Yuri is My Job! Episode 8: Love Panic Ahoy

The Gyaru and The Beast arc continues.


Hime and Mitsuki's antics continued

Before going to the duo of the hour let’s briefly check out what Hime and Mitsuki were up to. More of the same from last time. Hime wanted to win the election and tried to sway Mitsuki into voting for her but the sly “onee-sama” knew what to say to slow her down a bit.

Hime goes for a critical hitAs this was going on Sumika’s gaze focused on Kanoko’s reaction. As expected the blue one wasn’t pleased. She once again tested her to see how, shall we say, “stable” she was. To her slight surprise Kanoko appeared to have her emotions in check. The test question was to see how she’d react to being asked about voting for Hime. Kanoko said as her friend she’d support her all the way. She then focused on getting Hime to vote for Mitsuki which the big babe still did not want. Again Hime was confused. “She wants me to vote for her but she wants Sumika to win. What’s up with her?”. It’s partially because of this confusion along with her still present personal goal that motivated Hime to try and win the election herself. She noticed Mitsuki lower her guard from Sumika’s teasing and took the chance to sweet talk her in hopes her charm would win over the big babe and the fans. More on this later.

After work Hime and Kanoko discussed the novel. Kanoko finished reading but Hime had a ways to go still not fully understanding it. Kanoko noticed Sumika walk by and went to her revealing she too didn’t get the Blume thing. Sumika described it as a “beautiful partnership/staged sisterhood” but Kanoko that’s too broad of a description. Sumika’s like “No need to overthink it. It’s not like the winners have to become lovers or be in a pretend relationship”.

Kanoko triggered by the love wordThe L word triggered Beast Mode.

Sumika nonchalantly invited Kanoko to pair up with her but the beast said “If I can’t pair up with Hime then I’m not interested. I guess it’s not that big of a deal after all…but why does Hime insist on pairing up with ‘that person’?”.

Sumika: Must be because they’re close friends.


Sumika: (Oh no. This is exactly what I was afraid of). You know being possessive of Hime isn’t good, right? Wait! Don’t cry. Good grief. How am I supposed to give you advice now?

Kanoko: …Hime juice.

Mystery coupleSumika: (I’ve seen this before. I have witnessed the dark side of office romance. To protect the holy sanctity of Cafe Liebe, to maintain our sisterhood intact, to ensure balance in The Force…I must stop Kanoko before it’s too late).

I’d be shocked if the gray haired girl wasn’t my dearest Nene. Looking forward to the eventual full story.

Mitsuki again confuses HimeThe next day Miss Mai shared the election progress thus far. Mitsuki’s in the lead and to Hime’s shock she was last. Her hard work and attempts to charm Mitsuki into voting for her backfired because fans didn’t want to disrupt the ship. They loved their petite soeur X onee-sama dynamic. After giving it some thought and seeing how hard Mitsuki worked to win (so she saw it at the time) she recalled how poor the big babe’s social skills were back in the day and how far she’d come. Though she wanted to win herself she also wanted Mitsuki to succeed. However, yet again Mitsuki wanted Sumika to win and again Hime was left confused.

Kanoko wants Sumika to win the electionAngered by Hime not “going for gold” she rushed over to Sumika.

Kanoko: I want you to win the election!

Sumika: I guess I could win if I put in more effort…but I’m not going to unless you tell me why.

Kanoko: You said I could come to you when I needed you, right?”

Sumika: (Damn it why are you subconsciously triggering something inside me with your puppy dog eyes?). Okay. I’ll do it…if you do something for me later.

Sumika and Kanoko pretend to pair upBack on stage as Hime confirmed she wouldn’t go for Blume Kanoko said she’d vote for Sumika instead. Sumika unveiled their new “pairing”. This “twist” worked as fans showed heir support for the megane hottie as planned. Hime’s cool with Kanoko being on Team Sumika.

Sumika thighsShame we’re most likely not getting a swimsuit episode which was why this was appreciated.

At McDonald’s.

Sumika: Looks like everything’s going smoothly.

Kanoko: Yes it is. So what was it you wanted me to do for you?

Sumika: (She seems to be under control) I don’t think it’s necessary anymore. So long as you’re okay with loving Hime from afar…No wait. Never mind. (She said this after seeing a puzzled reaction from the blue one).

Beast Kanoko's visible lustBeast Kanoko: Alright then. May I request another wish? After you win, please abolish the Schwestern system. That way Hime won’t have a reason to hang with ‘that person’ anymore and come back to me. She has been acting strangely for a while now…

Sumika blackmails KanokoSumika: (Damn it Kanoko! You were doing so well). I didn’t want to do this but you threatened the balance of Cafe Liebe. I know about your romantic lust for Hime. Here’s my wish. Give up on Hime, or else.

The irony of Sumika trying to prevent another office romance while not knowing of Mitsuki’s romantic love for Hime.

Good stuff as always.

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6 Responses to Yuri is My Job! Episode 8: Love Panic Ahoy

  1. chikorita157 says:

    I know Kanako is a bit clingy when it comes to Hime, but it’s obvious that she became the green eyed monster (well, she has green eyes, no surprise). But I do wonder why she has an unhealthy obsession over Hime besides being her only friend.

    Obviously, Hime is not Blume material, given her ditzy personality and cute looks that look more like a little sister. Not too surprising to see her in last place, but interestingly, Mizuki being in first place really upset Kanako. Envy is such a powerful feeling, and I have a feeling that Sumika is going to use her knowledge of the Hime photos Kanako have to force her to give up on Hime. I don’t think this will go well for Kanako, but hopefully Sumika and Kanako might come into fruition.

    Still interested about Nene and her former girlfriend, I do wonder what happened between the two too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Whew, the drama is really amping up now. Seems like romantic tensions are rising as Mitsuki and Hime slowly but surely grow closer as an eventual couple while Kanako’s world is slowly crashing down as she feels Hime drifting away and out of her reach. It’s a little bit of a sad situation for Kanako, but I think she’ll be ok with Sumika at her side. She’s taking a very direct approach to manage this situation, which I think is the right call. The way things are now, things could get dicey if Kanako isn’t reigned in a bit. So I’m curious to see how this is going to play out.

    Also, I totally agree that the gray haired girl in the flashback is Nene, so I’m curious to know that backstory too. Good stuff as usual.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. tbiscut74 says:

    Another good episode!

    Hmm, looks like Sumika’s not a fan of romance huh? The situation is getting very intresting! I smell some good old angst coming and I’m Here for it!

    Excited for more!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Little Viktoria says:

    Wow. Now I see why you call Kanoko the beast. Poor girl. I hope Sumika can save her.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. cirno9fan says:

    The irony indeed XD She doesn’t even try to hide it! I guess Sumika’s too caught up paying attention to Kanoko to realize it? Maybe that was another hint of where things will probably go?

    It’s nice to see Sumika confronting it head on. Now, we all know Kanoko’s a lot more tricky than she appears to others, so it should be interesting to see how Kanoko responds to this.

    Things are probably about to get pretty stormy….

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    very good episode!
    Apparently something spicy happened before in the cafe and Sumika doesn’t want a redo, so she’s zeroed in on Kanoko as a source of trouble.
    Much like real life elections, drama and alliances abound!
    And this time its with Kanoko and Sumika having an uneasy alliance.
    The scene at the end with in the two of them in the Mcdonald was very tense and a great cliffhanger to end the episode on! Cannot wait for the next one!


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