273rd G-View: Valkyrie Drive Mermaid

Unlike my coverage of the anime the review will not contain NSFW imagery. Just know that this show is not for people with low tolerance for very erotic content. This is Valkyrie Drive Mermaid.

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Cover

Genres: Action, Ecchi, Yuri

Themes: Weapon Girls

Objectionable content: High

Number of episodes: 12 + Specials.

G-Rating: 9/10

Plot Summary: The “beautiful girl sexy battle action” anime is set on five artificial islands. Mamori is a “mermaid” transferred to one of those islands. When Mamori is attacked, a newly transferred girl named Mirei saves her. The enemy doesn’t stop, however, and the two are soon cornered. Just when they think all hope is lost, Mirei kisses Mamori, and Mamori turns into a sword. Mirei then wields the sword and launches a counterattack against their enemies.

To best describe the show it is a blend of three anime in my head: The raunchiness of Cross Ange, the combat concept of Soul Eater in that one of the girls turns into a weapon and the no-holds barred yuri goodness of Sakura Trick.

Mamori don't look

Before we review the show as a whole I must reiterate the point in the introduction. This show, especially the uncensored version, holds almost nothing back. Viewers who are sensitive or intolerant towards anime with borderline hentai content such as Ikkitousen, Queen’s Blade and Seikon no Quaser are advised to stay clear of this one. The reason I did not label this review as a “Controversial Edition” is because this is not the first time an anime like VDM got this kind of backlash. The ones I mentioned also got the same kind of flack. Basically it is more of the same. Viewers who knew what they were getting themselves into yet to chose to continue watching and still got upset afterward…it is your own fault. I sound rude for saying this but bluntness is required to get the point across.

Lady and The Lady getting frisky

Continuing with the topic of the show’s strong ecchi content, apart from a cringe inducing scene in episode 4 (The reason for its inclusion makes sense but it was still upsetting so I suggest looking away when that moment pops up) and another that is more cliche and stupid than upsetting, 98% of the erotic scenes in VDM are between women. Said scenes hold almost nothing back as the only body parts that are covered are the anus and vagina, meaning watching the censored version is ill advised unless the viewer wants to hurt their eyes by staring at white light. Now that that is taken care of let us talk about the show as a whole.

Similar to previous ECCHIMANIA shows like Queen’s Blade and Ikkitousen and even this show’s predecessor Senran Kagura, VDM is a show where the girls are more than cute and sexy fighters who often get their clothes torn in combat and equally as often get into erotic situations. They all have personalities, struggles, life goals, reasons to fight, people to protect, care about, fight alongside and others to oppose for reasonable purposes. Basically these girls have thoughts and feelings of their own and are not just walking fetishes. Is the script award worthy and strong enough to change the way characters are written? Of course not but the girls are all interesting (and the baddies despicable) enough to convey the intended feelings from interested viewers. Will the story explain everything about the world and its mythos? Let me put it this way, this show can easily get an “animesins” Youtube video similar to Gamingsins or Cinemasins if such a thing existed. The show can be easily nitpicked and bashed. Even so I defend my statement that it is a pretty good show with an interesting enough main story to keep viewers invested.

Torino hugging Mei Fong

Of course like most ECCHIMANIA shows VDM early on has several moments where various excuses are given for the girls to show off their assets or the camera to pan to said assets. Nothing new. Snippets of the main plot are thrown throughout the show and sometime near the end of the 3rd quarter the gloves come off.

Lady Lady pwning Charlotte

The action scenes vary in length, getting longer as the show progresses. It cannot be said that when it comes to fights ECCHIMANIA shows do not deliver. VDM is no exception. The last quarter’s fights were gloriously insane.

The animation quality…well the “ta-tas” are most pleasant to the eyes and the ladies meet the sexiness quota, though the mileage on the “ta-ta” size preference is subjective. The soundtrack is enjoyable, especially the kickass OP and delightfully fast ED.

When it comes to the cast most of the heroines and allies are likable, the middle girls are neat and the antagonists are despicable as previously mentioned. Precisely the kind of reactions writers want.

