yuzu pumped up

Manatsu (dark skin) and Yuzu (pale skin).

Next are the gyaru couple. They are the “We’re sexy and we know it” couple, especially Yuzu. Manatsu is the cool one (with a gentle heart) and Yuzu the seductive one. Stylish, trendy and coquettish, again Yuzu especially. Like Jennifer and Emily they are friendly and fun to be around but the difference is they enjoy showing off how sexy and awesome they are to rivals and followers. Unsurprisingly Yuzu is the “top”.

On a personal note Emily and Manatsu were my two most hype girls and both surpassed my expectations.

Lily Racers

Inori and Fuka.

The miko couple are up next. While they are the first to show Rin and the viewers their full power they are formally introduced last. They are an interesting couple indeed. So much so that I will not give away their personalities and relationship dynamic. Readers will have to see for themselves.

Champion Racers

Kuromaru and Lady Kaguya.

Lastly we have the champion couple of Lady Kaguya and her P-Cup maid Kuromaru. While Kaguya shows viewers what kind of lady she is near the end of the show it was made clear long before that. Every time Kaguya and Kuromaru are on screen viewers can already tell what kind of characters they are and what kind of relationship they have. Oh and Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni fans will notice the resemblance Kuromaru shares with a certain other maid.

At long last we come to the REAL main attraction. While the goal of the anime is to promote the video game…

Rin and Misa

…the real main plot is the relationship between Rin and Misa. Rin’s sexuality is made crystal clear the moment she arrived at the big city seeing all the girls around her whereas Misa slowly realized her feelings for Rin the more time she spent with her. Rin is a super friendly and energetic (heavily armed) puffy hug monster. Her cuteness and hugs are very powerful weapons that take her very far in life. Few girls, especially Misa, are strong enough to resist Rin’s power and those who do exert A LOT OF ENERGY. Misa is a mix between ice princess and (kind of) tsundere who is very shy deep down. She has her reasons. As she spends more time with Rin and struggles with her true feelings the ice around her slowly melts. In fact, the symbolism around Misa’s development is so simple it can be missed on the first viewing. Misa’s actions, the lighting, shadows, colors, observation, surrounding and much more. Everything about her development is so excellently executed. As for Rin, she may be more open than Misa but even she has some trouble sharing or understanding things at first. Those not used to the “Ecchiverse” were surprised to see this but longtime fans know this is par for the course. Behind the torn clothing and big gunns are the hearts of teenage and young adult ladies with their own thoughts, feelings, ambitions, struggles, victories and defeats. Just because shows like this are heavy on the ecchi does not mean they ALL lack depth. The best ECCHIMANIA shows are ones that go beyond sexiness and readers who have the mental fortitude/tolerance to see it through may end up having a SMALL BIT of respect. Granted this kind of fortitude/tolerance takes years of training to master and even some who have seen this stuff many times still lack the willpower to tolerate them. Them and loli-holics.

Point being Rin X Misa’s romance is SO DAMN PRECIOUS and arguably one of the best of 2019 anime yuri alongside powerhouses like ShamiMomo and GreAnne!

Overall Kandagawa Jet Girls is a blast, provided viewers can handle the strong ecchi content. Those who can will be rewarded with a cast of delightfully sexy yuri couples, some great jet ski combat racing and fun ecchi content topped by a wonderful main couple. Highly recommended to fans of the “Ecchiverse” and ecchi yuri that has more than just top notch T&A.

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24 Responses to 405th G-View: Kandagawa Jet Girls

  1. mikubikki says:

    one of the best lesbianship story development (well..for me at least) which level is going up and up, and not to forget about the development of other couples as well and glorious fan services *wink. quite enjoyable uwu.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. tbiscut74 says:

    Man what a Great series!

    Rin’s x Misa’s relationship was Totes Adorbs! They healed my soul every time they had their moments!

    They totally kissed in “that” scene didn’t they.

    Teams Jemily and Gyaru were my favorites! So sexy and Fun! And my eternal love for Engrish!

    My favorite side character is Kiriko. For obviously she’s adorable! And I kinda ship her with the girl with the hot mom.

    Speaking of her, this show blessed us with some truly beautiful anime MILFS. You know who I’m talkin about.

    I liked all the couples!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      That’s usually what it means when two people stand close to each other during an intimate scene like that, yes.

      The gyaru and foreign couples were excellent.

      Kiriko was indeed adorable. Her with Hina sound like a cute pair.

      Two incredible moms. Oh yes.

      They were all delightful couples.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. tsubasasfamily says:

    Takaki is one of my favorite Japanese creators, that guy knows what his audience likes and doesn’t do any unnatural pandering to other fandoms, which I respect. Ever since Valkyrie Drive, it’s also been obvious he has more than one yuri bone in his body, and lo and behold, the trend continues!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Cyan says:

    I didn’t think I needed this anime, I’m so happy I tried! Once you get past the ecchi you’ll be rewarded with yuri goodness. After a few episodes I came to appreciate the ladies beautiful bodies… it’s different, it’s not like those over the top ecchi where episodes becomes ridiculous to watch, no! This is a good anime, the pacing, the story, the character development they got it all right and I found myself rooting for Misa and Rin.
    The last episode didn’t even feel rushed at all, they had time to wrap everything up neatly.

    Thanks OG-Man, so glad I watched it, your reviews assure me every time I hesitate to watch an anime.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. elkat4 says:

    What a wonderful ecchi anime.

