World Dai Star Episode 7: Return of Aladdin

I wonder how many will get the reference without Googling it?

Yae in the choir

We began with a snippet of Yae’s backstory. Noa met her in a church choir and invited her to watch her show and decide if she wanted to join SIRIUS. She of course did.

Noa and Yae discuss her concernsDuring a conversation we apparently learned it wasn’t a scheme by Noa to push Kokona under the rug in favor of Yae. It just happened because Kokona wasn’t strong enough of a performer yet. Yae knew and felt guilty but didn’t exactly do anything to stop it. We’d learn why later. Noa said it’s a mistake to tone down a performance.

Kokona hit by truth bombsAfter Kokona and Shizuka got back on the same page they trained together to find the right Aladdin role to play. Once they had a vague idea of which direction to take the character they requested to change the performance by playing a differet Aladdin than what’s in the script. That meant many changes to the entire show but seeing our main duo’s resolve convinced Yae to give it a shot and the others followed suit hitting Kokona with “reckless dummy” bombs. Apparently this was what Noa wanted to see from Kokona all along as she deemed the duo ready for some special hardcore training.

Yae's goal revealedRemember last time Yae hinted a personal reason she had to become a World Dai Star? We learned it’s because she wanted to perform on stage with Noa. This was elaborated in the rest of the flashback. Yae was excited to co-star in The Little Mermaid with Noa. As she rushed over to practice with Noa she heard her talk to Granny saying she’d step down from acting and take on backstage roles. Granny said she still had time to become a World Dai Star in other troupes but Noa felt indebted to SIRIUS and wanted to help them find a new World Dai Star. She would not take the stage again until that day came.

Yae wanted to become a World Dai Star so Noa would come out of retirement and join her on stage. AGE GAP BABEH!

Kokona going all out as AladdinIt’s once again showtime. Kokona went all out playing a cooler, more expressive and sexier Aladdin. Noa told her to bring out the same energy she showed the day she played Prince Eric during her first audition. Shizuka helped guide Kokona through their mental bond.

Kokona and Shizuka fuseI forgot to mention last episode that Noa’s Sense was the ability to scan other Senses, meaning she could scan and understand other Senses, hence why she’s a perfect fit for a backstage coach role. She helped Kokona and Shizuka better understand their Sense. Kokona’s mimicry and raw emotion was combined with Shizuka’s power to adapt very quickly to create the Super Actor KokoShizu. So powerful were they Yae’s Sense didn’t fully entrance everyone like usual. It also helped that Noa revealed the weakness of Yae’s Sense. She entranced people so much no one else mattered. In a team profession that wasn’t a good thing, especially for actors aiming to become Dai Stars.

Noa and Yae have a momentWe ended the episode with Kokona (and the others) interrupting an intimate YaeNoa moment. The important thing is we have another future couple.

Good stuff as always. The next performance is Romeo and Juliet…Oh for the love of Pete. Not again. There are hundreds of other plays besides R&J you know.

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11 Responses to World Dai Star Episode 7: Return of Aladdin

  1. cirno9fan says:

    There are hundreds of others, but the classics are what they go to.

    YaeNoa all the way!

    Kokona’s sense has finally been unraveled.

    I called Noa having no underhanded motives 🙂 She genuinely wants everything to work out. And wants everyone in Sirius to be a Dai Star. Foils and stuff like that aren’t at all conductive to that goal.

    I knew when Kokona started playing an actual expressive Aladdin, that would then make Yae perform ever better. I didn’t really recall what her sense was (was it even fully explained before now?), so I didn’t anticipate the idea of Kokona being the one to reign it in. Or rather that it even needed to be in the first place.

    Serious lack of Kathryn this episode, but ah well, at least I know Yae’s not any sort of competition. Her eyes are clearly already set on someone. So, it’s just Shizuka that Kathryn has to defeat (whether it ends in an OT3, or Kathryn ends up the victor alone)

    Romeo and Juliet should be something. If you’re noticing, each play is representative of the character conflict. So “Romeo and Juliet” most likely would refer to Kokona and Shizuka, but it’s probably too early to bring in that conflict, so maybe it’s going to have to do with Panda?

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  2. Little Viktoria says:

    Oo, some lovely Yae romance. I hope Romeo & Juliet will involve some kissing ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  3. CJ Apple says:

    Let´s hope that R x J will be played by Kokona x Kathrina and if they can beat Nagisa x Honoka who still have – in my opinion – the best R x J play in anime history – including a Zakenna fight where the audience thinks it´s part of the play which makes it even better – especially the cute ending scene.

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  4. LuzeP says:

    So in the end no one has a bad intention. Everyone wants to help SIRIUS. Except Yae who also has a personal reason. Tbh I did not see it coming but it’s a nice welcome. Loved Kokona’s Aladdin, very powerful and her body, wow.

    Now we know why Noa retired in such a early age. I want to see her performing again. I didn’t know that next stage is Romeo & Juliet. Why…I trusted you, show.

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    • OG-Man says:

      That’s a welcome surprise. No mean motives. Just everyone wanting the best for the company. Yae was drive by personal goal but nothing that couldn’t be talked about. Plus she’s drive by the gei so no complaints.

      Oh yes. Kokona’s improved Aladdin was very sexy.

      R&J yet again. Groan. Hope they find a way to make it interesting and not the same thing seen in so many adaptations.

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  5. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Yae was originally in a church choir. Literally an angel, damn.
    And as it turns out she does have a reason why she wants to become a World Dai Star and its for Noa! Unexpected couple but hell yeah this is welcome.
    Finally we see Kokona and Shizuka at full power. With Shizuka’s amazing acting and Kokona being able to replicate it on stage, its a powerful combo!
    It was also nice to see snippets of the play itself.
    Yae finally realizes that she was overpowering everyone else. Definitely a powerful sense she has but now she can better fine tune it.
    Next is… goddamnit we are going to see that balcony scene again aren’t we.
    “I have the higher ground, Romeo!”

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  6. chikorita157 says:

    Interesting that Yae was a church choir. While Yae seems pure, it’s obvious that her sense of taking all the attention is not going to work out and isn’t the silver bullet for Yae to become the World Dai Star so she can perform on stage with Noa again. Still, it’s an unexpected pairing, but it’s somewhat predictable given the casting calls.

    Still, it’s nice to see Kokona take full use of her sense combining the strengths of Shizuka to bring a better and cooler performance of Aladdin, instead of being Yae’s foil. Still, makes me wonder how the next play will turn out along with the casting calls of course.

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  7. yurimylove says:

    So glad Yae’s motive was pure. My faith in her wasn’t misplaced.

    And now it doesn’t even matter if her overpowering but flawed Sense may prevent her from becoming World Dai Star, because Kokona becoming one first for SIRIUS would accomplish the same goal for her — being able to perform with Noa together onstage again.

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