The two leading ladies: Mirei is a gorgeous badass with a bashful side. Nuff said. As for Mamori…As polarizing as Mamori is her arc is, to me, one of if not the most interesting next to Mirei’s. It involves both growing a spine over time and a romantic arc that not only has her seeing the light but also struggling with her true desires and what she has been raised to think. It is a struggle between the brain and heart. Still I can understand some viewers not liking her much.

Heave ho Mamori

As for the yuri…do I need to say anything? Fine. Besides the lead couple of Mirei and Mamori the show has other equally noteworthy couples, especially one known as Lady Lady.

Overall Valkyrie Drive Mermaid is not for everyone but to say it is bad for reasons other than the intense erotic content is a bit of an exaggeration, though I can imagine other parts that annoyed some being brought up. However, I am not attempting to change detractors’ minds with this review, only to say what I thought of the show with no split between my favoritism and objective opinions. Viewers who can take the heat can give the show a try. Those who cannot are advised not to tread further with this one.

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45 Responses to 273rd G-View: Valkyrie Drive Mermaid

  1. tzitzimine says:

    I agree totally with you. It’s a shame that the show is becoming so polarizing on certain parts of the internet by some pretty, well, shallow reasons. The show delivered ll what it promised, just like it was with SK, the characters are by far the strongest element on the series and the ones that carry a plot that can be called as “formulaic” as far as Shonen go.

    While the end gave a definitive end to Mermaid’s story, there’s a lot more to be explored within the setting and I hope we get to explore in a second season.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Same old debate regarding depiction of women in fictional media. It will happen every media like this pops up. Oh well.

      Oh yes. A season covering another island would be grand.

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  2. Alexis says:

    Este desfibrilador se paga solo… ummphh… me gustó esta serie, un final muy wtf pero he visto cosas más wtf, me gustó porque aparecieron Nimi y Noe, esa parejita requería un poco más de tiempo en pantalla, hasta Char parece que se redimió, se quedan cosas en el tintero pero tengo muchas expectativas de una segunda temporada ya sea con un par de nuevas aventuras de Mirei y Mamori o que salgan las otras dos parejas. El elenco de Valkyrie Siren se me hace más atractivo pero no tengo ninguna objeción en que hicieran el de las hermanas.

    Sobre los moralistas, meh… le apuesto que son el mismo tipo de personas que me banearon por opinar contra un personaje nefasto, así que no se preocupe.

    Jaja cuando Mirei le preguntó a Meifong que por qué demonios estaba en el yate fue justo lo mismo que me pregunté.

    Un abrazo atrasado de navidad y uno adelantado de Año Nuevo


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    • OG-Man says:

      El final fue glorioso precisamente porque fue loco.
      Si, el regreso de Minimi fue fantastico.

      Meh. Es lo mismo de siempre. Ya me canse de debatos sobre como depictan mujeres en media ficticio. Es su asunto y les dejo quejar cuanto quieran.

      Mas seguro si tenga una nueva temporada seria sobre otras islas.

      Y por supuesto que la regreso el abrazo y espero que su navidad fue grandioso.


  3. elkat4 says:

    Outside that moment in episode 4 (something I feel this anime and its fans will never truly able to live down), I found this to be a pretty great anime. One of the more surprising aspects of this anime all honesty is the sheer diversity of girls, including types not often seen in mainstream ecchi anime (particularly the BBW girls). While it’s not an anime I would immediately refer to others, particularly those who aren’t fans of yuri or ecchi anime, it’s something I would suggest to anyone who enjoys a little yuri and a lot of fan service.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Sorry It took me a while to respond but your comment about the different kinds of women was a very astute observation. Makes the show all the better.
      Your suggestion is spot on.


  4. randomredneck says:

    It was softcore porn with a plot.

    And I loved it.

