Welcome to The Yuri Empire

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Something I should have done from the start. It is a necessary change.


Put simply Twitter was the last straw. For years some rapscallions kept making the same joke about the web address (remove the Y). It wasn’t much of an issue back then but after Twitter repeatedly removed the site link for that very reason I thought “Yeah the time for change has come.” The Yuri Nation is gone. In its place is The Yuri Empire. HOPEFULLY this will be the last time I’ll have to change the blog’s name.

The reason I say I should have gone with this from the start was because this blog was originally named “The G-Empire”. “G” being the first letter of my surname so think of this new name as a throwback. There is no long-winded speech about the change. Like I said Twitter annoyed me by repeatedly removing the website link on my page so I finally decided to change it.

I also planned on introducing a new Twitter page where I could freely talk about whatever I wanted, RT as many sexy anime and real life beauties as I wanted and just do my thing. Unfortunately Twitter doesn’t want register my phone number and I don’t feel it’s worth going through all the trouble of unlocking that 2nd page so it might as well be a failed experiment. Thus I’m still using the same Twitter Page, just with a new name @TheYuriEmpire. instead of YuriAmbassador. It’ll be the same as always with me talking about yuri, games, wrestling etc. The only difference is my trying to RT less sexy pics…emphasis on TRY. Yuri pics of course will remain plentiful, just pics of barely clothed beauties will be SOMEWHAT lessened.

This change was also necessary because while it was fun referring to myself as an ambassador for yuri goodness I bet many out there saw me as egotistical for doing so, which I kinda am, but it’s time to go back down to Earth and accept the fact that I’m just a (short tempered) yuri fan who still hopes to continue spreading the yuri love. I’ve been doing this for over 8 years and hope to keep going as long as possible.

Like last time it’ll be a while before the blog returns to its former glory but I’m a patient man and hopeful my fans, friends and passerby will help spread the word of this change.

Thank you for your understanding.

My new Facebook Page HERE.

About OG-Man

Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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37 Responses to Welcome to The Yuri Empire

  1. Mauron says:

    What’s an empire without an empress? I nominate myself. 😝

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  2. perlen297 says:

    Could’ve been “The Yuri Commune” smh

    Anyways, good on you, whatever keeps you going about yuri that we all love~

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  3. QueenKuvira says:

    I like it feels like the second arc of an anime after the big baddie is defeated.

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  4. chikorita157 says:

    It’s nice that everything went full circle with the empire thing.

    Yes, Twitter is a cesspool, but sadly there is no real alternative. As mentioned, there is Mastodon, but not many users are using it. I kind of considered creating a real instance focusing on anime or taking the experimental instance I currently have to full scale and possibly have it user supported through donations. But aside from that, hopefully things will be better this time around.

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  5. Christian Appel says:

    You gave me a shock today when I couldn´t find you anymore.

    My alternative name ideas were Yuri kingdom or earth, but I am fine with empire.

    What a relief.

    Keep going and we support you all the way.

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  6. Red says:


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  7. yurimylove says:

    long live yuri empire!!

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  8. tsubasasfamily says:

    As much as I secretly enjoyed the joke, this actually feels pretty fresh. I like this change.

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  9. destiny says:



  10. Rusette says:

    I finally found your blog! My gawd. I was really worried because I’ve been lurking your blog for years for yuri recommendations and then suddenly the blog died! I thought something happened and you just decided to end everything. I was devasted DD:

    I’m really glad to have found this. I’m just gonna go back lurking now. See ya :3

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  11. Zack says:

    I was worried for a while when I found that Yuri Nation had been deleted. I’m glad to find you just made a new web address is all.

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  12. Wanderer says:

    A redirect on the old site would be VERY nice. I had to jump through a number of hoops to find this place. I was afraid you were gone.

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  13. mutopis says:

    Hail, the Yuri Empire! It shall conquer the Earth and bring the love of yuri to the masses by force! (goes back into obscurity)

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  14. drinkie1 says:

    I was wondering why i hadn’t seen any emails or anything related to the Yuri Nation then i decided to share a vid i found on YT, can’t find the nation and then go looking and finally found you guys again i was worried

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  15. keitchuup says:

    I had a mini heart attack when I couldn’t find Yurination anymore. Good thing the new site is on your Twitter page. I’ll let my friends know of your new site yaaay!

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  16. JMB says:

    I am so glad that you only changed the name. I was really scared because I couldn’t find your blog, your facebook site and your twitter account and thought everything was just deleted.
    Happy to see you continue the blog.

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  17. Hoooray!! I was sad to see you gone and now glad to see you are back!!!

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  18. chauri says:

    I had a mild panic attack when yurination had disappeared… I’ve been a lurker for years now and don’t follow you on your other handles (twitter, etc)
    Thankfully google brought me here, so was very glad to see you’re still active. This blog both introduced me to the glory of yuri anime and I’ve followed many of your recommendations for games as well.

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  19. Liddo-kun says:

    glad to see the site still alive

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  20. The Otaku Judge says:

    Twitter hid the link for that reason? That’s pretty dumb, if you ask me, but then again Twitter’s management is known for doing stupid stuff.

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  21. Suou says:

    i was surprised the site died since its been a while since i visited. im glad its still alive xD


  22. I come back, see the site has disappeared, but then after a moment I found out it was simply changed! This is a relief, indeed.

    Good to see you’re still spreading love of Yuri across the internet. Keep at it!

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  23. piano_cello_conducting says:

    I had a panic attack because after the old shoujoai forum died, Yuri nation was the most happening site for yuri anime. I’m glad after a few days of searching, I found this.


  24. Roku daime says:

    Why did Twitter keep removing your site link? If you remove the “i”, it spells as “yurnation”. Why would they have a problem with that? I get that it looks like it spells “your nation”, but I don’t get why that would be a problem to anyone.


  25. The Allied Powers says:

    I got quite a scare when I saw the old website in my bookmarks was gone, good to know you’re still around.


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