Yuri Quickie: Piece of Cake

Do not let this still fool some of you. The short looks pretty good in motion.

As described by the director Sophie Feher, aka @Soap_Tears, so eloquently put it, “THE GAY CAKE TOPPER SHORT IS OUT!”

Piece of Cake Protagonists

As the director’s description alluded to this is a 4+ minute short story about living wedding cake topper brides in love with each other but must step out of “the zone” if they hope to live their dream.

The best way I can describe this short is “Imagine Toy Story X Netsuzou TRap but without the elements some people disliked about the latter”. Viewers who remember it will know what I mean when watching. The brides kind of reminded me of the leads and the other two key characters DEFINITELY reminded me of “those two”. As mentioned at the top of the post the CG is lovely and the epilogue art also. There is not much to say without giving it much. The story is straightforward but absolutely best enjoyed going in blind.

Check out the short here and visit the video comments section if you enjoyed it to share the love.

Soap Tear’s Linktr.ee for links to other cool related stuff.

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2 Responses to Yuri Quickie: Piece of Cake

  1. Nick says:

    Short and sweet, that was very heartfelt and the end was amazing.

    Thanks for recommending this!


  2. cirno9fan says:

    The ending really helped out the rest of it. Quite a story


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