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  5. kracen says:

    I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy VDM overall, but it just became so absurd in the end that I found myself just laughing at how ridiculous it was.
    Near the end, Mamori became Frostmourne which I found hilarious, and inside Frostmourne… well, I feel sorry for Terenas Menethil, Uther the Lightbringer and all the other souls that were absorbed by it… But, as it turns out, the way to escape Frostmourne is through Yuri goodness, which would be why the Lich King never never absorbed female souls and instead turned them into Banshees…
    WoW jokes aside… It was enjoyable, decent Yuri, decent ‘plot’… It did confirm one thing for me that I always found myself questioning… I in fact do not watch Yuri for any perverted reason, because I found myself not enjoying the perverted moments, I found them quite off putting, not enough to stop watching, but enough to realise the show would’ve been much better without it.
    Still good though.

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    • OG-Man says:

      You made it clear you didn’t enjoy this one from the get-go. I did say it is not for everyone. As for your gripes, not much I can say to counter them as this is a “Like it or not” show.


  6. Pancakecreme says:

    Overall, I found this a decent and enjoyable Yuri show with a pleasant ending. I’ve no idea what the hell some yuri fans are complaining about with the final airing. These recent arguments are stupidly irritating. I’m glad you, OG-Man, gave this show a good rating overall. I would be recommending the show to anyone who likes Yuri and of course, is alright with ecchi.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Belur005 says:

    The ending was better than Hidarin no AAA and I felt it was better than cross ange as well (Tusk character was really bad and unnecessary) I know mamori never said it out loud that she loves Merei but Its obvious that she did in the end.. Was a little happy that they showed VK bhikhuni main characters but I wonder why they didn’t show Siren(maybe the mobile game didn’t fare well).. It would be great if we got a season 2 with a better explanation of the armed Virus and the institute behind soilder program and their time on bhikhuini island with the new cast but have to see how the sales of this series goes…(crossing my fingers) if we are lucky we are might get a season 2 but As you said to me OG man many weeks ago the series might at best get an OVA… but even otherwise the series was quite enjoyable the only annoying part was with mamoka her animation was bad and her character was annoying and I felt that the governor was underused but the character development for merei was good would have been great if the same was done to merei.. and OG man the last form of Merei was very similar to She-Ra.. lol You got a bull’s eye with that joke.. …

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. Mirei confirmed her love once and for all by calling out to Mamori without using the honorific.
      I heard it was because Siren has a male lead or something. Honestly Siren does not interest me as much as Bhikkhuni. I’d still watch a Siren anime if there were no male lead.
      I loved the ending because of how crazy it was. It fit the show’s already crazy concept. Also just because Soul Eater exists doesn’t mean I won’t watch other shows that use the same concept.

      To be honest, Momoka was an interesting character and had legitimate reason to be as angry as she was. It’s a nitpick some people can point out. Why did Mirei not ask the good scientist to include Momoka in their escape plan? Momoka would not have been threatened to be “disposed of”, she wouldn’t have given her body to be experimented on and she would not be vengeful towards Mirei for abandoning her. The same goes for Mamori. She too had a good character arc I feel.

      The best we can hope is a sequel centered around Bhikkhuni or as mentioned a male-less Siren island.

      MirAmo fusion FTW! The She-Ra reference being spot on was luck.


  8. kakikitsune says:

    I agree completely with you the show has some things not everyone would like, but it certainly has its awesomeness to it and hopefully we’ll see more from the series even if we only get an OVA it would be nice

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  9. mutopis says:

    very lewd.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      And we supporters wouldn’t have it any other way…just less sandmen torture illusions and tentacles (no matter how traditional they are to hentai) next time. Haaah, they just couldn’t help themselves. They couldn’t leave it alone with with the snake tease. Oh well, look away next viewing.


  10. AkumaChan says:

    The long waited journey has finally come to an end! I’ve been waiting for the review to come out and here it is. Overall, the show was pretty good and that the fighting scenes were “okay to AWESOME”. I loved the couples on the show but the moment I found out that Mamori’s prince was really a girl I was like I KNEW THIS SHOW WOULDN’T EVER GO HET. Oh well, I really want another Valkyrie series and I hope for a better story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Glad you enjoyed it.
      Some viewers seriously believing Akira was a guy was sad. She looked more feminine than a regular trap.
      Like myself and others have mentioned, we can hope for a Bhikkhuni or male-less Siren adaptation.