    Misa’s and Rin’s room
    Misa: ….Want to play some DOA Xtreme 3?
    Rin: I would love to!
    Game loads
    Rin: They’re all naked!
    Misa: (CRAP! I forgot to disable the nude mod!) I-I can explain!
    Rin: Am I not enough for you!
    Misa: No, it’s not that! It’s just that when you went home….I was a little lonely.
    Rin begins to undress
    Misa: W-what are you doing?!
    Rin: I’m not going to lose to some pixels!
    Misa: W-what!?!
    Jennifer and Emily throws open the door
    Jennifer and Emily: Let’s pl-!
    Jennifer and Emily closes the door, beaming.
    Misa: I-It’s not what you’re thinking!
    Rin: Take your clothes off too!
    Misa: W-what!?!
    Rin: It’s not fair I’m the only one naked!
    Misa: S-shouldn’t you be putting clothes on?!
    Rin: Take them off!
    Rin tackles Misa and knocks her to the ground just as Manatsu and Yuzu throw open the door
    Manatsu: O///O!
    Yuzu: We’ll come back later….
    They slowly close the door
    Rin: Maybe we should get dressed….
    Rin moves to get off Misa, but Misa stops her.
    Misa: ….Lock the door.
    Rin: Misa….?
    Misa: They are already think we’re….doing that. We….might as well…..
    Rin: ❤
    Meanwhile outside their door
    Inori: Considering what happened last time, maybe we should knock first.
    Fuka: Right.

    What started as a joked evolved into the script for a doujinshi half way though. I might as well stop here before things get out of hand.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Jafer Ahmed says:

    I love is when I see Misa shy so cute

    Liked by 2 people

  7. chikorita157 says:

    Looking past the fanservice and the yuri pairings are enjoyable. Liked how Rin and Misa pairing progressed along with the other pairings.Still, it’s quite amazing how Misa eventually gave in and allow Rin to use that friendship seal that she finds embarrassing at first.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      The team logo was the ultimate sign of their unity being complete so it was a given for Misa to eventually yield. Her love for Rin was stronger than her pride and as we saw she was greatly rewarded for embracing her true feelings.


  8. yurimylove says:

    Definitely my favorite fall 2019 anime series, really fun with excellent yuri.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Crimsonblast says:

    After going through the initial episodes, I thought it would be the case where we have n number of Baits and in the end, it will get resolved as “just being Friends” which is a Bull reason for the network to avoid LGBT topics. But the end where we finally get a confession was so damn worth it to be invested in the series. It’s also one of the few series where we do not get “Yuri fanservice” but more of character development. I am really happy with the ending but its a pity that we will not get any sequels to this. Maybe some specials or OVA but it’s just that..


  10. Nick says:

    Gotta say I came into this show for the boobs and didn’t expect much else, but it turned out to be one of my favorite shows of the season. It was actually a really enjoyable show, even though it’s pretty much a 12 ep commercial, but still, it’s was fun to watch.

    A few small complaints along the way but it’s mainly personal gripes with it, things I’d have like to see done differently, but they don’t affect the overall enjoyment of the show.

    Wet and wild ride from start to finish and like I said nearly every week, bless the uncensored stream!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. K says:

    This is my first post of 2020, so Happy New Year to ya, dood!

    This was quite the thrill ride. Most of the relationships were simple but it didn’t need to be more, really. Watching Rin and Misa grow throughout the show was so enjoyable. Rin’s hugging game is so strong, no one can resist, especially Misa and speaking of her, I liked whenever she played with her hair nervously, highlighting how adorably shy she was.

    The jet races were very exciting to me. I especially liked the OSTs that play when there’s a jet race to be had.

    My top three pairs are Rin/Misa, Jemily and the Gyarus. Inori and Fuka’s dynamic was interesting, I may add.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Good to have you back in action dood.

      Sometimes simple is best as we saw throughout this show. Rin and Misa were excellent leads.

      Kinda reminded me of “Eye of the Tiger”.

      Same here. Those three couples were so much fun to watch and their combined beauty was jaw dropping.

      Inori and Fuka were most fascinating.


  12. LuzeP says:

    Like everybody else, I too came for sexy ladies in swimsuits and skin-tight suits. The first episode got beyond my expectations. From that moment I knew Jet Girls would be a fun ride. Rin is so gay as the day is long. While Misa is a little bit timid. It took time for Misa to really open up to Rin. But they sure are cute together. My best couple, of course, Misa x Rin. Manatsu x Yuzu come close. They are the bomb. The other couples are great too. Jemilly are so fun to watch. Fun fact, they both have mixed race seiyuu, Ai Fairouz (Emily) is Japanese-Egyptian and Lynn (Jennifer) is Japanese-American. The Twins, they made me laugh a lot but still sexy. Kuromaru x Kaguya, they need more screen time. Inori x Fuka, they are really something. Fuka is like me when I watch my favorite football team playing if you know what I mean lol. Overall it’s a great ecchi yuri anime. One of my favorites of all time. I recommend the show to people who don’t mind with ecchi.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      We got another show featuring many swimsuit beauties, were rewarded with that and much more.

      Rin and Misa’s relationship was the undeniable main draw. The other couples were fun to watch also.

      I guess Fuka channels all fans who really get into sports.

      It’s one of the best without a doubt.


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