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443rd G-View: Uma Musume -Pretty Derby- 2

This surprise 2nd season came out of nowhere. It felt like a last minute bombshell announcement. According to my “dear sister” both the mobile game and a potential 2nd season were in limbo but thankfully both successfully released. However, we … Continue reading

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Kandagawa Jet Girls (PS4) Review

Note: PS4 Review Code provided by Marvelous Games We already talked about the anime so of course we must now talk about the game it was building up hype for. Question is whether this lesbian jet ski racing game was … Continue reading

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405th G-View: Kandagawa Jet Girls

In 2018 the anime world was blessed with an anime about beach volleyball, guaranteeing that most, if not all episodes would be beach/swimsuit themed. In 2019 a similar show premiered, only this time it was centered around jet ski racing … Continue reading

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358th G-View: Uma Musume -Pretty Derby-

Here we are taking a look at an anime not many knew what to expect from when it premiered, especially after the first two episodes. Well I am here to help give newcomers who were somewhat turned off by the … Continue reading

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342nd G-View: Two Car

Two words, wasted potential. What could have been another enjoyable show about a group of girls coming together to go on cycling or motorcycling adventures. What we got instead was…find out as we take a look at Two-Car. Been a … Continue reading

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