  11. John Hayabusa says:

    Finished Valkyrie Drive. For a borderline-hentai yuri anime, the action scenes are good and some of the girls are lovable. I do believe that some yuri purists will have issues with this anime because its yuri is mostly played for fanservice and hentai. Considering the target audience and the creators of the anime and the other two projects, that is expected. Overall, I enjoy the anime and I have a good laugh and good time with it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Yuri purists are an interesting bunch from what I’ve gathered over the years.
      Taking shows like this too seriously rather than sitting back and enjoying them is difficult for some.


  12. Lmt10 says:

    I’m conflicted. It’s great to see an action oriented show with an all female cast and not have a guy show up to save everyone. However, I honestly feel the show could be more and the hentai/ecchi/rape-y elements hold it back. They add nothing to it. The plot is solid, the characters are good (even the ones you don’t like) and the pacing was great (at least until the last two episodes, but whatever.)

    I get it. This was obviously meant for a specific audience (not the general Yuri loving one) but that’s what upsets me- the economics of it all. Good solid Yuri focused animes with strong female characters (no men) aren’t the best sellers unless their bodies are on display and/or some type of fallic penetration happens. Ugh.

    That being said, if there’s a second season I’ll be all over it. I’m invested in the story and the main leads. Not Mamori’s biggest fan but- they’re cute together. Don’t ever break them up. For anyone.


  13. Exmilitary says:

    Even if this show dropped the ball in some places(mainly putting fanservice scenes that didn’t appeal to the audience that was watching this show, Mamori being more dumb than a brick, no OVADRIVE playing during the final fight) I gotta say this is one of my favorite shows of the year.

    Lovely characters, nice action scenes, nice ACTION scenes, actual romance from most characters and a nice ending that solves much of the problems that were originally present.

    IMO Lady Lady take the couple of the year award of 2015 and Charlotte takes the best single character award of 2015(or at least best pimp)


    • OG-Man says:

      Mamori is polarizing as I mentioned.
      Those taboo scenes had meaning but were still dumb.
      Lady Lady rock and Miss Charlotte has a yuri harem, so yeah.


  14. K says:

    That was quite a bombastic finale and Momoka’s take down was very exciting. To me, however, she got off too easy but I understand since Mamori is very forgiving.

    This anime was good. There were cringe-inducing scenes but they were gladly few. Otherwise, nice characters and action. Mamori and Mirei’s relationship was good, to me and The Ladies were awesome (had to be said again).

    So, Mamori, Mirei, Meifeng and The Ladies are gonna be traveling the world to cure folks of the Armed Virus forever I guess? Heh, Mamori and Mirei being DLC for Bhikkhuni wasn’t just for show after all.


    • OG-Man says:

      She must have understood that Mamori was in pain and her rage wasn’t entirely intentional. Hopefully her time in jail will help calm her…which is easier said than done considering how prisoners are treated.
      Team MiMo were like a couple with the expected bumps. It will upset some fans but I can imagine a relationship being bumpy before true love blooms.
      Lady Lady being awesome is a given.
      Hopefully Lady Lady DLC will follow soon after before the game gets localized.


  15. TFW there’s new yuri.


  16. BlasCat says:

    Did someone watch the episode 1 of the special? They leveled up the hentai! That Mamori were sooo out of character!


  17. yurimylove says:

    I like this series quite well, and most of the characters are likeable and fun. Meifong and her “symphogreed armor” deserves special mention, so does the awesome Ladies of course. Even Charlotte gets a nod, like several viewers pointed out she’s definitely living the good yuri life, her own cute girl harem, naked maids attending to her baths, etc. “Best pimp of the year”, as ine puts it 🙂

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  19. Oh wow, the special episodes…


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